- open olympics to millennials action-celebration humanity's social heroines

to worldwide youth: we recommend 

are you a greater fan of yunus or of football? as i recall yunus spoke at 91st birthday of mandela in 2009 and wanted south africans to include celebrations of end poverty heroes at their coming world cup- we now know why the fifa brigade were least receptive netwiok in world to suggest this to The people of South Africa have an indomitable spirit. With this spirit and with its vast human and other resources, South Africa can be the first country to bui...
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About 44th year of ERworld curricula- started The Economist 1972; maintained by Macrae clan and friends;


online library of norman macrae- 

Norman Macrae last articles co-pul=blished with muhammad yunus christmas 2008



yunus olympics so that social solution heroines are celebared globally as much as sports every 4 years


- if this process also end FIFA world cup of frauds so much the better, (Nov 2015) and Publishers of world record book of job creation invite you to play the
2 most valuable games ever designed around sustaining millennials livelihoods
- unless you know different - rsvp -
breaking good news- special thanks to creative children linkin and next celebration ICAF 5th child art olympiads june 30- july 4 2015 The Mall DC
 help jounalise the generation 2030 to 1946 who spent over 4000 times more on mobilising global village communications technologies and infrastructures by doubling spends every 7 years from 1946- locate a starting date- comment whether its expoential spin has goodwill or badwill consequences for jobs, ending poverty and millennials sustainability




Japan starts up far east rising




S Korea joins in



China:East's Superports




Continental agrarian keynsianism

Diaspora 3rd richest;

Mapping supereconomy of millennials era

Moon landing

intel starts up 68 moores-law doubling of chip capacity every 2 years

Satellite age lifts off




W4E1 Bangladeshvillage mothers empowered to start what became health, social and sustainability's greatest networking partnerships

Economist Entrepreneurial Revolution celebrates birth of open learning era

worldwide diary for interviewers of world record book of job creation:
Wash DC june 30-July 4 the 5th Child Art Olympiads 
Wash DC mid august Young coders  5th Athgogon inside the world bank
Millennials Fringe POP  (Preferential Option Poor) festivals sept 23 to 25
celebrating Pope Francis masterclasses to congress Dc and UN NY
Peru October 7 to 9 POP goes start of world bank year 2015-2016 

..Our 1984 future history "The 2025 Report"  forecats why it is very unlikely milennials will be sustainable if end poverty and job creating heroes are not celebrated as much as sports and pop stars

recent news on this 31 yera long media chalenge:- 

debrief on yunus collaboration failure to London Olympics 2012

debrief on Yunus colaboration failure to linkin Brazil Olympics 2016


Game 1 Future history Game Dedicated to Keynes
The last few pages of Keynes General Theory describe the job of Keynisina economists-design systems so that next generation's livelihoods can unite round ending poverty.The Economist had been started up in 1843 to mediate the same goal as the industrial revolution's impacts grew exponentially out of UK and around the world... the consequences of the industrial revolution were very mixed- by 1939 data shows that about half the world's people had not advanced beyond subsistence level being left without scuh infrastructures as electricity grids, running water, roads of distribution, while some clusters of people had advanced health and wealth by as much as 200 fold; soon after world war 2, which norman spent his last days as a teennager in navigating RAF planes over modern day bangladesh and myanma, nornan spotted a post-industrial trend which he spent his life questioning leaders about. The world was starting to double its 7-year spends on global communications technology and infrastructures- which if continued to 2030 now would mean over 4000 times more spent on such technologies in 2030 versus 1946. Game 1 invites you to report on one or more 7 year periods from a viewpoint that matters most to people you are connected with . Please aim to use both impact lens relevant to exponentially compounding opportunites and threats to human sustainability
Game 2 - world record job creators game- dedicated to sustainable millennials and parents who invested in them..

make a table of 3 rows and 4 columns. Nominate 12 world record job creators or alumni networks. Discuss your choice with some friend passionate about job creation and hopefully valuing the Keynsian mindset and mapping a shared view of future history discovered by playing game 1. Compare your resulting votes for 12 world record job creating connections with our benchmark game.

