update sept 2014 - dc's 8 mfinot to follow without much more transparent educational content on microcredi

who can help who with jim kim's social movements - young professional associate team - VF,NB..

results june conference - connectors ken patterson,  youth carly pildis

woem4empowerment - naial chowdhury

conscious capitalism movements tebabu, king, steve ..

UDC 5 state student entrepreneur competition


2014 - some dc spaces always worth looking at 

http://dc.startupweekend.org/#  these happen once or twice a year - if next one isnt dated still worth looking at judges, entries of last one

events of conscious capitalism dc - these happen about monthly - until we streamline our web please email chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk for contacts -CC is associates with university of district of columbia host a region wide student entrepreneur competition each spring term - there's also a build up of events 

Breaking 2013 - Congress shutdown is one more piece of evidence that This Town is the most anti-youth and anti-futures ne(x)t generations need on the wholeplanet

 Help us map mvements in the region that are 100% pro-youth

UDC is now in its second year invites tri-state region to send its students to collaboratively compete over itching the most exciting social solutions. By this means students IN DC?MD/VA come 6th in the national queue to delegate 25000 youth Ambassadors to Atlanta 2015 . States that have hosted whole Yunus competitions being GA AL NH NC OR


The Maryland community tv channel (contracted by Cable providers as part of their licence) is a benchmark for youth participation


Most Urgent posts for dc in 2013

Dear Lee

Sorry to miss you - Federal Communications Commisions meeting room not the easiest space to see who's who between talks

I leave more convinced than ever that DC can play a huge role both in transferring knowledge DC can gain from other states broadband experiments and in being the state every other state wants to share knowhow with (and of course freeing the public and youth to massively understand how to create jobs with community broadband is ultimately the only way to free congress from permanent gridlock)

the experiment i would like to help do this is

race to be best provider of a massive open online curriculum on

community broadband literacy -  welcome better name

steps to do this are

1 get mayors office to ask one dc university helps by signing partnerships with coursera but permitting any 12 minute slideset relevant to community broadband experiments and dc to be included in the curricuum

2 coursera's core is 12 minute slide presentaions cluster into 5s and 30s

5s because a typical weekly course is one hour long in terms of live interaction time

30s because the minimum coursera course is 6 weeks long

how many 12 minute broadband presentation cases does dc already have?

1 living social vision especially in mentoring digital wizards among dc youth

2 eg expanding dc soup kitchen - have you seen gordon ramsey's latest -ramsey behind bars - eg on bbc cable

slow cooking franchises are a way to create many jobs, end food deserts amd fight obesity, regenerate comunity; this also links into wholefoods wholekidsfoundation that is aiming to demand nutritious school melas in every state


which apps have ntia states debriefed on that dc would like to linkin with


please tell me if we can have a meeting to advance this sort of dea or ondeed any idea that maximises interconnection with digotal dc and broadband ntia united states; my feefing is this is actually the most important job creation initiative obama has unleashed but he cant do it without the sorts of people (parnets/youth) I meet who celebrate historically black universities with muhammad yunus linking in now


chris macrae DC tel  301 881 1655  chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk



DC is the home hub of the most connected yunus book club
-queries chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk
washington dc 1 301 881 1655- anyone with a social business idea to debate is
welcome to join our 2050 experienced readers who since start of 2008 have
included sampling to 250 congressmen; 200 georgetown business school students;
key transformers in the worlds of aid and diplomacy ; 280 people converging on
the yunus debate of whether dc wants to be a leading social business capital
hosted at University of District of Columbia during yunus statetwide jobs competitions tour starting off ac year 2012-2013 ; 50 GWU bookclub and ticket delegates to day yunus
visited washington in february 2009 to testify about what yes we can
supporters could do about the wall street crisis; internationally we have
distributed 200 books at yunus 70th birthday celebration weekend in glasgow july 4 2010;
500 books at the world entrepreneur forum in london january 2009 after our offer
to freely sample world economic forum with 1000 books was turned down on the
grounds that they didnt burden delegates with such (only to find out that they
distributed a different social entrepreneur book divorced from any economic
modeling); it is also the home of investors in the Journal of Social Business edited out of
Glasgow by Adam Smith scholars and mediated by Bangladeshi diaspora pro-youth
networkers. More widely will Arab Spring turn to Arab Summer or Arab Winter is a
question that cannot begin to be transparently resolved without truly mapping
pro-youth economic models. Moreover, Scotland's prep for
entrepreneurial independence making the emergence of this free nation a case of
a most exciting and collaborative pro-youth economics hub in the first half of
2010s -one that may yet be a benchmark for recovering the whole Entrepreneurial Union. DC is also the home of the Economist's Unacknowledged Giant's last 5 year shared diary with dr Muhammad Yunus.


July 2012 update -Over the last 5 years, i have interviewed yunus 20 times and helped sponsor another 40 interviews partly by seeing who was most passionate about 2000 books dad and I sampled. I have come across 3 global and local plans - A B C- around yunus that I most identify with; washington dc is a pivotal -but highly-conflicted capital in youth's future worldwide and in usa; and its where the oldest plan A has been developing for nearly quarter of a century

PLAN A Freeing knowledge from age 9 up on grameen bank microcredit as youth's most economic banking model -equity from open sourcing this extraordinary valuable knowledge, Dr Yunus wanted to be owned by the 8 million village mothers whose investment bank he hubbed around them through literally 100000 safe village spaces ...

sam daley harris whose offices are in washingon dc, but who lives in princeton region, has been international connector to plan A which started about 1990;as microcreditsummit project . Over a decade earlier, Sam's life (then a music teacher in Miami) was changed by attending a branch meeting of the Hunger Project- his first action networking revolution was to create www.results.org the citizens movement for sharing locally practical information on end hunger with congressmen - see case written by Sam for issue 1 of Journal of Social Business

