January - February, 2002

1/31/2002:First thawed transplant success
  - Nature
1/31/2002:Ultimate stem cell discovered - New Scientist
1/31/2002:Stuffed fox teaches wallabies to fear predators - New Scientist
1/31/2002:Cloned bulls on sale to farmers for first time - Ananova
1/31/2002:GM crops find friends in China  - BBC
1/31/2002:Commercial cloning hits China  - BBC
1/31/2002:Scientists develop cloning alternative  - BBC
1/31/2002:Human Genome Sequence Yields New Tool for Microbe-Hunting  - Eureka Alert
1/30/2002:Ultimate stem cell discovered - New Scientist
1/30/2002:Some for Abortion Rights Lean Right in Cloning Fight  - NY Times
1/30/2002:Gene for Neat Repair of DNA Discovered - Science Quest
1/30/2002:Ant Study Shows Link Between Single Gene, Colony Formation - Nat'l. Geo. News
1/30/2002:Scientists develop ethical gene cloning...  - BBC
1/30/2002:Scientists insert spinach gene into pigs to cut fat...  - BBC
1/30/2002:Japan scientists breed pigs with spinach genes...  - CNN
1/30/2002:‘Nanocircles’ act as Trojan horse to shut down disease-causing genes, study finds  - Eureka Alert
1/28/2002:Concocting Combinatorials- Chemistry in Drug Development - Science Quest
1/28/2002:Cloning Ban Call Echoes in Capitol  - Technology Review
1/28/2002:US Urges Free GM Produce Trade  - Technology Review
1/28/2002:Biochip Maker FitsGenome on 2 Chips  - Technology Review
1/27/2002:Genome pioneer steps down  - BBC
1/27/2002:Green Mussel New Exotic Species Threatening Florida  - Unisci
1/27/2002:Preterm Birth Changes Development Of Lung Function  - Unisci
1/27/2002:China's First Clone Dies After Birth  - Cosmiverse

1/26/2002:A Nose for Gene Data - Washington Post
1/26/2002:Scientists Identify Second Gene Associated With Prostate Cancer...  - CNN
1/26/2002:Preserving Pine's Genetic Heritage  - Eureka Alert
1/26/2002:France 'approves' embryonic research bill - Ananova

1/25/2002:DNA tests update the ‘Roots’ saga - MSNBC
1/25/2002:New GM crop trials to start in 50 fields... - FirstScience

1/25/2002:Female baboons boast about their sex lives - New Scientist
1/25/2002:'Eau de dad' woos women  - Nature
1/24/2002:Appeal court allows government's embryo challenge - Ananova

1/24/2002:Ban Human Cloning, Panel Urges  - Wired News
1/24/2002:Lesbian couples 'could have own baby'  - BBC
1/24/2002:Another Transmembrane Protein Structure Solved by Rockefeller Scientists  - Eureka Alert
1/24/2002:Beckett tightens rules on GM crop trials... - FirstScience

1/24/2002:Science Academy Supports Cloning to Treat Disease  - NY Times
1/23/2002:Institute to Halt Embryo Harvest  - NY Times
1/23/2002:Bush's Advisers on Ethics Discuss Human Cloning  - NY Times
1/23/2002:In Experiment, Mammal Cells Produce Silk Like a Spider's  - NY Times
1/23/2002:In Harshest Environments, Some Proteins Protected By "Alternate" Folding Mode  - Eureka Alert
1/23/2002:New Germ-Line Creates TransgenicMice  - Technology Review
1/22/2002:Cloning Confusion in the U.K.  - Wired News

1/22/2002:Are Ecologists The New Dissidents In Post-Soviet Russia - SpaceDaily
1/22/2002:Cloning paper prompts more resignations  - BBC
1/22/2002:Cloning row goes back to court  - BBC
1/22/2002:Foot-and-mouth- Crisis timeline  - BBC
1/22/2002:The basics of being  - BBC
1/22/2002:HIV-like virus detected in wild chimpanzee - New Scientist
1/22/2002:Thermotoga parties in the hot zone  - Nature
1/22/2002:Life, as it was in the beginning?  - Nature
1/21/2002:The 'Sport' of Bioengineering  - BBC
1/21/2002:Biologists Visualize Protein Gradient Responsible for Dividing Embryo Into Nervous System, Epidermis - Science Quest
1/21/2002:Researchers closer to defining function of two proteins involved in neurotransmitter release  - Eureka Alert
1/21/2002:UCSD Biologists Visualize Protein Gradient Responsible For Dividing Embryo Into Nervous System, Epidermis  - Eureka Alert
1/21/2002:In Harshest Environments, Some Proteins Protected By "Alternate" Folding Mode  - Eureka Alert
1/21/2002:Scientists use seals as 'underwater eyes'  - Eureka Alert
1/20/2002:DREAM raises pain relief hopes  - Nature
1/20/2002:New Germ-LineCreates TransgenicMice  - Technology Review
1/20/2002:20'-backed DNA testing clears accused rapist, leads to new charges - Nando Times
1/20/2002:Scientists quit in cloning row...  - BBC
1/19/2002:Panel- Some Cloning Techniques OK  - Wired News

