Drain Cleaning and Repair

Drain Cleaning and Repair

Clogged Shower Drain?  Sewer Backing Up After A Rain Storm?


Drains are the Most Under Appreciated part of your Home’s or Business’s Plumbing Systems.  From the Shower Drain all the way to Your Sewer Line Drains, proper maintenance and observation will ensure you don’t have any Clogged Drain Pipes or Sewer Drains.  Modern Process Plumbing uses the newest and safest technological techniques to Clear Clogs and Clean Drain and Sewer Pipes.  Pipe Snaking and Pipe Jetting are the 2 Most Common Ways to Clean Drain Pipes, although small clogs can be cleared with Simple Household Items or Store Bought Chemicals such as Draino and Liquid Plumber.  A Typical Drain Snaking can Cost around $200 for a typical Sewer Clog.  Snaking and Jetting Prices Vary due to the fact that every Clog is different in nature.  The main purpose to Clean a Drain Clog is to find out How It Happened and How To Prevent It From Happening Again.  Drain Clogs and Sewer Clogs are common in Commercial Plumbing such as Restaurants, Hospitals, and Factories.


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Signs You Have A Clogged Drain


  • Standing Water in Shower, Sink, Tub, Floor Drain
  • Very Slow Drain Time from Shower, Sink, Tub, Floor Drain

  • Sewer Back-Up After Rain Storm

  • Odors From Drains

  • Toilet Won’t Flush

  • After Plunging Particles Are Present in Water

  • Water Goes Down A Drain but Backs Up Somewhere Else




Bath Back-Up

Sink Clog

Different Types of Drain Clogs

  • Sewer Main–This is the most Serious of Drain Clogs.  This is your Main Drain that all other Drains Filter into and leads to the City Sewer System.  This Clog will need a Professional Plumber to Clear.  This Type of Clog is usually formed from Build-up over time of minerals and materials that attach to the Walls of Pipes.  Tree Roots are the other Culprit to Clogged Sewer Lines.

  • Sink Drains–These Drains are a common culprit to clogs due to fact that we let Food, Hair, and Grease go down the drain where it builds up and closes the Drain.  Home Remedies and a small Pipe Snake can usually clear these Drains for persistent Drains Call 330-242-6564.

  • Shower and Bath Drains— The Culprit for these Drains is most definitely Hair.  These Drains can become quite persistent to Clear and may need a Professional Plumber, you can Request A Quote Here.

  • Toilet Drains–All jokes aside this is a Messy Problem as Toilet Drains can be clogged from many items, Too Much Toilet Paper too Kitty Litter Flushed down the Toilet.  A Plunger works on most Toilet Clogs but for more serious Clogs you will need a Professional Plumber.

  • Appliance Drains–Dishwashers and Washing Machines are the 2 main Appliances that use a Drain.  It is rare for these to get clogged unless something falls into Drain Itself.  Most Appliances share a Drain such as the Dishwasher sharing the Kitchen Sink Drain.

  • Floor Drains–These Drains are a Vacuum for dirt, dust, hair, and other material that builds up and hardens as these drains are not used as much as typical drains.  These drains are constant in Basements, Garages, around Hot Water Heaters, and in Restaurant Areas.

  • Outdoor Drains–These are common around Gutter Drainage, Pool Drains, Fountain Drains, and Parking Lot Drains.  These Drains are fair game for litter, garbage, snow, and ice. 


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How We Clean Drains

Video Pipe Inspection Modern Process Plumbing



Video Pipe Inspection

Technology has come a long way since the 80’s and 90’s.  Video Pipe Inspection is an important tool in Drain Cleaning and Pipe Repair.  A Mini Camera is lowered into a Drain Pipe and worked into place sending valuable images back to a Laptop or small Monitor letting the Plumber know if the Pipe is in good repair or not.  It also allows the Plumber see the clog and decide which way is the best option to Clear the Clog.  Video Pipe Inspection is a necessity in Water Jetting to ensure no Pipe Damage or Cracks.


High Pressure Clog Jetting


High Pressure Water Jetting

Newest and most thorough way of cleaning Pipe Drains by using high Pressured Water to blow away Clogs, Tree Roots, Debris, and return Interior Plumbing Pipes to a smooth surface.  Much More effective than Pipe Snaking or using Chemicals.  A Video Pipe Inspection MUST be done first to ensure the clogged pipe is not cracked or damaged in any way as the High Pressure Jetting can damage the Pipe beyond repair.

  • Best Performance in Pipe Cleaning

  • Breaks up Hair, Tree Roots, Debris, Grease

  • Years Of Sediment Build-Up

  • Returns Interior Pipes To Smooth Surface

  • Equipment Charges Will Be Higher

  • Video Pipe Inspection Needed Before Jetting

  • Can Not Be Used On Certain Pipes

  • Can Damage Weak or Previously Damaged Pipes


Plumbing Snake Modern Process Plumbing


Pipe Snaking

The Clog Cleaning Tool of Choice for most Drain Clogs.  Pipe Snakes come in multiple sizes and in 2 different forms, a Manual and a Electric Based System.  Most Drain Snake Systems are in reels and fed into the drain where they are then turned, as the Drain Snake turns it rips up the Clog or grabs the Bigger chunks.  Pipe Snaking is not as Efficient as Water Jetting as it does not clear the entire Clog Debris another Pipe Snake would most likely be needed in the future.

  • Safe for any Pipe System

  • Cheaper than Water Jetting

  • Will Not Damage Pipes

  • Pipe Cleaning depends on User using Pipe Snake Correctly

  • Does Not Clear all debris

  • Might Need Multiple Attempts


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