Microcreditsummit hosting annual 3000 peoples meetings from 1997 - made the original Bangaldesh microcredits world famous, and becamse the citizens network for advancing millennium goals, The heroines was graasroots networks but world eladers joined in demanding celebration of thiese unseen heroes- led by gracious people like queen of spain and hilary clinton, sam also campaigned for nobel prizes to be awarded to microcredit's most trusted founders - sam is the nearest person to a saint of any yunus people I have met but i have singularly failed to explain the war among economists that his network has been infiltarted by biy bank sponsors and the  ost uneconomic NGOs in the world like ACCION imo - more on plan A where 60 women meet every week not only to do their banking but to arrange a local community market and to share life critical family-sustainable knowhow for women and youth (starting in the 1970s with oral rehydration - yunus says the passbook of every member's back cover is an ad on how to save up to one fiftfh of all infants lives when they get extreme diarhhea- a rather more useful ad than any other bank uses next to its logo; the first non-financial product that bank managers distributed in their weekly visits toi the centres was carrot seeds as market veggie gardens alongside the banking centre proved the most nutrional and economic way to end infants night blindness) -more at www.thegrameenbank.com ; and at www.microcredit.tv and www.youthcredit.net

more global village billion jobs briefings : www.grameengreen.com (green billion)' www.globalgrameen.com (community billion); www.egrameen.com (billion jobs thanks to million times more collaboration tech)


is it reasonable to think that of the top 50 pro-youth economics projects yunus inspires around the world, the Americas will be the residence of at least five of these -help us search at www.grameenamericas.com and www.yunus10000.com


UPDATE June 2012

dc hottest topics that we can find some pro-youth economics connections with include:

usaid's revitalised language of value chains - here we link details a great recent dc conference "crack the nut 2012"    http://normanmacrae.ning.com/forum/topics/value-chain-summits

trying to link in dc to yunus 6 city roadtour (sept 28)  of http://jobscompetitions.ning.com


norman macrae foundation projects include www.youth10000.com mapping 10000 youth whose collaborations can grow worldwide economy faster than any 10000 bankers and politicians can collapse it - -the von neumann above zero-sum modleing club; linkedin catalogue of 100 segments of entrepreneur since father  Norman Macraestarted up the genre of entrepreneurial revolution in The Economist 25 December 1976;lead us investors in journal of social business and pro-youth economics - edited by adam smith scholars out of glasgow-

free download copies- the inaugural issue (7000 print circulation)


iissue 3: the 15th year of microcreditsumit knowledge networking championed by queen sofia of spain (3000 print circulation)


chris macrae dc hotline 1 301 881 1655 skype chrismacraedc



ed spring 2012 -sorry for starting with these good news stories that didnt get the time to play out


www.grameeneconomics.net DC is expected to host greatest yunus event of 3rd quarter of 2011 with US congress invitation to Yunus to testify on credit as lifeblood of any entrepreneurial nation as genius economist of our era


Apr011 MITEF and Embassy of France And Obama Startups host most exciting entrepreneurial network gathering known to Dc citizens


Latest from results below

History of results www.results.org -as one of worldwide's most exciting peoples networks sans frontiers -  is in inaugural issue of journal of social business


Congress Expresses Support for Yunus, Concern for Independence of Grameen Bank
WASHINGTON, DC - Congressional leaders in the Senate and House of Representatives expressed concern over efforts by the government of Bangladesh to oust Nobel Peace Laureate Muhammad Yunus from his position as managing director of Grameen Bank. Today the Bangladeshi Supreme Court opted for a two week delay on a decision whether to hear Professor Yunus' appeal of the government's action to remove him.
bipartisan letter to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, led by Assistant Majority Leader Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL), stated that members of Congress were "troubled by what appears to have been a months-long effort on the part of the Bangladeshi government to discredit Professor Yunus and remove him as managing director while increasing government influence at Grameen Bank. These efforts raise concerns about the government's motivations and the impact such efforts may have on the strong and important U.S.-Bangladesh relationship." The letter continues that it would be "very disappointing to see Bangladesh's thriving civil society, microfinance sector, and international reputation negatively affected" by these continued actions. They encourage the prime minister to find a solution that treats Prof. Yunus with "the dignity he deserves while preserving the effectiveness and operational integrity of Grameen Bank."
In a separate statement, Senator John Kerry, chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, said he was "deeply concerned by efforts to remove Muhammad Yunus as managing director of the Grameen Bank."
"Institutions like the Grameen Bank make a significant contribution to Bangladesh's development and democracy, and Professor Yunus's life-long work to reduce poverty and empower women through microloans has deservedly received world-wide attention and respect," Kerry said.
Members of the House Congressional Caucus on Bangladesh also voiced concern in a letter to the Prime Minister, saying they were "troubled" by the efforts to force Yunus from his position at Grameen Bank. Noting the progress Bangladesh has made in fighting poverty, the representatives expressed concern that the government's campaign targeting Yunus was "beginning to overshadow these concrete gains and introduce uncertainty regarding one of Bangladesh's most visible and beloved institutions." The caucus urged a resolution of the situation that "ensures the ongoing independence of Grameen Bank." The letter was signed by 27 members of Congress including Rep. Joseph Crowley, caucus founder and chair, and Rep. Howard Berman, the top Democrat on the House Foreign Affairs Committee.
Rep. Jan Schakowsky, co-chair of the Congressional Caucus on Women's Issues, also expressed her alarm in a statement, calling the Bangladeshi government's actions "a dangerous threat the autonomy of the Grameen Bank and its ongoing microfinance programs."
Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr., a senior member of the House Appropriations Committee's State, Foreign Operations Subcommittee added that the "Bangladeshi government's actions represent a direct attack on its civil society and could reverse its progress in achieving development goals."
Last year Congress passed a bill with overwhelming bipartisan support to award Yunus the Congressional Gold Medal. In 2009 he was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by President Barack Obama. These two awards are the United States' highest civilian honors.
"We share the concerns of Congress that the independence of Grameen Bank, and by extension all of civil society in Bangladesh, are in jeopardy," said Joanne Carter, Executive Director of RESULTS and RESULTS Educational Fund. "We call on the government of Bangladesh to halt its campaign to remove Professor Yunus and instead allow the board and borrowers of Grameen Bank to decide on a fair and orderly leadership transition that preserves the independence of this borrower-owned institution."[1]
Co-signers of the Durbin letter included Sen. Michael Bennet (D-CO), Sen. John Boozman (R-AR), Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH), Sen. Michael Enzi (R-WY), and Rep. Rush Holt (D-NJ).
Members of the Congressional Caucus on Bangladesh who signed the letter to are: Gary Ackerman (D-NY), Shelly Berkley (D-NY), Howard Berman (D-CA), Jerry Connolly (D-VA), Joseph Crowley (D-NY), Keith Ellison (D-MN), Rush Holt (D-NJ), Michael Honda (D-CA), Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX), Peter King (R-NY), Rick Larsen (D-WA), Steve Lynch (D-MA), Carolyn B. Maloney (R-CA), Jim McDermott (D-WA), Gregory Meeks (D-NY), Jim Moran (D-VA), Jerrold Nadler (D-NY), Grace Napolitano (D-CA), Bill Pascrell (D-NJ), David Price (D-NC), Charlie Rangel (D-NY), Sylvestre Reyes (D-TX), Brad Sherman (D-CA), Chris Van Hollen (D-MD), Anthony Weiner (D-NY), David Wu (D-OR).
# # #
RESULTS and RESULTS Educational Fund (REF) work to create the public and political will to end poverty by empowering individuals to exercise their personal and political power for change. We combine the voices of our passionate grassroots activists with strategic grass-tops efforts to leverage millions of dollars for programs and improved policies that give low-income people the health, education, and opportunity they need to thrive.


