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Here at Gentle Dental LI(Long Island), we provide all types of Dental Services, Cosmetic, Periodontal, Surgical, Prosthodontic, Restorative, Implants, Teeth Straightening and Endodontics to Baby Boomers, Older Adults and Senior Citizens. (Geriatric Dentistry). We are Geriatric Dentists who specialize in assisting adults with general, cosmetic and emergency dental treatments. Often, senior patients require special care, time and attention, not only with medical needs but also with regards to their dental care. We have dedicated our careers and our practice to assisting the elderly in this area, as it provides a great deal of personal fulfillment to do so.
Baby Boomers and Senior patients require a more trained hand as I’m sure you know, and today’s younger dentists may not always have the resources or experience to care for them. We are so dedicated that we, still to this day, make emergency house calls when patients are in need, but are not readily able to travel to our office.
While I have been practicing for decades myself, it amazes me that many medical doctors who specialize in Geriatric Medicine are aware of the extraordinary additional benefits they provide to their patients, may not know that geriatric dentists are available to provide the same quality of exceptional care that they do with dentistry.

Our state of the art dental office at:

901 Stewart Ave.  Suite 214   in  Garden City,  New York   11530.

If you are considering dental work, have additional questions and concerns, or generally would like to call and discuss the dental care options available to you or your loved ones, please do not hesitate to call us! We’d love to talk.

Reach us at:    (516) 489-1700