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That sound of a Dripping Pipe, the sound everyone dreads.  Low Water Pressure or Brownish Tint to the Water.  These are signs that you have Plumbing Pipe Issues in your Home or Business.  If You have a Plumbing Pipe Emergency Call Matt or Mark at 330-242-6564 Right Now.  If you have a Leak or need some Plumbing or Gas Line Pipe Repaired Request A Free Estimate Now!


Sewer Repair


Sewer Repair

A Clogged or Damaged Sewer Drain can be someone’s Worst Nightmare.  A slow drain or Bad Odors are the first signs of a problem with your Sewer Drains.  We use the best technology including Video Pipe Inspections, Water Jetting, and Drain Snaking to not only fix the Pipe but stop it from happening again.

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Signs You Have A Leaky or Damaged Pipe

Not all Leaky or Damaged Pipes can be easily seen.  Some Pipes are located inside of walls or in areas that are not readily accessed such as Crawl Spaces, Attics, or Garages.  Sewer Pipes are often under concrete and can be very hard to access.
  • Water Stains on Walls, Floors, and Ceilings

  • Low Water Pressure

  • Musty Odors

  • Sounds of Dripping Water

  • Condensation Around Pipes and Fittings

  • Presence of Mold or Mildew

  • Brownish Tint in Water

  • Copper Taste in Water

  • Valves or Shut-offs that Won’t Shut Off or Stripped

  • Puddles in Basement

  • Higher Water Bill


All of these are symptoms of a larger problem that can lead to an expensive Emergency Situation if left untreated. Black Mold and Mildew can form around Leaky and Dripping Pipes causing Very Serious Health Problems for you and Your Family.  


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Mold Signs

Black Mold Leaky Pipes Modern Process Plumbing
Black Mold Pipe Repair Modern Process Plumbing
Black Mold Pipe Repair Modern Process Plumbing Repair

Plumbing Pipes and Fittings

Different types of Pipes are used for many different uses.  From Sewer Drains, Gas Lines, Water Supply Lines, and Drains, Modern Process Plumbing uses only the best and highest quality Pipes for each specific use.  Request A Free Estimate today and Let Us Get On The Job Fixing Your Leaky Pipes.

PVC Pipe

Most common type of Pipe used in all applications from Simple Under Sink Installation to Complete Home Drainage systems. Used mainly as Drain lines in every home since the 1970’s, PVC Pipes are mostly chemical resistant, cheap to install, and easy to cut and resize. They come in several colors including light Green, Black, Tan, and mostly White.

Steel Pipe

Galvanized Steel Pipe is a common Steel Pipe coated in a Non-Rust coated metal such as Zinc.  Steel Pipe Has many uses in the Plumbing Field, it is often used in Sewer Systems, Water Drainage Systems, and Gas Lines.  Being Extremely durable, Steel Pipes are the #1 Choice for Outdoor plumbing as they inhibit rust, freezing, and last up to 40-50 years.  They do become clogged rather easily as the coating attracts minerals which builds up inside the pipe.

Copper Pipe

Copper Pipes are Still the most common type of Pipe used in the Water Supply Systems of Homes and Businesses. It is easily shaped and is very flexible around corners and tight spaces. Copper resists bacteria and is very resistant to corrosion and heat. Copper Piping is expensive to install but tends to be cheaper to repair. The weak spots in Copper Piping is its joints and anywhere it has been soldered. Copper easily freezes and because it has no give can easily be damaged or broken when Frozen.

Drain Pipe

Drain Pipes are usually Black flexible pieces of Pipe used mainly in Outdoor Drainage. Gutter Drainage, Washing Machine Drainage, and Landscaping Drainage are the common areas this type of pipe is used. Not suited for Hot Water or heavy water use since it can not support its own weight when filled.

PEX Pipe

PEX Piping is starting to replace Copper as the newest standard in Water Supply Systems. PEX Piping uses less Joints and Fastners lessening the possibility of leaks down the line. PEX Piping is also more flexible being able to bend and fit in tight spaces. Easily Cut and resized, PEX can be replaced very easily and cheaply compared to Copper Pipes. PEX is an inexpensive way to replace older or broken Copper Pipes. PEX is very resistant to Freezing as it expands several times its original size. PEX does have some drawbacks as it can not be used outdoors as Sunlight can weaken the composition of the Pipe and even a day outdoors can cause the Pipe to fail. Made from a Cycle of Chemical Compositions its effect on the environment has not been ascertained yet.

