Wednesday, November 02, 2016
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Accounting and Bookkeeping

Our concept is simple; provide quality accounting services that empower our clients with accurate and timely financial reporting. We remove the mystery from the bookkeeping process and enable you to spend your time promoting your business.

While the financial process is critical to the health of an organization, it is often over looked. We come along side your business to help ease the pressure of a new, growing business by becoming your accounting office without the cost of employees.

Outsourcing of accounts can be of four types:

  • At our Office
  • At your Office
  • Annual-Year End closing
  • Tailor Made (Customized)

Our Services include:

  • Accounting system design & implementation.
  • Setting up of accounts department and selection of personnel.
  • Software requirement assessment, Identification and implementation of systems & accounting software.
  • Management Reporting
  • Payroll
  • Temporary Assistance
  • Training Option
  • Maintenance
  • Work Flow
  • Budgeting
  • Purchasing/ Sales System Flow
  • Inventory Control
  • Customized Training Manuals
  • Documentation of Key Business Processes Accounting Services
  • Compilation Services

Part-time/Acting CFO Services

Our services are designed for small to medium sized companies that could benefit from the skills of a highly qualified CFO but who choose not to make the full-time investment in one. Businesses reach a point where they require a financial advisor but cannot afford a full time CFO. The primary goal of this program is to help our clients manage and grow their businesses more effectively.

We offer part-time/acting CFO services that gives you a professional finance manager who can handle everything from complex financial transactions to routine issues.

Our part-time/acting CFO services provides you with professional service at reasonable cost, which will be a small fraction of what you might spend for hiring a full time CFO. You will pay only a fair hourly rate or a fixed retainer fee for services rendered.

A Part-time/Acting CFOs engagement typically involves one day on site, or more each week on an ongoing basis. A major value comes from the interaction between the owner and the CFO. This value is enhanced by the CFO’s involvement in, and understanding of, the day today workings of the business.

Having a Part-time/Acting CFO available provides an experienced financial person to participate as part of a company’s management team.

The Part-time/Acting CFO is normally responsible for financial statements, budgets, financial models, cash flow projections, cost analysis, banking relationship, risk management and supervision of the bookkeeper.

In some cases human resources and information systems are included in the CFO’s responsibility. Additionally, a Chief Financial Officer serves as an informed sounding board for the owner.

Our CFO services include:

  • Operational Accounting
  • Business Performance Management Solutions
  • Managing A\R and A\P
  • Cash flow projections and analysis for better understanding of your business finances.
  • Professional guidance for your business planning and forecasting.
  • Review contracts
  • Assist in preparation of reports
  • Budget preparation & monitoring
  • Training and support for your accounting staff
  • Improvement of company accounting procedures
  • Working and negotiating with bankers and other business associates



Professional Services

Our professional services include statutory, external and internal audit, accounting and financial management consultancy, accounting and finance outsourcing, project evaluation and feasibility studies, due diligence reports and allied services.

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