Barnowl Ariena

born 11/28/2012

FS85 (+V+V) @ 01-07

ariena_2013 Annie udder side annie rear f

Ariena “Annie” was our first LaMancha at Devil Goat Farm, joining us in the Summer of 2014. Annie is a lovely goat who had freshened once prior. On March 25, 2015 she had quadruplets (2 does surviving) and proved to have an incredible second freshener udder. Annie is Trouble and won’t go somewhere if she thinks you want her to go there, but she’s worth it.


Bred to Barnowl Asgard with all doe kids retained (Click here)


Devil Goat Witch Hazel


Devil Goat Trillium


‘Annie’ freshened March 29th, 2016 with lovely triplets:


Devil Goat Pennyroyal

Penny 6

Devil Goat Belladonna

Bella 9

Devil Goat Oleander

Ollie 8