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March 2011 letter from members of US congress to Sheikh Hasina http://issuu.com/raovallab/docs/letter_from_us_senators_and_rep_re_...

Professor Yunus recently visited Washington, D.C., where he met with U.S. Secretary of State Hilary Clinton, officials from the U.S. Agency for International Development, and a number of leaders in the international development community. He also spent a morning at Grameen Foundation’s DC headquarters, speaking to our staff, along with staff from RESULTS and the Microcredit Summit Campaign.

In his remarks, he reminded attendees that it’s up to all of us to change how we view, and interact with, the world. In capitalist societies, he said, people grow up “wearing ‘profit-maximizing glasses,’ but if you take off those glasses and put on the social-business glasses, everything looks differently! New possibilities open to you.”

Read more about Professor Yunus’ D.C. visit, and see video from the event, on Grameen Foundation’s blog.

the curious story of the yes we/youth can slogan

yes we can was the slogan yunus used at the first microcredit millennium goals summit - microcreditsummit dc 1997 hosted by clintons as us opinion leaders; queen sofia of spain and greece as main eurohost- and the then prime minister of japan


10 years later it was used to launch obamas campaign- there were grounds for hoping that obama had understood all the microbanking rules his mother had pioneered in indonesia in the 1980s when working in parallel to bangladesh microcredit but seeing how he returned all of america's bankrupt banks to the same old speculators and destroyers of youth ameruca, apparently us congress is an even bigger nightmare than anyone has yet studied - what obama's legacy for africa is remains less clear to me


so on to elections nov 2012 - in between a summer and fall of american politicians's self-obsession with no time to listen to the deate http://grameeneconomics.net might have started if the american medal of congress medal's years of design hadnt delayed the yunus testmony to congress

here is usaid list of private sector partnership models of feed the future as at june 2012 http://feedthefuture.gov/private-sector

USAID and Swiss Re

This partnership combines the expertise of Swiss Re, a global leader in innovative risk management solutions, with two USAID efforts: the Global Climate Change Initiative,which aims in part to increase resilience to extreme climate events and accelerate the global transition to a sustainable, low-carbon economy, and the Feed the Future Initiative.
A Ghanaian farmer in a soy field
The Africa Lead Agribusiness Leadership Program supports capacity building under the Feed the Future initiative and the African Union's Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Programme. A major component of Africa Lead is collaboration with U.S., international and African agribusinesses on an Agribusiness Leadership Program aimed at training the next generation of agribusiness professionals across the continent.
A Ghanaian farmer examines cashew fruit
USAID partners with the International Fertilizer Development Center to address issues relating to food security, global hunger, environmental protection and self-sufficiency. The Virtual Fertilizer Research Center, a global research initiative by IFDC, will ensure long-term sustainability of critical programs through research on new fertilizer products and technology commercialization of efficient, environmentally sound fertilizers.
Zambian workers with bananas
The Enabling Agricultural Trade project supports legal and institutional reform through agricultural policy analysis, implementation support for USAID, and practical guidance on how policies and governments can enable agribusiness. EAT offers a suite of targeted and customizable analytical tools and implementation support to identify, diagnose and reform agribusiness enabling environment constraints that hinder start up and growth across the sector.
A Guatemalan farmer
This initiative supports partnerships between academic researchers and the private sector to develop and utilize index insurance as a tool to enhance risk management, access to finance, and technology adoption among smallholder agricultural producers in developing countries. The initiative currently has seven pilot activities addressing risk and index insurance in Peru, Kenya, Mali, Ethiopia, Bangladesh, and Guatemala.
A Haitian farmer
USAID partners with PepsiCo to improve yields, production and availability of healthy food in East Africa. This pilot program, Enterprise EthioPEA, focuses on improving the production of chickpeas in Ethiopia. This existing value chain has potential not only as a nutritious staple food, but also as an export crop and a flexible ingredient for many processed foods.
Nigerian farmers harvest rice
The USAID-DSM partnership leverages the organizations' respective competencies, expertise, products, and services to meet the micronutrient needs of populations in the developing world. The initial focus of the collaboration will be on rice fortification; support of the 1,000 Days efforts to jump start the Scaling Up Nutrition Road Map; and improvement of nutritional value, quality, shelf life, and methods for testing food aid commodities.
Farmers till a field
The World Economic Forum's Realizing a New Vision for Agriculture initiative directly aligns with the United States' renewed commitment to agriculture-led development. The initiative addresses the major challenges of global food and agricultural sustainability based on a vision of agriculture as a positive contributor to food security, environmental sustainability and economic opportunity.
Water irrigation system
The Southern Agricultural Growth Corridor of Tanzania is an innovative public-private partnership that helps link farmers to modern supply chains and make agriculture a profitable activity, incorporating small-scale farmers. The initiative is supported by a public-private partnership of global agriculture businesses, international development agencies, farmers' groups, and the government of Tanzania.
A farmer sorts tomatoes
The USAID-Walmart regional agreement supports small rural farmers in Central America, connecting them to the retailer's regional and international supply chains. The partnership builds on experience gained from previous collaborations in the region. It aims to help small rural farmers earn more from their fresh fruit and vegetable production. Consumers will benefit from greater access to diverse, locally grown produce.
A farmer holds corn kernels
The African Alliance for Improved Food Processing is designed to assist in the transformation of the food processing sector in African countries. The Alliance offers technical support and training designed to improve the business performance of food processing firms. These efforts will increase the availability of high quality nutritious and safe foods to local populations, including the most vulnerable.


More than $3 billion in Private Sector Investment for the New Alliance for Food Security and Nutrition

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE May 18, 2012 Public Information: 202-712-4810 www.usaid.gov

The New Alliance is a shared commitment to achieve sustained and inclusive agricultural growth in sub-Saharan Africa. New Alliance efforts will help lift 50 million people out of poverty over the next 10 years by aligning the commitments of Africa’s leadership to drive effective country-led plans and policies for food security and nutrition; the intentions of private sector partners to increase investments where the conditions are right; and the commitments of G-8 members to expand Africa’s potential for rapid and sustained agricultural growth. All parties recognize that achieving transformational and sustainable economic growth and impacting smallholder livelihoods requires attracting significant and socially responsible private investments.

