Contact information about people is entered by organisers or the user and they can be linked to an organisation, supplier or multiple events, projects. With only one record any edit means information is always up to date.

The flexibility of the Intrgra Planning System enables remote or office working across the world on one or multiple projects or events by one or any number of authorised system users.

Teams can be organised and supervised remotely and task allocated to teams with deadlines and reminders facilities set-up in your system. This allow you to:

  • People1Create individual user accounts for organising team
  • Control user permissions for different areas of the system
  • View team contact list
  • Link team members to other parts of the system
  • Allocate task ownership
  • Allocate as an organiser of a meetings
  • Contact person for individual choirs
  • Manager of specific performances
  • Merge tool for duplicate user accounts

Organisations / Groups

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