1/19/2002:Computational Subtraction Detects Foreign Microbes  - Unisci
1/19/2002:State Battle Over Stem Cell Cloning - Technology Review
1/19/2002:Commercializing Stem Cell Technologies - Technology Review
1/19/2002:Bald eagles dying from microscopic brain lesions - Nando Times
1/19/2002:Britain declared to be free of foot-and-mouth disease - Nando Times
1/19/2002:Rensselaer Researchers Seeing Farther and Faster with Terahertz (THz) Imaging  - Eureka Alert
1/19/2002:Arctic sea floor gives up secrets  - BBC
1/19/2002:Bio-tech firms may mass-produce cloned chickens  - CNN
1/19/2002:Cricket Study Offers Clues to Female Promiscuity in Some Species - Nat'l. Geo. News
1/18/2002:Japanese plan world's first whale farm - Ananova

1/18/2002:Years of Data Lost in Fire at University  - NY Times
1/18/2002:Genome exposes buried bugs  - Nature
1/18/2002:DNA detective work may find mystery killers  - Nature
1/18/2002:Sharp rise in planting of modified crops  - NY Times

1/18/2002:Cowabunga! A doting dairyman milks prized heifer's genes - Seattle Times
1/18/2002:Dawkins vs. Gould: Survival of the Fittest by Kim Sterelny - Science Quest
1/18/2002:Scientists use genome to find harmful infections - Ananova

1/18/2002:Scientists probe bizarre shark birth  - BBC
1/18/2002:Trawler nets giant squid  - BBC
1/18/2002:Creation of the future  - BBC
1/17/2002:Bugs could travel in comfort aboard meteorites - New Scientist
1/17/2002:Nature's Pharma Sea - Science Quest
1/17/2002:URI Oceanographer Models Migration and Foraging Strategies of North Atlantic Right Whales  - Eureka Alert
1/17/2002:Agency gives OKfor first field trialof modified insect - MSNBC
1/17/2002:Biotech crops boom amid controversy - MSNBC
1/17/2002:Fluorescent Mice Herald Gene-Transfer Breakthrough - Nat'l. Geo. News
1/17/2002:Biology Is for Physicists  - Technology Review
1/17/2002:Researchers GrantedStem Cell Access  - Technology Review
1/16/2002:Shark's birth is inconceivable without the father - Ananova

1/16/2002:Protein Could Be Used To Raise The Pain Threshhold  - Unisci
1/16/2002:One Gene Underlies Bipolar Illness, Panic Disorder  - Unisci
1/16/2002:Yes, Biologically Speaking, Sex Does Matter...  - NY Times

1/16/2002:Protein discovery tied to DNA master switch - Univ. Of North Carolina
1/16/2002:Biotech firm Geron focuses stem cell research - Nando Times
1/16/2002:Cause of sick clones contested  - Nature
1/15/2002:Evolution on Fast Forward- Finches Adapt to Climates - Nat'l. Geo. News
1/15/2002:Glowing Mice, Made Easy - ABC
1/14/2002:Scientists Explore Outcome of 'Mad Cow' in Sheep - ABC
1/14/2002:Protein's Crucial Role In Developing Elastic Fibers  - Unisci
1/14/2002:Computer Chips Found to Possess Explosive Properties Useful for Chemical Analysis and Nanoscale Sensors - Science Quest
1/14/2002:DNA microarray technology combined with data mining help researchers differentiate among patients with multiple sclerosis  - Eureka Alert
1/14/2002:Approaching drug design and biosynthesis through a basic understanding of how proteins behave  - Eureka Alert
1/13/2002:3-D Models Give Proteins Shape  - Wired News