Africa's economic growth, with agriculture as a strong driver, is creating substantial new business opportunities, and the rate of return on foreign investment in Africa is higher than in any other developing region. Responsible private sector investment is a critical component in the development of all economies and thus a vital driver of human development. The private sector can increase food availability by not only increasing investment in production, but also by linking smallholder farmers to broader markets and creating incentives for innovation that improve productivity. This, in turn, can improve access to food and employment opportunities that raise smallholder farmer incomes.

Private Sector Commitments

In order to boost responsible private sector investment and facilitate greater partnership between African governments, the private sector, and development organizations, the G-8 is launching the New Alliance for Food Security and Nutrition which will catalyze private sector investment in African agriculture. Leveraging the work of Grow Africa – a public-private partnership platform co-led by the African Union, NEPAD, and World Economic Forum – the New Alliance is already underway. First wave private sector investment pledges across the agricultural value chain, including irrigation, processing, trading, financing and infrastructure already stand at over $3 billion and could potentially impact millions of smallholders.

Highlights of the 21 African and 27 multinational companies that are signing Letters of Intent include:

• Yara International intends to invest up to US$2 billion to build a world-class fertilizer production facility—among the first of its kind in sub-Saharan Africa—and develop regional fertilizer distribution hubs; • Rabobank intends to launch a lending facility in West Africa that would provide up to US$135 million in loans over five years to small and medium-size companies in the region which participate in the agricultural value chain, ranging from production, processing and logistics to services and technology; • Vodafone intends to establish the Connected Farmer Alliance in Tanzania, Mozambique and Kenya to increase the productivity, incomes and resilience of over 500,000 smallholder farmers by strengthening the linkages and feedback loops between smallholder farmers and large agribusinesses, thereby decreasing the cost of doing business with smallholder farmers and helping improve their productivity. • Tanseed, a private seed company in Tanzania, is committed to training contract growers in certified seed production – leading to an estimated $11 million in additional sourcing from local certified seed contract growers – and seed processing using innovative smaller 0.25 to 2kg seed packs to meet needs of smallholder farmers with low purchasing power.

Additionally, more than 60 companies are signing the “Private Sector Declaration of Support for African Agricultural Development” outlining their commitment to support African agriculture through responsible public-private partnerships.

Private Sector Entities Signing Letters of Intent


AGCO Armajaro Cargill Diageo DuPont Jain Irrigation Monsanto Netafim Rabobank SABMiller Swiss Re Syngenta Unilever United Phosphorus Limited Vodafone Yara


ACT Agrica/KPL Agriserv Agro EcoEnergy Bank of Abyssinia Ecobank Finatrade Ghana Nuts Guts Agro Industries Hilina Enriched Foods Mullege Omega Farms Premium Foods Selous Farming SFMC Shambani Graduates Enterprises TAHA Tanseed TASTA Tatepa Zemen Bank


AFRICA CASHEW INITIATIVE Kraft Intersnack Olam Oltremare SAP Trade and Development Group &nsbp; WORLD COCOA FOUNDATION Armajaro Kraft Hershey’s Mars COMPETITIVE AFRICAN COTTON INITIATIVE Cargill Dunavant Industrial Promotion Services – West Africa Plexus

Private Sector Entities Signing the Private Sector Statement of Support

Admas Farmers Cooperative Union Lonrho Plc
African Export-Import Bank Monsanto
AGCO Mullege PLC
Agricultural Council of Tanzania Netafim Ltd.
AgriServ Ltd Novozymes A/S
AICO Africa Ltd Oltremare SRL
Archer Daniels Midland Company Omega Farms, PLC
Armajaro Trading Ltd Oromia Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union
Asset Management Group Limited Peasant Farmers Association of Ghana
Bayer CropScience AG Plexus Cotton Limited
Becho-Weliso Farmers Cooperative Union Premium Foods Ltd
Brainchild Tanzania Private Enterprise Foundation/Federation of Associations of Ghanaian Exporters
Bunge Limited Rabobank Group
Cargill, Incorporated SABMiller plc
Diageo plc Savanna Farmers Marketing Co.
Dunavant SA Sea-Freight Pineapple Exporters of Ghana (SPEG)
DuPont Company Selous Farming Ltd
Ecobank Group Shambani Graduates Enterprises Ltd
Equity Bank Ltd Syngenta International AG
Export Trading Group (ETG) TaherInvest Group
Finatrade Group TAK Agro
Ghana National Association of Farmers and Fishermen Tanseed International Ltd
Ghana Nuts Ltd Tanzania Horticultural Association (TAHA)
Guts Agro Industry PLC Tanzania Seed Trade Association (TASTA)
Heineken N.V. Unilever
Hilina Enriched Foods PLC Vital Capital Fund
Kafoi Estates Limited Vodafone Group Services Ltd
Kraft Foods Yara International ASA
L.T. Foods Ltd. Zemen Bank

Plan B for Happy July 4


Harrison Owen (open space technology & POP  ) has great story relevant to starting up america's greatest unmanagement school out of its poorest county

: when he first discovered in 1984 how to connect action learning of hundreds of system transformation conference delegates at a time through open space tehnology -he convened a lunch with usa' mba educators - they listened to harrison and replied you may well be right but then 99% of the standard mindsets we teach MBAs would be wrong -so go away please
30 years on the race between 10000 yunus youth mindsets to collaborate in saving the world faster than 10000 highly networked and hugely resourced mba mindsets will clearly determine world's future economy- i will find a way of discussing with japan ambassador if he can get his representative in usa to get harrison and joi to meet
harrison is a an uber-networker who has planted practitioners around the world and linked in many of the early us experimenters at eg well.com.-
among the world's most extraordinary mediators his co-workers include  the opera producer phelim mcdermot who sometimes bumps into monica- his hobby is community actvising actors- then there is the empowerment work that harrison alumni do with children in haiti http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g4fU-O-umww - i am sure these youth networks would love to link in social forrestry as would craig barrett's and wangari maayhai's alumni
i see the newest high society entrepreneurial revolutionary in new york is soros's son alex who is staging a gala with activist supertstars on saturday- not my sort of venue but if someone wants to go linkin singforhope i would sponsor them (of course i do wonder if there are lots of potential singforhope connections buried in lamiya's roladex but that's another sort of  flow challenge)

update of challenge that started 5 years ago - how to empower all of dc youth to collaborate around yunus to their entrepreneurial (job creating) heart's content


next stage on 28 september 2012 (link 1) various meetings will be held on how can over 100 historically black universities and other friends of job creating education ensure the greatest student social business competition ever between students across the 3 states dc va and md later in academic year eg probably april 2013


additional challenges - could this also kickoff a virtual challenge that links in worldwide


how will usa student competitions stay ahead of the one with 12000 youth in tokyo planned for january 2013 and with up to $20 million dollar prizes


yunus' biggest us dream at the moment is that a yunus poverty university will be opened while he's hale and hearty enough to open it in 5000 acres of america's poorest county in state of alabama- with this in place both real and virtual open educational resources of social business could have the most exciting pro-youth entrepreneurial home ever seen on this hemisphere


