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Blue Link Design offers enhanced search engine optimization services.  We can increase your major search engine page ranking, attract more visitors and keep them coming back again and again.  Our certified team of SEO professionals know how to put your website at the forefront and allow you to successfully showcase your products and services to the right people.

Our approach is ethical, strategic and proven.  We use only the best industry techniques and standards for optimal results.  At the end of the day; it's all about return on investment (ROI).

Your online success starts with having the right partner. The right partner has to have the right experience, tools, expertise and know-how. If your spending a ton of money right now on search engine marketing; let us show you how you can spend less. If you need to spend more to broaden your horizons but need professional management to re-enforce your efforts; we are happy to help you. Put us to the challenge today!

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What We Do.

Blue Link Design will review and assess your current keyword selection. We delve well beyond the obvious keyword selections. Rather than scratch the surface we dig deeper in order to find keywords that ultimately make sense given the content, products or services provided.

Once we implement the appropriate keywords, our next phase is improving the mark-up of your website.  Our markup enhancement includes improving or applying: Meta tags, Titles and Headings, Removing unwanted or unessary code, applying microdata and more.

Ahh.. the supporting role.  Content plays a vital character in the overall health and ranking of a website.  We ensure that your website is laced with the best supporting content possible.  Content that re-enforces keywords and descriptions, engages customers and produces results.

Websites do not fare well on search engines if they contain errors or broken links. Blue Link Design will assess all files and folders, including robot.txt, .htaccess and more. We'll make sure your website is in tip top shape in order to perform well on search engines.

A Chain is only as good as its weakest link and so holds true when it comes to outside or thrid party websites that link to your website. We will develop a strategic and aggresive stategy for getting links to your website from popular and pertinant sources or websites.

The Proof.

Milaca Building Center - Milaca, MN

G&J; Awning & Canvas - Sauk Rapids, MN

Northern Star Therapy - St. Cloud, MN

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