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How to Be More Productive at Work

Dollarphotoclub_73631488-300x300When firms go to a finance industry recruiter to find a financial advisor for their firm, there are two categories of skills that they look for. First, they seek out the tangibles– an appropriate education and level of licensing, and an expected level of experience for the given position. There is also a second level of skills, the intangibles, that can go a long way for an employee to get chosen. Often, those who are promoted ahead of the usual advancement skills are high in the intangibles. These can include positive demeanor and/or emotional intelligence, ability to work with difficult people, work ethic, willingness to listen to others both above and below them, and productivity. Though some of these skills are difficult to teach, others, like productivity, can be improved by making some good, conscious choices. If you are someone who is looking to boost productivity, and your future career prospects, give these techniques a try:

Learn Your Baseline

In order to discover whether you are improving your skills, first you need to know your current productivity rates. If all

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The Essentials of Testing Jobs

test-manager-fgTesting is performed by keeping in mind four parameters, which include; test strategy, testing plan, test cases, test data and test environment. So let us take a look at what all these parameters are about and how do they help you to remain efficient and effective.


The primary objective of testing is to find loopholes or bugs. A test strategy is an outline of which type of testing is suitable, the order in which it should be performed, the sequence of execution and the amount of effort which should go into each test goal to make the activity more effective. The strategy relies on up on the requirements and any other information regarding the end user. A test strategy helps you reap the most out of the least, it is an outline of time and resources crunches and helps you figure how to make the best out of the least. A testing strategy would ensure that you do not waste time on irrelevant issues and make use of the most sturdy tools for testing. This should be done once

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How to Plan for Your New Job

imagesIf you’re looking for plumbing jobs, pipe fitter jobs or to get in with a construction recruitment company, you should first know what to look for. Think about your lifestyle and how it could benefit you to get temporary plumbing jobs. Maybe you’re looking for something more stable with permanent potential in a pipe fitter job. You’ll also want to consider what locations you’re willing to travel to. Construction recruitment companies can effectively get your plumbing jobs and pipe fitter jobs quickly so be prepared to start working.

Benefits of Temporary Job Placement

Temporary job placement might be the right thing if you’re not ready to commit to one employer. For instance, you stand to gain a lot of knowledge if you have various pipe fitter jobs that are temporary. You are building your experience and learning to work within the industry. With construction recruitment on a temporary basis, you’ll have the opportunity to work on various sites. It makes it so that your work never becomes stagnant and keeps an element of excitement to it.

Benefits of Permanent

How to Negotiate Salary To Reach Your Full Earning Potential

In order to emerge from the interviewing process a winner and reach your earning potential, you must be prepared to do homework and work.

First of all, do not discuss salary. The employer should want you. Discuss what you can do for them and how you are valuable to them. The reason that an employer asks you salary information is they want to know how little they can pay you. They do not want to quote a price higher than what you currently make. They know very well the price range for the position. The other reason often cited by employers is that they want to know if the candidate is in their price range. Everyone has enough money for the right person. They also know the salary range for the position at hand. They can do the math of the seniority of that person and their expertise in the area.

The amount on the offer letter is a reflection of how much they feel that you are worth to them. The first number, the starting point, says a lot. A company that is truly interested in you for the long-term will pay, so that they

5 Secrets To Becoming A Satisfied Employee

There are many facets to every person’s life. Family, friends, finances, health, and leisure all take a slice of the pie. To be able to work efficiently, there must be a sense of balance between these aspects of an individual. If one or more of these is compromised, an employee will be incapable of functioning as a reliable member of the team and a useful unit of the company.

So what makes a happy employee? Metaphorically speaking, it’s about having the whole pie and not just slices of it. A person must be able to balance every part of his life so he will be more satisfied with his work. Below are the 5 secrets to becoming a happy employee.

1. Find a job with flexible hours.

One of the keys to employee satisfaction is flexibility of hours, not a rigid work 9 to 5 work schedule. And when you do find that perfect employer, listen to your body before deciding on the work hours. Do you work better in the morning, afternoon, or in the evening? Different people have different biorhythms or body clocks. Some are able to get up early in the morning

How To Make Temporary Jobs Look Good On Your Resume

Freelancing jobs and temporary contract based employments are very common these days. I have seen professionals doing freelance work and earning better than their counterparts. But since temporary jobs may get you through tough times, you will need to have a permanent employment to make ends meet.