Further resources- Economist-inspired diaries from local or demographic viewpoints 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 1314 15

Dream Universities and social action movements we'd like to be alumni of

post us results of your games or references

Atlanta's CNN celebratesSocial F Heroines

Africa24tv celebrates leaders who make all Africans livelihoods

secure. quiz: which 2 of top 10 job creating epicentres are African capitals 



Danny Boyle- 200/1  leaders of 2010s -youth's most productive generation

FREEMARKET  Role - Freedom to co-produce futures peoples wants


What would world miss without Danny Boyle


Danny Boyle's Opening of the London Olympics was the smartest billion person broadcast that humanity's future histories have ever enjoyed. It shone light on UK innovations to such markets as nursing and healthcare, childrens literature, the worldwide web and mobile telecoms, and even the industrial revolution exciting to value for the greatest advances in the human lot.


The net generation is facing changes even greater than the industrial revolution, and irreversibly sudden worldwide. So knowing Keynes conclusion that economics is how peoples futures are designed and media chooses how many people are freely included in designing these futures is critical

Next youth collaboration challenges


There is no reason why 2010's access to million times more collaboration technology cannot be the most productive time for worldwide youth. But as the first book on the net generation predicted in 1984 the opportunity to design such futures needs the smartest of old broadcast and new interactive media not the dumbest. Compare what Berners Lee intended for the www in 1990 and what has been spun the last 20 years and the risk is the web will be reduced to an invitation of mass media destroying its unique education and productive possibilities.

 Today among mass media in west, only the BBC has the resources to debate the future histories of society and world service in the deepest ways needed.  

Norman Macrae Foundation  next actions


Danny's previous films -eg slumdog millionaire - fit nicely into celebrating the fact that those challenged by the most urgent needs are making the mobilising the most exciting innovations of collaboration technology.

His relationhsips with the African charity Dramatic Need can linkin with s.Africa's world leadership of free universities supported by partners of Mandela including Richard Branson


Economics can be designed as a public service (as well as an open space for how innovation resolves conflicts between people connected by the same issue but with passionately rival ideas) by and for everyone. This isn't what happened in the west as the television age accidentally turned public servants into public managers, and access to future design to the most short-term soundbiters.

 download more profiles of 100 collaboration leaders of 2010s = youths most productuive decade
  1. notournewsoftheworld.avi

    At and http our number 1 debate is : Will the world's most powerful people help youth co-create good news and job creating ...

    by yunuscentre11 months ago71 views

Yunus- 100/1  leaders of 2010s -youth's most productive generation

FREEMARKET  Role - ACTION LEADER of 50 Most Exciting Concepts Youth Have Ever Dreame of Collaboratively Realising


What would world miss without Yunus


Yunus is globally most recognised as number 1 pro-youth economist and innovator of the most purposeful goals peoples can invest in. Yunus has noticed that western economists excluded society's most vital demands from every performance measure they compute- a very serious error given Keynes finding that increasing the world is ruled only by economics (ie nations and so youth's future sustainability doesn't exist separately from what global economics rules)


Historically Yunus' greatest innovations include:


Creating investment banks around 8 million of the world's poorest village mothers

Making their number 1 investment the ending of digital divides with everything that can be mobilised across 100000 village hubs of microentrepreneurs;

It turns out that the best banks for ending poverty are also the best banks for youth job creation everywhere 

Helping Bangladesh youth be a leader in mobile technology's most purposeful uses, and sharing Asia's greatest sustainability solutions every community needs to freely replicate

What youth collaboration challenges is Yunus centre of


After 20 of my own interviews with dr Yunus (and another 20 by people sponsored by NM foundation as we circulated Yunus 2000 bookclub and 10000 dvd club) I have compiled a top 50 challenges that Yunus is looking for particular citizens and youth to originate and then share. He also wants a share in all the value this created to be invested back in his 8 million village mothers next entrepreneurial revolutions


The right hand column shows Norman Macrae foundations next collaboration actions around Yunus top 50chalenges. We compile ideas on what different cities could help Yunus lead at we welcome correspondence if you have ideas on how to help Yunus as one of top 100 leaders connecting net generation as the most productive time for youth to be alive


Please note at least 2 more of NM top 100 are Bangladeshi. However due to hostile politics we don't currently publish their goals. 


