Here you can find a few programs and utilities. Except for rlwrap, they all may require some tinkering in their respective implementation languages (C, perl, elisp). rlwrap is GPL, the rest are in the public domain


rlwrap is a wrapper that uses the GNU readline library to allow the editing of keyboard input for any other command. Input history is kept between invocations, separately for each command; history completion and search work as in bash and completion word lists can be specified on the command line.

rlwrap compiles and runs on most Unix(-like) systems, including cygwin.


Tiny HTTP server written in perl, especially fast and efficient when serving perl CGI scripts. The distribution contains a number of example .cgi scripts and a slightly adapted copy of Ward Cunningham’s QuikiWiki - but one single file (p5httpd) is all you really need.

p5httpd should work on any machine with TCP sockets and perl

Emacs MIDI-input mode

An Emacs minor mode and a small C program for typing note names (in GNU LilyPond format) with a MIDI keyboard. One can bind text or Emacs functions to "shifted" notes (i.e. notes you play very loudly or together with the hold pedal). There are special functions for fast typing of repeated patterns (dotted rhythms or repeated articulations).

This mode should work with emacs 20.0 or newer, and on any machine with an ANSI C compiler and a unix-style MIDI device (/dev/midi)

prover9 helpers

(Ancient!) EPOC Software

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