You may be wondering how temporary work can look good on your resume. It is a good thing to have it up there in the resume as employers like to see a candidate staying up to date with freelance work rather than having a break from the industry. But placing the details of the jobs you have done during your break is critical to attract attention of the recruiters. Here are some tips on how to make temporary jobs look good on your resume.

Determine whether to put jobs together or not?

You can do a lot of freelance work that involves short term employments which can be project or duration based. If all of the work you have done is the same then you are better off grouping it all together as a single experience. But when you have short term employment where you interacted with top

8 Signs You’ve Found Your Life’s Work

1. It doesn’t feel like work

Whatever your life’s work is, it isn’t a ‘job’ in any sense of the word. Instead, it’s a way of living. Your work is part of your lifestyle and you can have the lifestyle you want because of your work. A lot of times you’ll ask yourself ‘am I really doing work right now?’ because it’s no longer a chore that has to be done. Work, play and life have all blurred into one, as if they are all intertwined. You’re constantly chasing your dream way of living, but you’re enjoying the journey there.

2. You’re aligned with your core values

Your life’s work is a reflection of who you are. It’s an extension of your beliefs and the way in which you see the world. You’re true to yourself as a person because you’re doing something you truly want to be doing. You feel like a complete person doing what you’re meant to be doing, and this can work wonders for your confidence. You can do anything when you put your mind to it – you can take the world around you and make a meaningful contribution to

Ways of Getting a Good Locum Job

Finding jobs after graduation is a daunting task as it is extremely difficult to get jobs in the field you are keen to work. However, one field in particular that is doing well these days is “medicine.” Whether you are a fresher, a well experienced physician, a dentist or a medical assistant, there are plenty of jobs available; you just have to start your search today itself and explore the endless possibilities that you’ll be having by choosing this field as your career option! If you’re a medical student and just completed your graduation, instead of sitting idle and waiting for your dream job, you should look for temporary positions available in your nearby hospitals. This will definitely help you in gaining some experience and getting employed without wasting any time after passing out from college. You must grab this golden opportunity before it goes away and step-in to the real world of uphill struggle.

In general, ‘locum’ refers to, working as a substitute in the absence of another person for a specific period of time. It is a good option if you are looking for a temporary job. With this, you’ll be allowed to live your

Tips For a Rewarding Career in Courier Jobs

A career working in the delivery industry carrying out courier jobs can be a very rewarding way to make a living. If you enjoy interacting with new people, tackling a diverse range of tasks and love being out on the road, you’ll make a pretty good candidate for success. However, passion and enthusiasm are not the only key elements needed to make a go of a career in this field. Below are a few tips from experienced drivers with a wealth of on the job knowledge.

Improve Your Customer Service Skills

Those who have transitioned into courier jobs from another industry will testify how important it is to nail customer service. It is not merely about being forthcoming and friendly to customers, however. A large part of good customer service skills involves looking smart and talking smart as well – including the ability to correctly answer customers’ queries. It also has to do with really understanding the requirement of the job – which is to deliver quality service, on time, every time. Consistency is the key, and as with any other client-facing situation, you are only as good as your last job. On the flip side,

Easy Options for Working on Your Own

Finding a work from home option is fulfilling and it helps you work on your own terms. You do not need to work with the time schedule of an office or operate from an office cubicle. All you need to do is find what suits you the best. You might look for part-time jobs online or just start-up with something that compliments your skills, education level, expertise and your knowledge base. Let us have a look at what options you can begin with.

Work Options for Students

This works well for those who have relevant educational qualification. It can be someone who is a fresh graduate or just acquired a degree or diploma in software. You can begin your job search by looking for work from home assignments that are less time-consuming. Working as an app developer is a rewarding experience. You can be a web designer or a graphic designer who can take up a freelance assignment that will pay and help you acquire relevant experience.

