The Small Business Health Options Program (SHOP) Marketplace allows you to sell quality health insurance plans to your small business clients – and to new clients who turn to you for your SHOP Marketplace expertise.

Agents & brokers: Take action

5 reasons to sell insurance through the SHOP Marketplace

  1. Serve your existing clients. Once a client authorizes you to use the SHOP Marketplace for them, you can do anything — from answering questions to helping them fill out an application to handling everything from start to finish. In any case, you get your commission.
  2. Help new clients find you. After you create a SHOP Marketplace agent/broker profile, small employers looking for help in your area using the SHOP Agent and Broker Search can find you easily.
  3. Handle everything online. You can fill out client applications, create and send proposals, complete enrollments, make changes, and handle renewals – all online, whenever it’s convenient for you. You conduct all your business in a single place – the SHOP Agent/Broker Portal.
  4. Help very small business clients get special tax breaks. Businesses with fewer than 25 FTEs and average salaries below $50,000 can qualify for a tax credit worth up to 50% of their premiums. You can help them find out if they qualify and how much they’ll save. The Small Business Health Care Tax Credit is available only through the SHOP Marketplace.
  5. Get your commission. Insurance companies are required to pay the same commission for SHOP Marketplace sales they pay for any other small group sale. When you finish an enrollment through the SHOP Marketplace Agent/Broker Portal, the insurance company automatically gets the information needed to process your commission.