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General Industries


Safety By Design Consultant Services your “Safety Solution Professionals”  for all general industries.

We provide in-depth safety services, programs, administrative oversight  and training for any industries that manufactures, fabricates, warehouses, and related industries.  We’re the solution to your safety concerns no matter what they are so you can manage other areas of your business, allowing Safety By Design Consultant Services to manage your General Industry safety programs and oversee your operations.

In General Industry our focus is to increase company production safely by empowering employees through education on required safety standards.  We’re pro-active and committed to identifying and eliminating safety concerns, creating a profit saving entity.  We design specific safety programs to lower injury rates, insurance rates, reduce potential litigation suites, minimize present and future compensation and medical costs, reduce/eliminate potential OSHA/DOT non-compliance fines and increase your financial growth.  If you have safety management currently in place we want to assist them by enhancing their visibility, credibility and overall effectiveness.

We provide the following General Industry safety services such as Safety Inspections, Safety Audits, Safety Manuals, Policy Review, Industrial Hygiene Surveys, Process Safety Management, OSHA Outreach Trainers, Accident Investigations, Personal Protective Equipment Assessments, Confined Space Assessments, Lockout/Tagout Assessments, Machine Guarding Assessment, Lighting and Sound Level Surveys, Participation in Safety Committee, Lead Monitoring and all required OSHA Training.  We have the ability to offer MSHA training.

General Industries

General Industries

During our Free Safety Evaluation process, we will listen to your concerns, understand your limitations, discuss present and past injuries to get an idea of the potential trends, OSHA citations, and then conduct a walk-through of your company to get brief first-hand knowledge of your operations.  Upon completion of our walk through of your facility we’ll review and discuss our findings, then design a specific safety program strategy that will meet your companies’ needs and financial constraints.  Together we can establish a safety partnership that will benefit everyone involved.

We’ve provided safety services to the below listed industries:

  • Auto Manufacturers and Related Industries
  • Manufacturing Companies
  • Welding & Fabricating
  • Recycling Companies
  • Pallet Manufactures
  • Food Warehousing
  • Paint Manufactures
  • Industrial Maintenance Services
  • Pril Sulfur Compound
  • Railroads and Related Industries
  • Steel Manufacturing
  • Demolition Companies/Sites
  • Utilities/Energy
  • Commercial Insurance/Clients
  • Food Service Establishments
  • Demolition Companies/Sites
  • Medical Equipment Manufactures/Related Industries
  • Medical Facilities/Doctors’ Offices
  • Hospitality and Related Industries

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