Kettlebell Training

kettlebell training
Kettlebells are your direct link to a stronger more powerful body.  With one piece of equipment you’ll develop total body strength, power, and ultimate conditioning.  Kettlebell training is perfect for building functional strength and dynamic power, while also improving balance, endurance, flexibility, mobility, stability, and coordination.  If you’re ready for a challenging program that will have you burning fat, building muscle, and sculpting a tighter more powerful body, this is it.   Combine kettlebell training with our Eat Clean Plan and you’ll be unstoppable.

You don’t need any previous experience with kettlebells to train with us.  We’ll teach you everything you need to know.  We’ll guide you through a steady progression of exercises that will help you build the requisite strength, stability, and mobility for more challenging movements.  Each training session focuses on skill acquisition and mastery of the basics (swings, dead lifts, squats, push presses, windmills, snatch, Turkish Get Ups, rack squats, and cleans).

Start your kettlebell body transformation today at our Maple Ridge location!  See our schedule for class offerings.  Space is limited so register early.  Pre-registration for kettlebell training is required.

Our trainers are proudly Agatsu certified.


Kettlebell Training Prices

6 week programs - $190
2 days a week – 12 classes total  


Kettlebell Training Programs

Location – indoors 
Tuesdays and Thursdays – 6am to 7am
WTTU Karate For Kids #5 – 22826 Dewdney Trunk Rd
Maple Ridge, BC

Kettlebell 2016 Schedule

Jan 5 to Feb 11 2016

Feb 23 to Mar 31 2016

Apr 12 to May 19 2016

May 31 to Jul 7 2016

Jul 12 to Jul 28 2016

Sep 6 to Oct 13 2016

Oct 25 to Dec 1 2016

Dec 6 to Dec 22 2016 (3 week “Santa Snatches” program)

Jan 10 to Feb 16 2017



I always feel ahead of the fitness curve by attending Tawnie’s programs. She has introduced me to things that only now some of my friends are just beginning to learn about.” – Kate