Cronwrap is a utility that offers more control over the execution of a cron job
than the standard cron daemon allows.  It can ensure and report that the job
completes  within  a specified  time  period.  It can email and/or log any
output produced from the job. It reports on the exit status of  the job.

This was developed at the University of Wollongong to manage the email output
from scheduled jobs with cron. It has been running successfully in a Solaris
environment since February 2001. It has not been compiled or tested on any
platform other than Solaris however this shouldn't be difficult to do. It is
lint free and should be kept that way. There is plenty of room for development
and new features, I am happy to receive patches.

Man Page

For a full description of features an options see the man page.

Copyright & License

Copyright 2001 University of Wollongong
GNU General Public License


Released. 1 July 2004

Author, Let me know

Scott Hamilton <>
If you use cronwrap let me know. I can inform you of any changes.