Frozen Pipe Repair & Prevention

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Frozen Pipe Repair And Prevention

Frozen Pipes left untreated can cause thousands of dollars in damage and can lead to health concerns down the road.  As water freezes air gets trapped in tiny bubbles expanding the water into ice.  Most piping is still copper and therefore has little resistance to expanding.  Once Copper pipe expands it becomes brittle any any bump or weak spot can burst.  Now when then the pipe thaws out you will have 4 to 8 gallons of water bursting out every minute damaging everything in its path from furniture, family heirlooms, electronics, but the greatest threats are not from the water but what the water leaves behind, deadly Black Mold.  Mold can cause thousands of dollars of damage and lead to serious health issues if not prevented.

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Frozen Pipe Prevention

Prevention is the biggest key to avoid Frozen Pipes.  Take a walk around your Home or Business look for any places where cold air can get in such as cracks in the foundation or missing screens and cracked glass on windows.

  • Locate all Water Shut Off Valves and Share Information with Your Family

  • Seal any cracks in foundation 

  • Cover any Basement Windows where possible

  • Drain outside hoses and faucets

  • Ensure all outside Well Pipes are insulated and clear

  • Look for exposed Pipes in Crawl Spaces, Garages, and Attics

  • Insulate exposed Pipes

  • For pipes on outer walls during extended periods with low temperatures turn on faucets with cold and hot water to keep a slow trickle of water


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Leaving For A Vacation or Trip


  • Turn Off Main Water Line

  • Set Thermostat in House no lower than 60 Degrees Fahrenheit

  • Ask another family member or neighbor to check on your house

  • If your house or business is heated with a water system you will have to leave the Main Water Line On


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What To Do If You Get A Frozen Pipe

First signs of a Frozen Pipe is reduced water flow or no water coming out of a Faucet, Bath or Shower.  Locate possible areas where pipe maybe frozen.  Need help finding the problem areas give us a call at 330-242-6564 or Contact Us Today.

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  • DO NOT use a Hair Dryer to thaw out a Pipe–Any water leaking or dripping from pipe can cause electrocution

  • DO NOT use an open flame from a burner–This can overheat a pipe weaking it causing  it to burst plus increasing accidental fires

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Do These Things

  • Turn Off Main Water Line

  • Turn on Lowest source of water either a basement faucet or a down stairs bathroom faucet

  • Find source of Frozen Pipe

  • Turn up heat in that area either opening vents, turning up thermostat, or adding Space Heaters but be careful to ensure Space Heater is used safely.

  • Use Pipe Foam found out local Hardware stores to insulate Pipes.

  • If water is leaking or a pipe has burst ensure water is drained or cleaned up ASAP to stop Mold from growing

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  • Once Pipe thaws out turn Water Line back on slowly checking for leaks

Broken or Damaged Pipes

A broken or damaged pipe is a very serious issue and needs to be handled by a professional plumber.  Modern Process Plumbing replaces broken and damaged Copper pipe with New PEX Piping which is not only cheaper but withstands freezing without breaking.
  • We will diagnose the Frozen Pipe Issue

  • Install New PEX Piping to replace damaged and broken Copper Pipes

  • Install Insulation Foam where necessary to help protect areas that are a threat to freeze

  • Clean up any old piping and any damaged fixtures

  • Check for any other troubled areas in house

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