Also please note more detailed cases are published in Journal of Social Business whose launch with 3000 leaders of Dr Yunus choice we committed to within 3 months of Norman's parting as our family's main commitment at Yunus weekend Scotland 4 July 2010

Norman Macrae Foundation  next actions

Y1 next meet 28 September 2012: Our family in Washington Washington DC is seeing if this capital can stage one of largest student entrepreneur competitions thru 2012-13 - current world leader Tokyo 12000 live youth competition; we also welcome opportunities to connect judge panels of all youth entrepreneur competitions

Y2 Paris September week 2 - we aim to co-host various NM remembrance parties during the number 1 millennium goals summit

4th quarter - we are looking to host remembrance parties with Japan and Chinese leaders of Norman's economic maps of Asia pacific century published in The Economist from 1975 on


Tell us yours next actions rsvp


Remembrance parties role of honor

1 boardroom the economist and microgreen's number 1 philanthropic network


2 S.African Mandela partners in virtually free university education coordinated around Taddy Blecher


3 Japan Embassy in Asia celebrating Bangladesh's first 40 years of  revolutions in sustainability economics and grassroots networking



 latest post on whether value chain of celebrities is good for the net generation

zasheem the second time we met (when yunus was helping the british council celebrate their 75th) you spent a lot of our time introducing a guy organisiing homeless football to yunus- is he still a friend of yours


once the olympics is over there is a huge chance to select the sports people that the media dont sign up to join monica's movement


getting to seb coe will be easier post olympics especially if we explain to sarah- and he will know which stars are passionate about giving back - which his 2005 singapore pitch to get the uk olympics was all about


the british council is seb's main international partner in trying to change the legacy of olympics sports back to creating jobs and not just making sports value chain the most unbalanced of all markets to rpoducde in


if the uk could make one breakthrough here then maryland has a lot of underemployed olympics swimming starrs some of whom may want to use their fame to do good


has nasa astronaut ron replied to your invitation to edit the future of heroes in journal of social busienss and youth economics?



good news media associates of Foundation of The Economist's Unacknowlegded Giant 

Questions welcomed washington dc hotline 1 301 881 1655


Yunus end nurseless villages project was a celebration that began in scotland with the support of a lady who has trained more NHS nurses than just about anyone. Its chief sponsor is the Nike Girl Effect Foundation - empowering productivity of girls is something Nike leadership finds as exciting as any sport its ever sponsored

  1. Yunus' daughter Monica links together gheroes who want to help the net generation be the most productive everywhere- her web   is codenamed artists peace corps -why not sponsor a young star who doesnt quite achieve superstardom to culturally regenerate communities. The BBC series The Choir shows just how valuable singing can be in renewing community and celebraing positive energies of youth. Viv Westwood encourages superstar models to adopt a youth community cause. Tell us who else we could be linking in

do you have ideas on how to make london olympics a turning point for 2010s as youths most productive decade as well as one that networks the race to poverty musuems celebrated by queen elizabeth and connectors of Commonwealth everywhere? -- rsvp .. linksperson of yunus bookclub 2000, considerbangladesh and archives of The Economist's Unacknowlegded Giant   
now  that I have been at 2 eu summits on celebrating social business europe and celebrating microcredit europe,
Sir Ronald Cohen Video The revolution has already started - the uk government has transferred 600 million euros from dormant bank accounts to replicating community solutions- social impact bonds can leverage 100 billion euros of charitable assets that are standing passively by; that's just in the UK, its a model the whole of europe can renew round
Boris Marte Video - The revolution we are talking about must happen if europe is to have a future- lets be honest our old welfare systems are paid for by disinvesting in youth's future sustainability more of eu top 50 videos on demand for social business at a future- lets be honest our old welfare systems are paid for by disinvesting in youth's future
I can see an under the radar way of staging social business olympics
It begins now by finding people who want to write about how their social business scales up round youth networking if it were to be celebrated by a london spinning a social business olympics not an ad spot olympics
1 for example as bhuiyans celebration of 1000 youth jobs brainstorming only needs a budget of 40 k dollars per event whereas each of the 10 biggest olympics brands will spend 1 billion dolars- the economics case of promoting job creation seems many hundred times more effective, especially if the eu had got it act together and job creation events all round europe converged before the olympics on a final
when I meet bhuiyan on frinday I will ask him whether he will write a paper or whether I should ghost write the ifrst draft; as a further twist atlanta youth help prooftest youth 1000 job brainstorming a stone's throw from coca-cola's headquarters- something my expert media associates will have fun leaking
2 a joint paper by monica and milla is worthwhile as 2 artists who would have rather shared 99% of their fame with promoting social busineess than just promoting themselves and their agents; this is a branding model I first presented after 9/11 to a lot of conflict resolution networks including 500 gandhians in delhi and the first person I introduced yunus to modjtaba sadria who was then deeply networking inside the aga khan uni in london but who has no gone back to his native iran to conflict reconcile
there are about 10 other heroic stories I can access from 4 yeras of research round yunsu 2000 bookclub and criss-crossing the globe to verify whoe heroically youth who; I will find co-media partners in popular press as well as the journal; so are we agreed we focus the journal of new economics on this process now; we can put the tv media coverage of these scoops up to france 24, africa 24 and bbc and see if they want to share the good news- in an ideal world prince charles and sarah butler-sloss and paul rose and michael palin and david atenborough (whose son I went to school with) would ring up the bbc as well but that may take sorting out whether grameen shakti still is a worldwide knowledge franchise
chris macrae 301 881 1655

