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Doctor/Lawyer/Indian Chief, Dissident Professor, Former Army Intel/MP, Author, Gunman

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Born on April 6, 1966

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  1. Al Gore strongly challenged the election results in 2000. Democrats supported. Now they attack Trump for saying he MIGHT challenge. Crazy.

  2. Most boring 90 minutes of TV since episodes of Masterpiece Theater. For 90 minutes, Chris Wallace is the the most hated man in the USA.

  3. Definition of nanosecond: the time it takes Hillary to come up with a lie. Definition of never: the chance Hillary will tell the truth.

  4. Care more about health costs, crushing ISIS, returning jobs to US than about Syrian war sparked by failed Obama/Hillary policy.

  5. Who cares about Aleppo? Need a pres who cares about Baltimore, Detroit, Philly, Sacramento. Make USA safe, prosperous, and strong.

  6. The AFL/CIO and every other Communist union, including the Teachers’ Union & SAG-AFTRA are fucking America up the ass.

  7. Socialism is the "greatest political system in the world"?

  8. They haven't forgotten Bill Clinton & neither have the American people.

  9. VP debate only helps Trump with independents & undecideds. But most painful 90 minutes of TV ever seen, including Pens beating Wings '09.

  10. I genuinely believe that Tim Kaine is a sociopath. It isn't just the lying, the interruption, and the straw men pouring out of his mouth.

  11. Kaine, the serial interrupter, fueled by the most passive moderator ever. Pence, the best temperament and demeanor witnessed since Reagan.

  12. Kaine: rudest debater ever observed on television. Nasty, snarky, disrespectful, dishonest, eyebrow freak. Drunk leprechaun commie.

  13. 36 USC 301 (b)(1)(C): every individual who does not stand, face the flag, place hand over heart or salute is violating federal law. FU NFL!

  14. Liberals' defintiions: a "lie" is any statement a liberal doesn't like. "Unconstitutional" is any law a liberal doesn't like.

  15. Even if I agreed with HRC, I would rather become an organ donor--all of them, and right now--than listen to that voice for four years.

  16. HRC discussing cybersecurity is like BP discussing the merits of offshore drilling.

  17. Terry stops (stop and frisk) are constitutional. For HRC to say a policy could be unconstitutional because it is ineffective is bizarre.

  18. Hillary Clinton talking about "fact checking" is like Ted Bundy talking about women's rights.

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