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Safety By Design Consultant Services your Safety Solution Professionals  for the Construction industry provides complete safety services, programs and training.

Our focus in the construction industry is to provide additional oversight for your construction projects that your superintendent, project manager or safety manager is unavailable to manage.  We can also assist in developing your emergency action plans and conducting drills that will enable your employees and subs to respond appropriately in an emergency.  For in the construction industry time is an important factor in saving a life.

We’ll conduct onsite safety inspections/audits and compile a thorough written inspection report of our findings.  As a part of being your “Safety Solution Professionals” we want to educate your employees or contractors so they don’t continue to make the same safety violations as they move from project to project and empower them to make sound safety decisions in regards to the construction industry.

We can enhance the technical expertise of your employees construction knowledge by having your superintendents, project managers and subs trained in competent person for scaffolding, trenching, and excavations.  Our Safety Solution Professionals can provide expert training in American Heart CPR/First Aid/AED.

We’ll design specific safety programs, training and services based on our initial oversight and provide you with a viable and cost effective construction safety program.  As your solution professionals it is incumbent upon us to provide on site training and education for your employees and subs to follow the OSHA construction standards through training and one on one discussion.

Construction industry

Construction industry

Together we will reduce your financial, legal, medical and workers compensation liabilities while positively impacting your financial growth and the safety of everyone involved.

Our Construction Safety Consultants will monitor your project sites for the most frequently cited OSHA violations that include the below listed:

Fall protection
Head protection
Hazard communication/GHS

Potential hazards for workers in construction include Falls (from heights); Trench collapse; Scaffold collapse; Electric shock and arc flash/arc blast; Failure to use proper personal protective equipment; and Repetitive motion injuries.

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