Work Options for Homemakers

Temporary jobs are a great way to begin working at your own leisure. You can begin by working for positions like data processing,

Mistakes to Avoid in a Job Application

You have finally done it. You have found your dream job and you cannot wait to apply for it. You know that you will be absolutely perfect for it; you have all the right experience and qualifications and you have spent all day putting together a job application along with cover letter deserving of a literary award. You are just seconds away from sending the application. Don’t! Take a moment to go over the job application once again to ensure you have avoided the common mistakes that thousands of candidates make in their application. Their resume ends up in the no pile and their dream job remains exactly that; a dream.

Some mistakes you should avoid in your job application are mentioned here:

• Spelling and grammatical errors

Although these type of errors may seem small in nature, they can be a major red flag for most employers. They convey to the recruiters or hiring managers that you don’t pay attention to detail and will give the impression that you rushed through your application rather than working on it. Don’t be in a hurry when you are filling out your application and have someone go

Finding Work in the Legal Field

Believe it or not, but not everyone inside a law office is a lawyer or a paralegal. They have a whole host of support staff backing them up on a daily basis. You may be considering a job inside of a law office, but aren’t certain what you want to do. There are several kinds of support you could provide on a clerical level for a firm of any size. If you are a qualified administrator you may even be able to find managerial work, but more than likely you’re probably looking for something along the lines of clerk work.

What Does a Clerk Do?

A clerk is a pretty standard term for many different positions inside of an office. Depending on the department you’re in, the name will change and the responsibilities might differ a little, but the concept behind them all remain the same. A file clerk, for example will review and file documents. This is a good place to start if you’re new to the field. If you’re thinking about legal document review jobs, you can always go through one of the many temporary agencies there to get some experience. The hardest part

How to Succeed in a Non Linear Career Path

Go to college. Get a degree and a job. Work and retire. Many would argue that there is no such thing as a linear career – well, at least not anymore. Whereas in the past employees would stay at a single company for years and patiently wait for their promotion and pay rise, today it is no longer the case. Now the majority of young employees are more likely to experiment in their career, moving from one job to another building on experience and increasing their expertise in a wide range of disciplines.

Doing this is undoubtedly challenging and risky, but at the same time really rewarding. It equips you with all-rounded work experience and a unique blend of skills that allow you to further your professional practice and manage your career more effectively.

This has become the new job market trend since the economic crisis hit. Professor of Management at the Wharton School, Peter Capelli stated that “What we see now are more ‘herky-jerky’ careers. People stay in jobs during the recession a little longer than usual, and then when they move, they don’t necessarily move in predictable ways”. Given the fact that jobs are

3 Things to Consider Before You Start A Part-Time Job

There are several things that you may need to consider before you start a part-time job. This article will highlight three of them. The current market for part-time jobs is very competitive. Many people need a second income. This means that you will have to use new tools and techniques to find your ideal job, especially if you want to enter an area that is fairly new to you or one in which you have training but very little experience.

Some of your competitors may have previously worked in the area you want to work in. Make sure that you carefully consider the skills and assets you will bring to the job, even if you are crossing over from another field. Put these in your resume. Also be ready to do a convincing summary of what makes you the best candidate for the job you are interested in doing.

Additionally, the job market is in a state where some persons are unable to get full-time work. Several people end up working several jobs part time in an effort to make the sum earned from these jobs to cover their bills. Budgeting carefully will help your money

10 Fun Jobs You Wish You Had

Getting a good job for a lot of people is just a matter of finding a job with the right salary and the right benefits. Choosing one of the 10 fun jobs or more is going to be a luxury for a lot of people.

1. Testing Water Slides: Water slides require quality control just like everything else. The people who are responsible for actually controlling that quality are more or less paid to test water slides for a living.

2. People Who Write Guidebooks: The guidebooks that help other people on their journeys are written by people who were paid to travel to those locations first. These are adventurous individuals who pave the way for others and have a great time doing it.

3. Un-exploded Ordinance Technician: People who get paid to reduce the threat of un-exploded objects in certain areas more or less also get paid to set off explosions. They get paid six-figure salaries for this task, making it a good job in the sense of it being entertaining and well-compensated.

