Free software and publishing: the case of Libre Graphics magazine

By Ana Isabel Carvalho, designer and co-editor, Libre Graphics magazine.

Libre Graphics magazine is a collaborative project produced exclusively with free software, standards and methods, showing that the open source is a professionally viable option to perform and release a periodic publication. Co-editor of the magazine, Carvalho kindly agreed to tell us in front of the camera about her experience. Her contribution was possible thanks to the collaboration of the MiniDebConf 2014 and the University of Barcelona.

« Our Git repository allows us to share with our readers and contributors all the process of making the magazine »

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How many peers does it take to change a light bulb?

Systems like Linux and websites like Wikipedia are paradigmatic of a particular way of open collaboration known as peer production. Peer producers choose their tasks freely and coordinate their work using open digital platforms. They share the fruits of their labour as part of a global commons, and everyone works according to their abilities and benefits according to their needs.

Is this an emerging form of communism? Or the future of liberal capitalism? Or is it simply a new mode of production? In this blog we want to explore both the benefits and the downsides of such way of working.

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