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TWP Tax Solutions -- Avoid IRS Penalties, Interest, & Overpayment

Are you behind in filing your taxes? Received a notice from the IRS?

A professional tax plan puts the taxpayer, not the IRS, in control. TWP Tax Solutions of Jacksonville, Florida offers cost-efficient, personalized, one-on-one tax consultation services from enrolled agent, Tyler W. Payne with over 40 years experience. His timely acknowledgement in tax preparation ensures clients are paying the proper amount of taxes to the IRS to avoid penalties, interest, and overpayment. Tax planning and tax representation are the key components for individuals and corporate business owners looking to keep more of what they are earning. TWP Tax Solutions helps clients understand their financial information to better manage their income strategies and helps them reduce their tax debts. Serving taxpayers nationwide and now serving throughout the state of Florida, TWP Tax Solutions focuses on tax preparation and fast tax resolution of all federal and state level tax returns. As an enrolled agent, Tyler W. Payne provides more than just financial statements; he provides help with both current and back taxes owed and is prepared to practice before the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) on your behalf.

Year-round, professional, dependable tax solution services include:

  • 1120S (U.S. Corporation Income Tax Returns).
  • Audits and Appeals.
  • Back Taxes Owed.
  • Bankruptcy - (current, up-to-date Federal tax returns must be filed first).
  • Collections.
  • Corporations and Small Business Tax preparation and Tax Resolution
  • Deadline Extensions.
  • Expense Deduction Planning.
  • Identity Theft.
  • Income Planning.
  • International Taxpayers.
  • Low-income Debt Relief.
  • Marriage Dispute - Tax filing.
  • Military -
    • Disabled veterans - amended returns.
    • Extension of tax deadlines for active combat zone service.
    • Employers with employees in a combat zone.
  • Personal Income Taxes -
    • Determine tax solutions and prepare tax liability for the filing year
    • Individuals with Schedule C (self-employed)
    • Tax Deadline Extensions
    • Understand the instructions provided by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).
  • Real Estate -
    • Foreclosures.
    • Property Seizures
    • Schedule E - Rental Properties Income and Expenses
  • Representation before the IRS- (State and Federal).
  • Scam and Fraud Disputes.
  • Schedule D (capital gains and loses) -
    • Capitol gain distributions not reported directly on Form 1040, line 13. Non-business bad debts.
    • Gains from involuntary conversions (other than from casualty or theft) of capital assets and losses not held for business or profit.
    • The sale or exchange of a personal capital asset not reported on another form or schedule.
  • Seniors and Retirees - tax preparation and tax resolution.
  • Tax Preparation and Planning.
  • Unfiled Tax Claims, or Never Filed.
  • Year-end W-2s and 1099s.

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Business Tax Tips

  • Day Care Provider Allowances
  • Deductions for business auto expense
  • Self-employed health insurance premiums
  • Small business health care tax credit


Personal Tax Tips

  • Electric Vehicle Tax Credits
  • Tax Break for Retired Public Safety Officers
  • Tax-Free Combat Pay Qualifies for EIC
  • Tax Tips for Reservists Called to Active Duty


TWP Tax Solution Services

Don't rely on unscrupulous 1-800 numbers from the yellow pages on how to manage your debt! Trust a reputation for high integrity, accuracy, and dependability from TWP Tax Solutions in Jacksonville, Fl. Sound financial advice is especially useful for low-income Americans, particularly the elderly, homeowners facing foreclosure,dissolution of marriage disputes, and other alternative dispute resolutions.

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