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Narrative and the power of spectacle shape today's conflict. Never has history experienced the power of symbols and this paradigm of thought on this level before. The world is changing, and it's vital that progressive movements expressing a radical politics take charge of the narrative in order to push their philosophies onto the void. Because of the lack of understanding and competency from anarchist movements, it is now authoritarian philosophies that are taking control of the discussion whether in the west (nationalists) or east (religion).

Rojava is an opportunity. Nowhere else in the world do you have this kind of material. Not only an example of nation building, but also of anarchist politics of confederalism, direct democracy, ecology, feminism, and mutualist economy trying to be expressed. There is also the rich experience of the PKK. Rojava exposes the fault lines in anarchist ideologies showing where they work and where there are problems. All of this within a local cultural context.

We need media experts to work on media with us. We are establishing a revolutionary media agency. Writers, producers, marketers, designers and film makers - you have work to do!