4. Snuggling for a Living: The mental health benefits of non-sexual touching are quite well-documented. However, not everyone has a

Work From Home and Earn Some Money

Once you are 18 and can earn for yourself, the need for a decent, well paying job arises. Though with many new industries and sectors are on the rise employers look out for well qualified candidates who fulfill the given criteria. Companies put up advertisements and the job seeker can contact them if they desire to provide their services. Whereas recruiters post their ads in the various online job portals, all the candidate has to do login to the website and check for the available job vacancies. This kind of recruitment process is fast, smooth, and convenient for both the parties as the job seek individual has gets enough time to prepare for the interview.

These job portals function very systematically. The human resource representative or the recruiter has to publish the required job vacancy and provide other necessary details that the candidate needs to know. The various job opportunities are listed and everything is categorized accordingly like salary, experience, job location and so on. These online job sites are vast with tons of data and individuals’ resume uploaded, seeking to fall into some company’s radar.

The person looking out for the desired job has to

How To Become A Makeup Artist In Media

A career in makeup offers a wide range of professional opportunities with quality training and hard work. Courses are designed to provide students with industry experience, expertise in creativity and comprehensive applications for beauty and special effects projects. Working towards a career in high fashion and media requires a high standard of education in theory and practical spheres.

A career in makeup artistry can prove most rewarding including the application of creativity in a variety of professional tasks. Imaginative and natural talents to apply cosmetics are most beneficial; however, education and training are needed to develop a broad range of skills and refine abilities. Classes are guided by high level trainers in collaboration with experts in related industries providing learners with essential exposure and practical measures.

In media, professional artists can develop lucrative careers in television, film, high fashion and editorial. Creative applications include a natural or bold look for the runway and photo-shoots to dramatic transformations for movies and theater sets. To become an established artist in these areas requires the proper training and coursework to develop important skills and expose one to relevant experts in the field.

A structured course introduces theoretical and

Six Tips to Help You Find More Job Postings

Do you ever reach the point of seriously contemplating changing your job? Most often, it is caused by two factors, one when you are not happy with the work environments, or if the position you are occupying doesn’t suit your personality.

A couple of years ago, I worked for a company that had the motto of keeping their clients pleased. Without being critical of their motto, I realized that it was being detrimental to my health. I was not hardened to working under pressure created by tight deadlines. I wasn’t accustomed to handling large workloads. People around me were as busy, but seemed to manage their affairs better. I feel my present work environments suit me better. You may like to know how I got there. Here are a few steps you’ll find helpful in reinventing your job search.

1. Hold on to your present job while searching for a new job, unless you can’t do for medical reasons. You should understand that finding a new job is easier when you are employed. One reason for that is that you are in the midst of people who may be aware of new job postings. You can’t

5 Prerequisites for Being a Successful Beautician

It takes a lot to be a successful beauty therapist. These days this course has become quite a lucrative career option for the youngsters because of the glamorous lifestyle that one gets out of it. However, it takes quite a lot of effort and skills to be successful in this profile, and it is not everyone’s task to beautify people.

There are a number of personal prerequisites that are absolutely necessary to survive and make a name for yourself in this field. Without these, it will be quite challenging to stay and compete in this area. That is why prior to opting for this as your career path judge yourself well that whether you are made for this line or not.

• Be outgoing and tension-free – This is the first and foremost prerequisite for being a professional in this field. You have to be very outgoing and mix well with your clients so that you can understand what they need and deliver accurately. Secondly, since this is quite a creative field, you have to be tension-free so as to give your best and succeed.

• Be discreet and trustworthy – This is something that

Importance Of Safety Officer

Companies are involved to employ a knowledgeable person to act as a safety officer. This gives the company owner peace of mind that safety requirements are being met, and permits higher management to hub on other targets connecting to costs, production and profits.

Health and safety advisers are employed by a broad range of public and big private sector organizations as well as local authorities, hospitals, engineering companies, manufacturers, chemical processing plants and food processing or packaging plants.

What does a safety officer execute?

As a safety officer, it’s your responsibility to make people safe in the job sir. An expert in the dangers that could supervise in your functioning environment, your job engages cautious planning to lessen the number of injuries, accidents and health problems that may happen.With every working environment being diverse to the next, this could be teaching techniques to help manage with the hours employees pay out staring at a computer screen, to using potentially dangerous tools on a building location.

Usual responsibilities of the job include:

• Examining incidents, accidents, complaints and cases of sick health
• undertaking risk estimations and location inspections
• guarantee that equipment is