anyone see a paradox between the olympics being the most expensive image fest there is and rating agencies whose corruption helped cause 2008 wall street meltdown telling the EU's political leaders that greece cant afford to exist? not that we support the lazinness and hedonism of some greeks as something rest of europe should be paying for but that's another question that goes back to hidden local wealth (eg greece's religious overlords sitting on assets more than twice the bailout) - why do history's cultural mores find such huge difficulty investing in youth's futures - in any event where we come from we celebrate an action learning curve of entrepreneurial microeconomics which is over 250 years into investing in youth's futures and we will do that to the last freedom (press meeting petitioning assemby religion) is wiped

if you share our urgent curiosity about paradoxes that are barely being questioned let alobe answered as the net generation spins extemely unsocial media, why not start with demanding the greatest corpoarte responsibility programs of the 9 companies that spend billions on ads at olympics london 2012 - this global stage can be turned into a worldwide sustainability inquiry if we so choose

 perhaps we need to spend more time on celebrating heroes that achieve goals that millennium generation's youth would like to spend their lives producing - perhaps if the bbc stopped wasting licence fee on spectator sports real world service could resume- of course there are in between positions, but what could have been braodcasting's greatest social business media should never have been run like a sleasy commercial media, and the real story of the murdoch debacle is how his opposition to the bbc unnerved its governors so they too cosied up to politicians instead of representing the people's questions on how the future needed to change from the past in long-term structural ways not short-term voting soundbites

 is as vital to the exciting 2010s decade of net generation as world trade with Japan in the 1960s' space generation  


The unacknowledged giant

The unacknowledged giantAdd to PlaylistNorman Macrae is remembered as the Unacknowledged Giant of The Economist. You can read his 40 years of surveys of how the world spun 1949-1988 here; and the plot of his 1984 book for the net generations joy of microceonomics here.
Friiends of Norman Macrae first started debating what millennium goals to mobilise in 1984 at
11 June 2011 - Norman Macrae probably Europe's senior economist dies nearing 87 - obits
- The Economist: Unacknowledged Giant  - comments or Q&A continue at this blog;  British Ambassador to Tokyo: changed the trade & investment links between Britain and Japan
Financial Times: journalist who delighted in paradox with unrivaled ability to foresee the future
Daily Telegraph: The Economist's internal spirit;  The Scotsman - the internet's futurist
The Atlantic - Clive Crook remembers; national review "someone you never knew existed"
 India Times - Prophet of Change ; New Statesman "entire career at The Economist" ; Matt Ridley - death of a great optimist
London Times - subscription - journalist who changed minds and opened many more ; Pot-TEX : a giant of journalism
Sweden's JanErik Larsson - people you never forget

in any event the whole world noe devalues trust, tarsnpareny, win-win-win business mdoels just at a t6ime when economics needed to upvalue all of tehse - so the folly grandeur of london olympics is replicating in every capital unless yoiu descide to chnage it