Dowload testimonies at2500 person EU sumit on social impact bonds and renewing youth employment including yunus on why structure of student cometitions is absolutely critical


all ideas welcome - chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk washington dc hotline 301 881 1655

of course we welcpme parallel ideas from people in any city http://yunuscity.ning.com where parents if not politicians want youth to have a future of productivity and sustainability


previous dc trials

The Economist's Unacknowledged Giant writes his last article as brief your yunus and obama at ned of 2008 on what to do about banking to prevent 2010s turning into the greater recession


yunus 2000bookclub

yunus10000 dvdclub

youth videos http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=65GONYCqM_k


can DC become the nation's social business competition Capital- part of a fan's diary of UDC experiments ac year 2012-2013

there are many different flows that could converge if you step back and think of dc as having 40000 expensive students, thousands of professors and how many other experts -and not one day in the calendar where they break down silos and celebrate youth-led concepts and social impact investor attention

udc students at last april's atlanta celebration of www.ofcvc.org  proposed nexcelerator the most interesting accelerator hub model i have ever seen

the DC mayor's office says living social (a groupon lookalike) has been given huge tax breaks because dc wanted to have a real mobile media player and has been promised by living social that it will mentor tech students

it remains unclear to me whether microcreditsummit's dc base is going to relaunch itself and if so will it invite youth to do much more doublechecking of standards especially as I find wholeplanet foundation more valid as a ranking systems than any of the fund-led standards and wholefoods is planing much more us youth-linked movements in next year or two

instead of youth-led marches to dc, is it possible to imagine a future where some protests turn into competitions being hosted on day masses of people converge on dc -perhaps nutrition day should be the first such -perhaps The Mall could be a pop up for stalls of student entries

however I am not sure whether udc is aiming for such a way forward ; although it is an hbuc it doesnt feel linked in the way that celebrating youth in atlanta does; however it has its own kudos- eg for historic reasons when leaders of small african states visit dc they often pop into udc- could udc turn its student television station into a branch partner of my favorite good news broadcaster www.africa24.tv - and maryland here my daughter is in 10th grade is getting its heads of school to celebrate the hbuc university network

and if udc doesnt want to be a meta-connector, I am wondering if it is possible to have multiple competitions in first week of april; it really depends who sees ways of collaboratively linking in- bransons carbon war-room is dc-based and until recently neville williams whose knowhow started yunus grameen solar business was - could they at least help sponsor a start to a bioenergy stream linking in all student competition projectts past and new

another variable is whether yunus long awaited speech to congress as recipient of congressional gold model gets programmed for first half of next year - i would guess obama would accelerate that and romney not so much but then us politics and pro-youth economics are extremely opposite sorts of disciplines in need of huge conflict resolution -see eg stiglitz

yunus youth ambassador motto impossible becomes possible if right time place people actions

by early april the time of the competition , i assume jobs debates in dc will be at a peak whichever president is elected but connections through to best replication winners from other conpetitions including 12000 version in tokyo in january could  multiply if the conference was branded correctly make this one of the great convergences for the voice of youth entrepreneurship

then again year 1 isnt necessarily  most important,; in any region its whether the process year on year takes root- does dc want to be a youth social business competition capital or not; and which of 3 ways are we talking about - 1 regenerating dc; 2  linking in youth regeneration state partners all across usa- 3 redesigning value chains of usaid- and if alabama's new university is going to be designed around us' poorest county and to integrate knowledge networks of all sustainable student projects - how does the triad future of alabama, dc, and every other particpative state linkin

and then if a place is going to celebrate statewide competitions throughout the year then integrating the mit model (today's number 1 job creating alumni network) is appropriate in its 3 phases - start the year with a youtube pitch competition of ideas which you can still celebrate in a summit because this is the most broadly exciting ideas stage and in some ways the most valid for a world guru to raise the profile of; use middle of year to award incubation help to ideas that most need faculty help because state is strong in that area too; end the year with a competition that is main showcase to sb capital investors

any errors in above are mine alone

chris macrae washington dc 301 881 1655

brookings big bets and black swans for president obama 2.1

A Plastic Moment

by Martin Indyk and Robert Kagan . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1

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Free Trade Game Changer

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Hello Sylvia and Richard


Excellent news that UDC is continuing as DC region's premier competition space for socially concerned business modelling and collaboration entrepreneurial start-ups


3 ideas:


1) would like to have seen student competitors have a hotline contact point they could contact if they are continuing their project and want to keep in touch; quite happy to volunteer to be the email contact point for that hotline (and of course if anything valuable turned up pass it on to you); it seems to me across all competitions partially inspired by yunus the lack of a continuing hotline is very wasteful of student motivation and increasing likelihood of things getting to market


2) harrison owen a veteran changemaker (actually one of top 10 worldwide innovators if I were to vote)  who lives in potomac invented the remarkable method of open space www.openspaceworld.com  30 years ago; it is used to get large groups of people to mobilise round innovation projects they start to conceptualise; if that was done near the start of the academic year 013/014 it could amplify interest in your competition ; tell me if you want me to chat with harrison

