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Please consider donating to the Collin Anderson Memorial Fund to support youth arts and music in the Ithaca, NY area

Formed in 2007, the Color Industry is a lo-fi indie rock duo from Ithaca, New York. Their sophomore effort, Harvestman, is a dark album that explores the band’s personal demons. Using a wide range of recording methods from 4-tracks, to toy tape recorders, to ambient room noise, Harvestman avoids classification by time and place. The sparse, sometimes desolate compositions highlight the central themes of separation, loneliness, addiction, abuse, death, and the acceptance of them.

Tragically, the album features the final songs/recordings of Collin Anderson, who was killed following a car accident in February of 2013. Some of his personal recordings were retrieved with the help of his family and included on the album, creating a suite of songs that seem to reflect the sad nature of his passing (Long Drive, Sieve, Last Time).

Drawing from a variety of influences including Sebadoh and the Microphones, the Color Industry make music that is both lo-fi and intricate, relying upon and building their songs around spontaneous studio experimentation.