Half Time … Change Sides – or Monthly Planning

Well not only is it the middle of the Olympics but its the middle of my Month too. I has someone ask me what I did at the weekend earlier in the month, to which I replied some what guiltily that I just hung out at home and quickly added I did hit a gig at The Commons on Friday night.

This did prompt the thought of what actually have I been doing with my time and what about the rest of the month. To this end, I hit my schedule view of my calendar and manually made a weekly visualisation that tickled my fancy at the time. A more object oriented version I guess.

My August 2016

Once I did this to not only alleviate my guilt factor of having a weekend off, I soon realised I don’t have very much free time. In fact, barely enough to take advantage of my co-working space.

I applied colours by week obviously. Rectangle to keep track of when I planned to attend my co-working space and rounded rectangles when out and about elsewhere. Thicker boarders for when I am in Sydney.

Initially, I limited the visualisation to the working week and the calendar month but then soon extended to five full 7 day weeks. (well it will when I finish organising Sept).

What I like about this over a conventional calendar monthly view is the structure and additional information I am drawing upon through colour and shape.  The big take how is how much of my time I am spending on networking, the return on that investment and balance of productive work I should be pursing.

In addition to this, I did get a post from my Jawbone Move that I am still amazingly getting enough if somewhat irregular sleep.

FreeMind Mind Maps

I have used free mind for years to gets some of the clutter in my mind into a bit more structured form on paper for consumption of others.

FreeMindDesktopWhile I have always loved doing this on the desktop and it is actually the easiest way to work, what I have missed is some mobile access to tweak or view mind maps. However I have come across two iOS apps to help in this regard.

FreeMindLite (Viewer)

This app is a very basic FreeMind viewer. FreeMind files are uploaded to the iphone view a web interface from your desktop.FreeMindLite View

MinDgo 2 (Editor)

This is a text heirachical view of the mind map that allows you to add and edit nodes. It can transfer files via Dropbox or the iTunes File Manager. Not visual but you can fiddle a brain storm on the train going home.MinDgo 2 ViewNow neither of these mobile solutions offer an easy or synchronous experience but both are useful for quick views and small tweaks.

re:Design Thinking #7

I attended an event at ThoughtWorks in Sydney for the Sydney Design Thinking Meetup group re:Design. The speaker, Alvaro Márquez (Head of Service Design, Experience Strategy, R&D at Australian Broadcasting Corporation) was more of an interviewer trying to elicit a conversation on what Design Thinking means to each of the 70+ people attending personally.

Well as personally as you can get in a group that large!

To that end I have put up a survey to get some more input from the group. All results are public and available to be viewed upon completion of the survey (make sure to bookmark the link or contact me with any problems).

I made the following notes during the talk on Asus VivoTab 8 using Microsoft OneNote 2016 on Windows 8.1 (a story for another time); Continue reading re:Design Thinking #7