3) mit and other places that grow competitions invite early stage ideas to be pitched in 60 second youtubes; I still feel that is a no-brainer to integrate into a competition process if you want to maximise potential


chris macrae


ps the links between nutrition, nursing, organic food security, crop sciences so local value chains can earn a living seem to be the most popular missing practice curricula wherever students inspired by yunus meet with grameen's 2 moore's law acceleration projects of clean energy (eg million solar units installed- doubling ever 2.5 years) being part of the same solution future -if udc has a contact person on these subjects' connections it would be useful to know as probably half the people I meet in yunus related conversations are concerned with these topics- they also remain the one area that usaid has taken a completely different view on over last 5 years, and will hopefully clarify in the first ever global education conference hosted by usaid aug 2013; thematically it would also be a pity to miss any and every opportunity to approach whole foods as a main sponsor


hemisphere's best value training epicentres

dhaka is already asia's most economic place to become a nurse , a clean energy expert or a crop science expert (as far as relevant to types of rural agriculture Bangladesh is capable of sustaining around small producers) -china and japan have a lot to gain from such


johanessburg is the other great epicentre for most economical and practical training and I will try and make a complete list of its application areas


mit links in more socially minded tech wizards than any lab or media on earth whereas currently san francisco is the epicentre of usable open education platforms www.khanacademy.org and www.coursera.org 


I welcome any opportunity to exchange news of how to linkin such tours- 40 years ago dad and I first saw youth experimenting with early digital networks- the rest as far as The Economist's future is concerned will depend on where in the 2010s flows converge either to propagate the greatest lost generation or the most productive net generation

typically the second or thrird week of april in dc tends to be one of the peaks of the year;

the world bank hosts a spring meeting of open events increasingly focused around millennials; student years tend to either end late april or getted crameed by exams (so no point in arranging meetings aimed at youth interaction)

also this year we noticed DC+acumen event series

Event host(s)/organization(s): 

Event Details

Social Enterprise Week brings together social change agents from across the the world to foster learning, collaboration, and innovation.  Events range from design workshops to happy hours each with a unique theme and perspective on how to make the world a better place. Events will take place Monday through Thursday of April 14th-17th, and will culminate on Friday April 18th with the DC Sustainability and Social Enterprise Summit.


MONDAY, APRIL 14, 2014

Mobilize Fundraiser- This event will feature both a networking happy hour, with DJ, as well as several presentation stations for attendees to learn more about the various aspects of social enterprise, based on the Mobilizer Academy format.

Date: Monday, April 14th
Time: 6:30pm – 9:30pm

Mellow Mushroom, Adams Morgan
2436 18th St NW,
Washington, DC 20009
(202) 290-2778

Single Early Bird $10.00
Double Early Bird $15.00
Single Regular $20.00
Double Regular $25.00


AU Social Enterprise Speaker Series- Raj Kumar, President and CEO of Devex, will be speaking at AU as a part of the American University Social Enterprise Association Speakers series.  This event is free and open to the public.

Date:  Tuesday, April 15th
Time:  6:30pm – 8:30pm

American University School of International Service – Abrams Family Founders Room
4400 Massachusetts Avenue, NW
Washington, DC  20016
(202) 885-1000


Hatch International and #SocEnt Social Enterprise Week Happy Hour

Enjoy drink specials and networking with others in the DC social enterprise community.

Date: Wednesday, April 16th
Time: 6:00pm – 8:00pm

Penn Social
801 E St NW   (two blocks from Gallery Place Metro)
Washington, DC  20004  


Design for Social Innovation-DC+Acumen and Hatch International are sponsoring a design thinking workshop where attendees will be presented a key problem faced by Nouri a social entreprise that helps feed malnourished children in Sub Saharan Africa.

Date: Thursday, April 17th
Time: 8:00pm-10:00pm

1624 14th Street NW
Washington DC 20005
Single Early Bird $10.00
Double Early Bird $15.00
Single Regular $20.00
Double Regular $25.00


FRIDAY, APRIL 18, 2014

DC Sustainability and Social Enterprise Summit

The week will culminate on Friday April 18th with summit on sustainability at the University of the District of Columbia with keynote speakers Seth Goldman of Honest Tea, and Aaron Hurst author of The Purpose Economy. Registration for the University of the District of Columbia event can be made by following this link: www.dcsocent.org.

Date:  Friday, April 18th
Time:  8:00am-4:00pm

University of the District of Columbia
4200 Connecticut Avenue, NW
Washington, DC  20008


Reply to Discussion


help Map sustainability as depending on youth's most exciting, productive decacde

Youth- the half of the world's under 30 is the sustainable planet's greatest asset- but which capitals are designed s teachers, youth and leaders can linkin?

What is POP - Preferential Option Poor? Which cities' youth are taking it on with jim kim? eg1 global social health pih - Haiti, Peru, Boston, Rwanda ... eg2 POP Young professionals Rome, LIma Oct015, DC and MOOCKIm

Why did Kim replace Yunus as Collabration top 12 World Record Job Creator 2012 to #2030now

8 years on what happend to future of si

job creation survey

20 freedoms


Haiti Boston Farmer

DC, W.Africa Kim

Budapest Soros

Rome Pope Francis

Dhaka Sir Fazle Abed & Muhammad Yunus

Latest Activity
First 21 Twin Youth Jobs Capitals: D A AA BE BO BU DCNY Du JC L M N OS PG R SD Se SF Si T W

ATL? staging the most scalable and game changing millennials network in 2015's year of sustainability? Other nominations welcome

Which are Africa's main millennials/citizens engagement spaces - 

Nairobi leading ladies empowerment banking; first to linking to 5 billion elearning satellite- Ushahidi/Ihub world's benchmark for open tech youth hubs and worldwide multi-win trade 

2  Rwanda home of community health training networks linked into partners in health and youth celebrations of 2030now- how to make africa the safest continent for preventing plagues

Joburg home of partners in mandela extranet and te race to design 7th graders most massive jobs developing curricula -gravitating such partners as maharishi, google africa, branson. oprah winfree, skoll ... 

4 Mali expats how can satellites empower women and  the UN and millennias- the Toure family's crusade orbits round their home nation mashing up every goodwill connection the UN and ITU can muster


--- you tell us http://yunuscity.ning.com    chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk DC millennials and POP mobile hotline 240 316 8157


The UN has named 2015 greatest change year ever
World Bank Jim Kim values millennials according to practice social movements needed to put the world back on sustainability track by 2030

Does your capital contribute unique connections to youth futures- please tell us how. isabella@unacknowledgedgiant.com

Partners in Publishing World Record Book of Job Creation

Our top 30 millennials capitals or countries for changing 2015 currently look like this

ROME and in rest of Europe Budapest, Glasgow

HAITI -and in rest of Americas: Panama, Columbia, Peru, Brazil, Mexico, Chile

DC and in rest of USA Boston, San Francisco , LA, San Diego, NY, Atlanta

Nairobi and in Rest of Africa, S.Africa, Ethiopia, W.Africa, Rwanda, Nigeria

Dhaka and in rest of Asia Tokyo, China, S. Korea, Singapore

2 more to come

Building Social Business by Dr Yunus launches sustainability goals for 2010s - is your city collaborating with any system designs of BSB?