do we know how at this web- no! but the search ofr community way round maps can be entrepreneurially exciting if you find a few links that unleash your greaytest purspoenin life and help you peer network it and colaboratively give voice to other who are trying to produce the talents they were born with

heartbreaking as events in uk may be I think you are editing the wrong story by circulating this daily mail emotional outburst  i think you also circulated the wrong view of The Economist's coverage of your country -this doesnt help sarah's work in turning uk bilionnaires and royals micro up


the story I would focus on is:

for a long time youth gang culture in london (and other UK big cities) has not been addressed- police have been turning a blind eye on it making no go areas in parts of london as bad as parts of the states


mobile networks always but always give power to how badwill to unite first - the question is can forces of goodwill make a come back- that's the 1984 storyline that anyone who really knows dad has been rehearsing- the end game of the 21st C and much eslse depends on whose spin controls


in this particular instance the whole gang issue has been exposed; even politicians, police, murdoch tabloids cant turn a blind eye to it


so while many other things may not yet be at a turning point end of mob control in uk is


whats very tricky is to get back to finding the right way to ending poverty, empowering youth, but the issue has always been turning the bbc in time - which we have the 12 months prior to the olympics has britains last chance to find its own net generation and through the process help others millennium goals



This site  The Web 

 BBC Future Story: 40 of us met in london in 2005 after 7/7 - our 7 year goal to reform the BBC as one of the worst news reporters on pro-youth economics to one of the best.  over time our network of 40 entrepreneurs in one city grew to 6000 in 40 cities , and we discovered the economist youth trusted most for exciting 2010s to be Muhamad YunusOn visit 6 to Grameen in Dhaka we plucked up the nerve to ask Dr Yunus to come and celebrate 12 months of youth economics transformation going on in Britain and building up to 2010's celebration of commonwealth and youth job creation as well as a few world records. The building blocks include Big Society Bank, MyPlace, 23 billion-dollar budgeting (Olympics Sponsoring)brands all of whose CEOS claim future of youth matters. .. watch this space   We've mailed out first Journal of Social Business to 3000 leaders of Dr Yunus' choosing and we keep a league tab;le of 100 institutes currently most supporting Yunus col;aborations in pro-youth economics and making 2010s the net generation's most exciting decade 
Back in Dhaka's summer of 2009, while my friends (S, M , P) were hosting 69th birthday dialogue with Dr Yunus, we heard about his wish that London 2012  stage the greatest sustainability and social business festival during the London Olympics  -can you help put on event worthy of celebrating Nobel Dr Yunus and his global partnerships in sustainability, job creation, race to end poverty and everything that matters most communally to families & futures? rsvp chris.macrae

CP3 Take a time out for World's greatest Social Business summit at london Olymics 

what welcoming panels can Yunus friends  & London 1 2  assemble now - rsvp info

.Royal Hunt of Sun Panel

End Nurseless communities panel

21st C BBC War reporting from scottish missionary in Africa family tree lens




.By November 2009, 100 www leadership friends of Yunus were invited to volkswagen's theme park conference centre near Berlin to hear that Sustainability Olympics was only one of dozen of gamesboards of global partnering in sustainability; after london the next biggest place-led game of global grameen partners in sustainability will be Mayor of Milan's Expo 2015 of social businesses that accelerate millennium goals


Wednesday, May 27, 2015

would Yunus Olympics also prevent disasters such as the FIFA World Cup of Frauds - we recommend fanning yunus olympics if it means that every 4 years the world's greatest social heroines are celebrated by youth as much as sports



further questuion for worldwide youth to search out why did 2008-2o12 fail to land Yunus Olympics in Londion 2012? Why did yunus olympics faik, to land at Brazil 2016? why would such brands as cola-cola , sony, visa each spend 200 million dilars to be associated with Fifa?

