Portrait of Doctor Felix Rey Oil Painting Reproduction, 1889
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Portrait of Doctor Felix Rey was a painting Van Gogh made in January 1889, to show his appreciation for the care that the doctor showed him when the artist was hospitalized due to a mutilated ear.

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Portrait of Doctor Felix Rey Replica on Canvas

The bourgeois bonhomie of dr. Rey, his stylish beard, his elegant clothes and cravat, captured by Van Gogh in his “Portrait of Doctor Felix Rey,” have been replicated exactly in our reproduction of the artist’s painting. To create the masterpieces that you can see listed on our website, we have hired the best artists from Holland and the rest of the world, who have put in a lot of efforts to study Van Gogh and his techniques, before reproducing his paintings.

Van Gogh Meets Doctor Felix Rey

Upon an altercation that Van Gogh had with the senior artist Paul Gauguin which went up to the stage of physical threatening, Van Gogh took a razor and severed his left ear, leaving it to bleed. He then bandaged his wound, wrapped up the severed ear in a paper and then delivered it to a woman who was living in a brothel that Gauguin and Van Gogh often visited. The next morning he was found by a policeman in an unconscious state and was taken to the hospital.

It was here that Doctor Felix Rey saw Van Gogh. While most of the hospital staff started calling Van Gogh a mad man, Rey showed a lot of care while treating him. Dr. Rey was an intern during that time, who later became an expert in tuberculosis and was awarded a silver medal from the ministry of interior for the work he did during a cholera epidemic.

About Portrait of Doctor Felix Rey

Rey was very sympathetic towards his patients. As Van Gogh was mentally anguished, Rey took special care about his well-being and health. Vincent often spoke about Dr. Rey when he wrote letters to Theo, his brother. He took good care of him even during the other two times he was hospitalized in Arles. Even though Dr. Rey was not really a specialist in mental conditions, he did make attempts to advise Vincent against forced incarceration in future.

Rey also supported Vincent while he decided to admit himself into an Asylum at Saint-Remy. Van Gogh considered Dr. Rey as one of the few genuine friends he had, during his last few months. His kindness appealed very much to Van Gogh, who decided to make his portrait and give it to him as a gift. Although Rey accepted it gracefully, he didn’t really like the portrait. His mother had used it to patch up a hole in the chicken coop until one day an artist bought the painting in 1901.

Current value of Portrait of Doctor Felix Rey

Dr. Rey may not have liked the portrait that Van Gogh made for him. Nevertheless, it does appeal to the masses just like the other paintings of his do. If it was ever to be sold the value would in no way be less than $50 million.

Portrait of Doctor Felix Rey at Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts, Moscow

From a chicken coop in Rey’s house, portrait of Doctor Felix Rey has made a long journey to end up in the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts, Moscow. This is where you have to go, if you want to see the original of this painting.

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