Invitation from internationalist scots to co-publish the world record book of job creation - starting with which capitals value millennilals most in supporting their livelihoods and collaborating around what keynsian economists believe to be the greatest system design race of all - uniting everyone in ending poverty.

B01 Bangladesh economical miracle of 15 million poorest village mothers grasssroots networking -good news reporting with brac.tv andvaluetrue.com and womenuni.com


online library of norman macrae--correspondence welcome

reference since Adam Smith's first 1748 publication on Moral Sentiments of community-linked networks- most Scots have lived outside scotland. As parental clans we treasure the best of every pro-youth culture we linkin - and bear no arms (bagpipe excepted). When the first edition of World Record Book of job creation is co-published in 2018, it will b e our 270th years of diarising 2 precisely opposite type of leaders - those whose systems design futures over 99% of parents strive for and those who design systems around the biggest brothers and least sustainable ideologies

.... Capitals valuing millennials (highlights from research started in The Economist after world war 2)

  • 2012-2015 fastest riser DC
  • 1972-2010 greatest pro-youth miracle, and epicentre of women4empowerment -Dhaka
  • 1950-1970 greatest post-war peoples foundation for any hemisphere Tokyo
  • 1975-2025 China's quarter of a century to sustain or destroy the world Number 1 pro-youth education capital since
  • Since 1976- number 1 job creating university partner town in the world- Boston
  • Africa's 3 most miraculous capitals for millennials so far - Nairobi, Addis Ababa, Joburg
  • Home-town of greatest billionnaire investor in youth - Budapest
  • Town with the most peaceful understanding of the future since 1976 Rome

As you can see there are many ways in to being a millennial VICs -reports wanted on why your capital values millennials -isabella@unacknowledgedgiant.com


reporters from millennials village healthcare alumni webs: B72 knowhow of oral rehydration shared by Calcutta Lab with Bangladesh grassroots womens networks- BRAC uses this to scale its firts pan-village network . Networkers of how to save infants lives with oral rehydration are tyrned into 50000+ village para-health servants advcisng on basic helath chalenges to maternal and infant health. Later James Grant (while head of UNICEF) hears of the Bangla miracle- convinces US North East corridor to share this knowhow with all national leaders of developing countries. This is partly why today's flagship health curriculum at BRAC University takes James's name Both at BRAC and Grameen it is trust earned through healthcare networking with village mothers that becomes the passport for being trusted to bank for village mothers livelihoods -see Mrs Begum interview on Grameen development of 16 decisions between 1976-1983 as core to why a generaion of village women joined Grameen to race to end poverty of their children.

Can we share maps valuing millennials of #2030now?

Isabella Macrae C4D Enthusiast

Visibility: Open to anyone

    0  Can we share maps valuing millennials of #2030now?

    #2030now resources


    launch UN start of 2013-2014 mashable summit - turned into change the world mooc- repeated typically end of each year (currently 2nd performance) - millennials alumni 50000+

    Kim Transcripts  Jim Kim2030nowjimkim2transcripts.doc 2030nowjimkim2transcripts.doc,


    what open learning campus contents help millennials build #2030now

    what other world bank processes link in (youth summit, tedx, selected world bank live webinars 1 2 3 ...)

    what other dc-millennial world processes partner millennials valuation and 2030now

    what other future capitals processes linkin 2030now (eg Dhaka as first to experiment with mobile partnerships with poorest villages and champion of millennial goal forums starting with microcreditsummit in 1997)  or other back from future goal relate maps of millennial collaboration

    #2030 Now -will humanity sustain the most human revolution ever networked in 15 yrears? If not will our species have a future hostory past 2100? Before our species became mobile connected, the race to consume things meant who consumed what was a zero-sum game. Since peoples became more linkedin than any border - win-win games can be designed around actionable knowhow multiplying value in use. Hence the hunt for 30000 microfranchises- life criotical community solutions where value produced stays mainly or wholly with where youth produce it june 2014 breaking- CHANGE THE DC weekend World Youth Summits survey of Top 20 Job Creating solutions Exchanged by Reional Millennials : Africa, Asian Pacific

    21 most active youth capitalism correspondent centers for Youth's World Record Book of Job Creators

    Dhaka 1 2









    Addis Ababa




    San Diego



    San Francisco




    + w-list


    upcoming events from worldwide diary of youth capitalism

    ..atl dha cape/J


    boston/glasgow/paris/ lucknow .....

    Breaking news - tell us if your city wishes to join in twinning youth jobs expos as more valuable to youth than the olympics - tell us about goodwill world tours 1 2 3 you love viralising with open education friends ...

    webs to edit in thailand

    hottest youth-spring question of our life and times-can online education end youth unemployment for ever ? yes but only if you help map how!

    Useful external webs- countries timelines in history open education epicentres 1 2 ...

    what youth starts in twin entrepreneurial revolution zones of alabama and dhaka can change the world - mission of mapmakers of 2013 year of planet mooc

    Thanks to my dad at The Economist 2012 is 50th year of mapping how to learn from Asia's entrepreneurs and 40th year of celebrating net generation's Entrepreneurial Revolutionand the 6th year since i visited Bangladesh to start up Norman's last live research - Consider Bangladesh- chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk washington dc hotline 1 301 881 1655,  Join Norman Macrae Family Foundation blog search for 10000 youth who will create the most jobs- how many will come from these states and regions DC JA SC EU BR US UK OR NC NY AL

    throughout the ac year 12-13 Foundation Norman Macrae (The Economist's Unacknowledged Giant) we are helping celebrate those convening youth 1000 jobs creation brainstorms - links to current schedule to start USA university year 012-013 : 27th September N. Carolina; 28 September DC, Maryland, Virginia  October 1 Oregon Social Business and Microcredit Forums

    Yunus youtube in top 10 every entrepreneur should watch http://www.inc.com/ss/10-youtube-videos-every-entrepreneur-should-watch#1 - help us post job-creating economics by and for Greece and

    special on USA's 5 leading social business states

    hot in sept North Carolina ,, Paris in august- Ethiopia

    25 of currently most collaborative places for yunus correspondents

    Atlanta. Paris Turkey. Dhaka. Austria
    Boston Brussels Poland China Switzerland
    Princeton-Nashville London-Glasgow Nordica: S D N .Japan Canada
    Austin Spain .Kenya Brazil Joburg
    Oregon/CA Germany .S.Africa .India DC

    community rising - vancouver
    hi-conflict capitals include : DC NYSeattle Moscow


    video of The Economist's Unacknowledged Giant final remembrance at The Economist Boardroom Saint James London
    yambassador uploaded a new video (valentines day 2011)

    correspondence welocmed chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk washington dc hotline 301 881 1655 skype chrismacraedc

    what could MOOCjimkimbe? which other world record job creators could every job creating student and teacher MOOC with -rsvp chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk Alumni Satellite Learning chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk invites you to co-blog at www.economistasia.net www.economistchina.net www.economistafrica.com www.economistamerica.com US sub-map: Oregon Olympics Torch on Road to Atlanta