Cast Iron Pipe

If your Home or Business was built before 1970, you probably have Cast Iron Pipes Installed in Your home or business. Cast iron Pipes are very Strong and Heavy and really have no end life. Because of their density they are virtually quiet less compared to PVC Pipes. Cast Iron Pipes are very Expensive and are very difficult to replace or expand on. Sewer Pipes are a common use of Cast Iron since they are really strong and last for over a hundred years. PVC has replaced Cast Iron as the installed Plumbing material of choice for drains, etc.

Clear Tubing

Clear Tubing is used Mostly for Pumps, Air Lines, and small water lines. Tubing is very flexible and can be ran through tight spaces. Not used for Hot Water or high pressure systems. Very popular for Air Compressors and Fish Tanks.

Stainless Steel Pipe

Stainless Steel has the same uses as regular Steel Pipes with the additional Corrosion resistant applications. Stainless Steel is used commonly in gas lines and compressed air lines as well. Stainless Steel Pipes tend to be pricier than other Pipe Solutions.

PVC Pipe



  • Cheap To Install
  • Chemical Resistant
  • Easy to Resize and Cut
  • Good for Drains
  • Many Different Sizes



  • Can Crack and Break Due to Freezing
  • Can Leak at Joints
  • Not used with Hot Water
  • Glue for Joints Can Be Toxic
  • Not Used Regularly For Water Supply Lines


 Steel Pipe



  • Very Durable
  • Outdoor Applications
  • Gas and Water Lines
  • Coated to be Rust Proof
  • Resists Freezing
  • Less Expensive than Copper


  • More Expensive than PVC
  • Not Easily Cut or Repaired
  • Really Heavy
  • Not Easily Maneuvered


Copper Pipe


  • Very Flexible
  • Can be Cut and Shaped
  • Weather and Bacteria Resistant
  • Very Highly Resistant to Corrosion
  • Heat Resistant
  • Does Not Release Toxic Gases When Heated
  • Recyclable


  • Very Expensive
  • Very Fragile in Cold Weather
  • Can Freeze and Explode
  • Joints are Weakest Spots if Not Soldered Correctly
  • Over Time Water Tastes Like Metal
  • Can be stolen in Vacant Homes


Drain Pipe

  • Flexible in Tight Spaces and Around Corners

  • Cheap Cost
  • Easy to Resize and Reshape
  • Good For Outdoor Plumbing
  • Easy To Replace
  • Not Suitable For Main Drain Pipes
  • Does Not Support Weight
  • Cracks and Breaks Easily
  • Will Stretch When Frozen


PEX Piping



  • Cheaper Cost than Copper
  • Freeze Resistant
  • Burst Resistant
  • Easy to Resize and Cut
  • Cheap to Replace
  • Less Couplings and Joints
  • More Valves and Shut Offs
  • Can Work with Steel and Cast Iron Pipes
  • Flexible to Bend Around Corners
  • Hot or Cold Water Safe


  • Can Not Be Used Outdoors
  • Becomes Very Brittle If In Direct Sunlight
  • Long Term Effects Unknown



Cast Iron Pipes



  • Very Strong
  • Good for long term Installations such as Sewer Lines
  • Can be Recycled
  • Gas or Water Lines


  • Very Heavy and Expensive
  • Hard to Replace
  • Hard to Cut
  • Can Corrode
  • Inside Materials Attracts Clogs




Clear Tubing


  • Very Flexible
  • Comes in A Lot of Different Sizes
  • Easily Reshaped and Cut
  • Air Lines and Small Water Lines
  • Pumps and Air Compressors
  • Fish Tanks
  • Not Used with Hot Water
  • Not Good For High Pressure Systems
  • Couplings and Joints Severely Weaken Tubing


Stainless Steel Pipes


  • Very Strong
  • Very Highly Resistant to  Corrosion 
  • Gas Lines
  • Compressed Air Lines
  • Costlier than Regular Steel and Copper Pipes
  • Hard  and Costly to Replace and Repair
  • Materials Inside can attract Clogs

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