Tuesday, November 01, 2016
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We have a full range of audit and assurance services to meet your business needs. We are registered auditors under the Ministry of Economy, UAE that enables us to carry out the audits. We provide a reliable and consistent, audit by assembling the best team to address the most complex issues, using a proven global methodology and deploying the latest high quality auditing tools and perspectives.

Our Audit and Assurance service includes:

  • Statutory & Contractual Audits
  • Operational & Efficiency Audit
  • Financial statement compilation
  • Internal Audit services
  • Attestations for legal & regulatory compliance
  • Financial statement review
  • Due diligence reviews
  • Investigative Audit

Statutory & Contractual Audits

We make sure that your financial statements are prepared as per international accounting standards. Our audit provides assurance on the fairness of the financial statements, advice on controls and system weaknesses and addresses regulatory reporting requisites. We take the time to understand the clients' businesses as well as the industries in which they operate, we can help identify major risks and opportunities beyond the traditional financial reporting function.

Operational & Efficiency Audits

Operational audits can be comprehensive and include elements from financial audits as well as performance audits. In an operational audit, the overall goal is to provide the management team with practical, strategic recommendations. A performance audit is an objective and systematic examination of evidence for the purpose of providing an independent assessment of the performance of a government organization, program, activity or functioning order to provide information to improve accountability and facilitate decision-making by management. Performance audits include economy and efficiency.

Financial statement compilation & Review Service

Financial statement compilation is a process in which financial information provided by clients is put in the form of financial statements, and unlike an audit, expresses no validity of the statements. The compilation of financial statements relates to assisting the company's personnel in preparing the financial statements in accordance with local regulations or other GAAP / IFRS.

A review is conducted when a lower degree of assurance than an audit is acceptable. We review financial statements by conducting various analytical procedures, comparison of your operating data with prior periods or industry averages that are appropriate.

Internal Audit:

Our internal audit team takes a dedicated professional approach to help clients improve performance and operating efficiency. Independent assurance from us should enhance your business and its reputation with existing owners, potential new investors and providers of finance.

Internal Audit services include:

  • Outsourcing
  • Joint/Co sourcing
  • Establish internal audit system
  • Risk assessment
  • Process system based audits
  • Computer Audit and Security reviews

Our specialized team offers an independent examination and evaluation of the activities of the business with the aim of ensuring that the:

  • Strategic business objectives are being met
  • Performance goals are being achieved
  • Systems of internal control are effective & cost efficient
  • Appropriate financial controls are in place and Compliance with statutory legislation.

Our independence enables us to stand back and provide impartial advice. At the same time we hope to become a valuable part of your team, providing constructive and commercial input.

Attestations for legal & regulatory compliance

Our services include attestations and certifications for specific legal & regulatory purposes. We provide attestations for LLC incorporation, payroll certification etc.

Financial statement review

Financial statement reviews involve procedures less comprehensive than those performed in audits. Reviews enable us to give limited assurance on the conformity of the financial statements and consist of applying analytical procedures and making inquiries of persons responsible for financial, accounting, and operational matters.

Due diligence reviews

We support the needs of a wide range of clients who are contemplating an acquisition or divestiture. We also support the needs of equity sponsors as they evaluate acquisitions to expand platform companies or to add to their existing portfolio. Likewise, lenders utilize our diverse talents and capabilities to assist them with evaluating the viability of an existing or prospective borrower. We identify and quantify previously hidden or unidentified operational or structural issues and risks that are critical to our clients’ decision to move forward with a transaction. Our reviews include: Financial modeling and forecasting, Evaluating manufacturing and inventory management concerns, Understanding distribution and logistic challenges, analyzing a company’s sales and marketing program, Evaluating the effectiveness and capabilities of a management team. Our objectivity allows us to identify risk and opportunity, while also alerting buyers to potential integration issues. Overall, we strive to present alternatives and make recommendations that will enhance the value of our clients’ proposed transaction while protecting their interests.

Investigative Audit

Investigative audit is a specialty that applies established accounting concepts and techniques with investigative rigor, industry expertise and the most advanced forensic technologies available in the investigation. Our specialists analyze, interpret, summarize and present complex financial issues in a clear and usable format for clients’ purposes. We provide assistance in forensic accounting, fraud investigation and litigation support. We focus on minimizing business disruption, financial loss, reputation damage and implementing effective remedial action. We apply our skills and considerable experience to serve clients in the following main practice areas:

  • Business Litigation Support
  • Employee Fraud
  • Economic Damages
  • Bankruptcy
  • Insurance Investigations


Professional Services

Our professional services include statutory, external and internal audit, accounting and financial management consultancy, accounting and finance outsourcing, project evaluation and feasibility studies, due diligence reports and allied services.

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