    Our editors searches through twitters at globalgrameen, myunuslab obamauni; blog at youthcreativelab

    job creation survey

    hottest youth-spring question of our life and times-can online education end youth unemployment for ever ? yes but only if you help map how!




    library of norman macrae - The Economist's Unacknowledged Giant - help us search 100 leaders investing most in Norman's Unfinished Mission: 2010s = youth's most productive decade at www.wholeplanet.tv

    Definition of phoney capitalism - when a global market loses the purpose which would make it most valuable to for the human race to invest in exponentially impacting.
    Disastrous phoney capitalisms of 2012 include
    media, social and other
    global acccounting
    other global professions
    place-leading politicians


    breaking news 24 sept 2012 - join the yunus week-long jobs competition tour across usa http://jobscompetitions.ning.com

    its 40 years since dad starting to debate how to make the net generation most productive in The Economist under his signature microeconomics rubric "Entrepreneurial Revolution"- for 2012 we propose: changing the humanly most valuable purpose  sustainable of 13 markets first -

    3 for Growth: Energy, Collaboration Apps of Web-Tec, Smart Media and Edu,

    10 for preventing destrictive speculators: Healthcare including wastecare, Nutrition including access to food and water chains, banks and finacial services, entertainment and future of heroes, land and transparent politics of how its setwarded, transportion physical and virtual, other infrastructures, peace and personal security , do no harm professions, other things and services


    note on nations link may go to a city if one locality so far logged

    our most popular webs on entrepreneurial revolution www.erworld.tv


    www.youtheconomics.com www.microcredit.tv



    China 11)

    USA (10)


    Brazil 9




    Germany (3.0-5)











    Russia (2.8-6)









    India (4.2-4)

    Sri Lanka
















    New Zealand

    Canada 10

















    SAfrica 5

    Ethiopia 4








    Burkina F

















    Tanzania 4















    SaudiArabia6   Yemen













    we welcome opportunity to publish our journal to match releated summits - click pic to download latest special issue


    2012 summits that could be most revolutionary for future of jobs and actioning millennium goals across communities


    to confirm details, you can doublecheck with me chris.macrae@yahoo.co.ukor use our Washington Dc hotline 1 -301 881 1655


    February Singapore Social Business Summit


    April 19-22 Atlanta, Georgia next in world series of youth 1000 jon brainstorming summits


    May 29.30 Georgia , Europe

    EuroMicrocredit summit

    world entreprenur week -uae presidents entrepreneur summit

    July Japan 2nd annual social business dialogue Fukyou

    nov social business summit vienna



    Media published with grants from Norman Macrae family foundations and in need of entrepreneurial revolutionary correspondents include:



    May 2011 Bangladesh's Ides of March may have been one of the three most significant moments in 210 years that Entrepreneurial Revolution alumni have networked to improve the human lot.
    How can your city help assemble the world's largest youth fund around Yunus the net generations most exciting economist?

    Parallel portals to this ning are


    Vote league table

    Cities helping youth entrepreneurial revolutionaries make 2010s most exciting



    Hemel Hempstead - linking in 40 MyPlaces Youth & Olympics & Lives of Commonwealth

    Joburg-Nairobi-London & 40 other hub cities

    Princeton: SingForHopeCities and 100 youth microcredit cities


    The world's youth are Building Social Business. Colaboration Maps of 2011:

    • crowdmap
    • leaflets considering nations twinning sustainability's world trade centres

    Journal of Social Business

    Is your city joining in the invitation by Yunus to make 2010s youth's most exciting decade - rsvp info@worldcitizen.tv ; outside of Japan where he was nicknamed son of gold raysNorman Macrae was identified by entrepreneurial revolutionaries and Smithsian economists as

    The unacknowledged giant

    The unacknowledged giantAdd to Playlist


    Macrae voted for Yunus as the most joyous economist of the net generation. 16 November 2010, Saint James London: worldwide Youth helped the launch of Consider Bangladesh at The Economist in his memory; an intercity action group of yunus good news 2010s correspondents is also emerging
    chris macrae DC & www
    isabella wm DC
    jonathan robinson London & www
    mostofa zaman Dhaka and london
    Zasheem Ahmed Dhaka & glasgow
    Cam Donaldson Glasgow
    Estelle Eonnet Paris
    Chris Temple LA
    Holly Mosher LA
    Annie Duffill Manchester
    Samantha Caccamo
    Lesley WilliamsJohannesburg

    mail info@worldcitizen.tvif you can linkin your capitals joy of netgen economics


    • Journal choosing 3000 leaders to post it

    IsabellaWM Family Foundations Producer History 2008-2010: Yunus 2000 Book Club; Yunus 10000 DVD Club ; World Citizen 5000 Club; Royal Auto Club 85th Birthday lunch & Dhaka 69th Birthday Dialogue of 3M-goals world's 2 most joyful economists
    Future 2012: Yunus Olympics & youthful celebrations of other magic moments : the joy of 2010s www decade and the united race towards M3 goals

    Legend: LEADER/collab

    Dhaka : MY PL NB KI FA / mz

    Nairobi IM/

    Madrid QS/

    Joburg /LW

    Paris FR MH /om mn vnm ee fd bf-t
    New York MY/

    Princeton SD-H/

    Boston TB-L/ vy gf

    Austin JM/

    Atlanta RA/

    Bay Area / con

    London NM/jr pr sc sb


    Glasgow / cd za

    Washington DC /cm as em iwm ad
    LA /ct ms mb hm

    Milan/ s

    know someone for this map -rsvp info@worldcitizen.tv

    Yahoo Group : BubbleNation



    Early wave of Hub-Net cities include london joburg madrid bay area mumbai stockholm ...

    Yunus BookTour Cities.; DC, Houston, Durham, NY, Chicago, Portland, Seattle, San Francisco

    Social Business Tour:
    Vienna , Bratislavia, Prague, Belgrade, Budapest, Bucharest

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