Tideland Zinfandel

born 3/10/2011

 Zinzin 3

Zin came to Devil Goat Farm in the Summer of 2014. She had freshened 3 times prior to our purchasing her and is a champ on the milk stand. Zinfandel is sweet tempered and likes to give kisses, often turning to stare during milking with her super long-lashed eyes.

She was bred to Barnowl Asgard and gave birth to triplet does on March 25, 2015 (Click here)

Triplet 1

Devil Goat Galadriel

Triplet 2

Devil Goat Kikimora

Triplet 3

Devil Goat Dark Willow


Zinfandel freshened March 27, 2016 with a single buck


Devil Goat Clydesdale

Clyde 5