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Greetings! and Welcome to my Ted’s Woodworking plans full review site.

Note: I have written this review about my personal experiences with these woodworking plans and included a full product review, which includes information about that features and benefits of Ted’s plans.

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Question: Where can I find a FREE copy of Ted’s Woodworking plans?
Answer: My in-depth search for a complete set of these plans for FREE has revealed some incomplete sets that were offered by people who are ticked about Ted’s approach to woodworking. I believe that you will run into issues if you try to get your copy anywhere else.
Solution: Once you have read my entire product review, simple click on the link above to visit the Official website for Ted’s Woodworking plans. The link you find on that site will give you the best price available.

I do hope you discovered some helpful insight from this video that I created for Ted’s woodworking.

The rest of my Official Review is available as you read through this page. Be sure to pick up your FREE download by entering your details in the form at the right side of this page. ———>

So Why Did I Write this Ted’s Woodworking Plans Review?

For years, I had been taking courses to learn to use my expensive woodworking power tools. Those classes were great! The challenge came in the incomplete plans that are so prevalent all over the Internet and in every woodworking magazine.

Want to Know What ALL of Those Plans Have in Common?


That’s right! Whoever writes those plans just assumes that you know all of the techniques of a master craftsman. Do you?

I know that I don’t know how to do a lot of what is required to complete the simplest woodworking project. Years and years of training as an apprentice used to be the only way that you could learn the tricks of the woodworking trade.

Most woodworking plans have so many inaccuracies that you have to plan to buy a LOT of wasted materials until you figure out the actual measurements. With Ted’s woodworking plans, I can take the materials list with me to my favorite wood shop. I no longer buy any extra wood to complete my projects.

On more point that I want to add about Ted’s woodworking package is the importance of accessing the guides and videos that teach every member to complete basic woodworking tasks. Every plan I have ever purchased has assumed that I already know all of this. Ted took the time to create the instruction materials that support the plans.

Woodworkers start at various skill levels that require support from the master woodworker!

Maybe you are wondering why I became a member of Ted’s woodworking plans. I wanted to find a source of countless plans that would never require another penny from me. My idea aligned with Ted’s notion of one payment for lifetime access.

Finally, a master woodworker has offered real training for the rest of us. I have always wanted to be able to ask those questions that get me past a certain step in the plan. I know that if I work through the steps and hit a snag, I can ask a question and get an answer.

You might be wondering if this is just good marketing. Take it from me; these plans work! I am a visual learner without a lot of time to waste in my workshop. The images are so helpful and allow me to find the answers to all of my questions in a matter of minutes.

I wrote this review because I want to tell every woodworker out there that you do not have to continue to waste your time and money on junky plans. This package of plans has made woodworking as enjoyable as those expensive classes my wife and I attended.

You will find many benefits inside!

If you would like to know more about me, follow this link to the About Me Page.

What are Ted’s Woodworking Plans?

Ted’s Woodworking Plans have been assembled into an affordable package that is organized into categories of projects. The knowledge of a master woodworker is evident in the views of each project from every side.

Your woodworking projects will be completed in less time, without waste. This remarkable price includes access to every one of the 16,000 plans.

There are no ongoing fees for you to pay. You will receive new woodworking plans each month along with guides and videos for so many helpful tips and tricks. Ted’s Woodworking Plans are designed with home woodworkers in mind.

Click here to see the full list of features inside.

CLICK HERE to go to the

Official Ted’s Woodworking website.

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