1/13/2002:Proteome reveals promiscuity  - Nature
1/13/2002:Sheep threat fenced out  - Nature
1/13/2002:Scientists plan remote control for genes - New Scientist
1/13/2002:Protein Crucial for Elastic Fiber Development Described - Science Quest
1/12/2002:Snake Eyes - ABC
1/12/2002:New Protein Analyzer Speeds Gene Research -Company - ABC
1/12/2002:'Sudden Death' Blight May Target Calif. Redwoods - ABC
1/12/2002:Enzymes Inside  - Eureka Alert
1/12/2002:Wired Science  - Eureka Alert
1/11/2002:New Protein Analyzer Speeds Gene Research -Company - ABC
1/11/2002:Animal protection group to help save Kabul zoo in Afghanistan - ABC
1/11/2002:Nothing Like These Fish - Ananova

1/11/2002:Smelly repellent to protect crops - Ananova
1/11/2002:Turing Equations Linked To DNA Splitting And Copying  - Unisci
1/11/2002:Proteins Needed To Ensure Accurate Chromosome Copies  - Unisci
1/11/2002:Technique 'could boost immunity'  - BBC
1/11/2002:Gene clue to pregnancy smoking riddle  - BBC
1/11/2002:Catching a killer  - BBC
1/11/2002:Blood stem cells carry targeted genes  - Eureka Alert
1/10/2002:Biotech Woos the Investor Dollar  - Wired News

1/10/2002:Discovery Overturns Long-Held Genetic Belief - Science Quest
1/10/2002:New Secrets of Cell Division- Familiar Proteins Play an Unsuspected Role - Science Quest
1/10/2002:Bar-Coding Life - Technology Review
1/10/2002:Nationalists demand halt to GM trials... - FirstScience
1/9/2002:The lioness and the oryx  - BBC
1/9/2002:Biotechs fight for cash  - BBC
1/9/2002:University of Maryland Biotechnology Institute  - Eureka Alert
1/8/2002:Eyeballs grown and implanted in tadpole - Ananova

1/8/2002:Friendship between lioness and antelope amazes experts - Ananova
1/7/2002:Sweet Potato  - Technology Review
1/7/2002:Growth Industry  - Technology Review
1/7/2002:Scientists claim to grow artificial eye - MSNBC
1/6/2002:Playing the Biotech Boom  - Wired News

1/6/2002:Short-Circuiting Microbe Chat - Science Quest
1/6/2002:Sunscreen test reveals budgies' sexy shine - New Scientist
1/6/2002:Second batch of knock-out pig clones - New Scientist
1/5/2002:Cloned Pigs For Parts - ABC
1/5/2002:Biotech Firms Race to Clone Organ Transplant Pigs - ABC
1/5/2002:Pig parts  - BBC
1/5/2002:Crucial Genetic Diversity Enzyme Long Sought by Biologists Discovered by Scientists at The Scripps Research Institute  - Eureka Alert
1/5/2002:Molecules Caught in the Act-- Scientists at The Scripps Research Institute Solve Elusive Enzyme Mechanism  - Eureka Alert
1/5/2002:From Science- The moving parts inside your cells - MSNBC
1/4/2002:PPL produces cloned pigs for human transplants - Ananova

1/4/2002:The Bacterial Divide - Science Quest
1/4/2002:Genome Search Spans Creatures Great and Small... - FirstScience

1/4/2002:New pig clones born - BBC
1/2/2002:Scientists find cleanliness gene - Ananova

1/2/2002:Fungus takes fizz out of champagne - New Scientist
1/3/2002:'Fat gene' discovery could help battle against the bulge - ABC
1/3/2002:Cloning and Stem Cells Not Good Business -Expert  - Yahoo

1/3/2002:Decade-Long Quest Results in Rich Paean to Lichens...  - NY Times
1/3/2002:Ice crystal discovery is good news for avalanche prediction - New Scientist
1/3/2002:Races as the Same Machine in Different Colors  - NY Times

1/3/2002:Herding Chromosomes Down the Chiseled Trail - Science Quest
1/3/2002:Giving Baculoviruses a Better Edge - Science Quest
1/3/2002:Progress and Promise in Tissue Engineering Research - Science Quest
1/1/2002:(You)2  - Wired News

1/1/2002:Icebergs, sea ice jeopardize penguins' attempts to breed, scientists say - Nando Times
1/1/2002:Bioengineering opponents outraged by spread of modified corn in Mexico - Nando Times


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