12:29 pm edt 

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

chair of wellbeing and health glasgow yunus centre - connections with john mackey, 2010 ted prize winner jamie oliver and my family's friends

dear global grameen alumni Z1 (@ Glasgow YCentre)

has this been filled yet?

if or when it has please send both Sofia and me all publicly available cv and PR on the person

the reason I ask is that both Sofia and I are very interested in emotional intelligence of healthcare and youth impacts and inner city community regeneration;

it may not look as if  this is a common area of me and Sofia as she is a deep practice person while all I ever did is edit for 3 years emotional intelligence (how trust-flow as primary valuation of service plus (what dad coined 1982 as intrapreneurial  organisational systems and goleman's work did or did not inform elearning and various "capital -emotinal, social etc" concepts that knowledge management people coined) for European union communities of knowledge management- in that process I discovered several deep practitioners one of whom is Sofia and one of which happens to be my family's best friend whose career in UK nursing knows just about every system failure government of nhs now  spins

the reason for this request is quite long term; at some stage people like Sofia, 69 birthday dialoguers and I need to take a proposals of about 12 panels each of whom can choose how to animate social business festival lf london olympics 2012 from their context (the royal green panel is obviously london's hottest unique card already flowing through ashden awards and british council climate champions); clearly wellbeing as it strengthens communities and is the core from which both healthcare and education and family sustainability wellsprings is one of the 12 panels we want to show yunus we know how to arrange events around -given the time and ambassadorial authority -  during London Olympics (the number 1 world media change stage of the next 5 years); another panel is war correspondents as illuminated by Callum Macrae the main bbc production company who covers this from the scottish perspective of a family tree of missionaries in africa which makes for understandings never seen in eg us media; researching which bbc production companies are the other way round from the 99% voice on core humanitarian subjects is something only we londoner media connectors can map fully

I have never met anyone so socially concerned network across London as Sofia; I am quite angry with myself that I haven’t quite found the way to explain this to yunus; it wasn’t helped by when Sofia hosted yunus 69th birthday dialogue, I briefed her and all on the wrong plot 

In any event my error on yunus 69th birthday can be a reason for inviting the 12 panels of London Sustainability Olympics  better than we would have done as long as we can find the right times and contexts to connect well being emotional intelligence networks around UK

also if you generally chit chat with medical friends please could you find out if any of them know the top 3 my family and editorial groups can connect

sir keith peters former head of royal academy of medicine

paul komesaroff australia's leading professor of well being and gandhian global reconcilation networker in touch (because he telephone interviewed 1000 people after 9/11) with at least 5 nobel laureates in practices of deep reconciliation and inter-cultural understanding ; because almost half of australian youth want some years abroad, he gets pick of crop of asutralian youth who want to change communities of the world; they tend to go to places after the immediate disater recovery process and when groups might come together around whast would we design next if hi-trust doctors sustained our communities; he knows pretty well ebveryine who uses that appraoach as well as modjtaba sadria who yunus respects for cross culotural translations

eva vertes - who at 19 had worked out how to use medical networks to advance real work in medicine betetr than any other 19 yera old and who also consults to who oddly enough have made 2010s world colaboration prize jamie oliver for his work on diet and food chain ; also link with oncee yunus parner john mackey of wholefoods and wholeplanets 1 2 which of course connects

chris macrae , WCBN, washington dc 301 881 1655 chris.macrae

9:01 am est 

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Diary Entry - Year Ending 2009
Rumors of what's possible - 2009.12 -please note rumors of what's possible are monthly (or more occasional) brainstorm dialogues with muhammad yunus (Global Grameen Brand Reality Campaign: Dhaka en route to every sustainability city) and his friends started with launch of social business entrepreneurial revolution bookclub Y1000 1.0 , jan 2008- their good news items is not to be taken seriously until you have helped co-create them
Recalling peronal experiences with some of world's best marketers of the 1970s, I look forward to reinstating world class branding as then - the free marketers job is to keep throwing out concepts of what leadership of industry sector can brand until enough different constituencies integrating around society say wow we can win-win-win with that- sadly the global profession of branding that I have been a small player in for 33 years took a wrong turn when it subcontracted out global brand concepts to be addicted to ad spots- so spending fortunes on lose-lose-lose systems destroying community sustainability and conflicting with true microeconomics.  
It is impossible to imagine a compound riskier future for navigating our network age than being dictated by ad spots and wall streets trillion dolalr system failing rewards and measures. Lets turn branding round in the 2010s before fallible globalisation is impossible for any human votes to change - chris T$, norman and YunusForum80

Dear Sofia and London team-leader Hosts of Yunus Birthday Dialogue 2009

 2 events to start rumoring which are probably epicentral to mostofa's and yunus's  sustainability model of as a social business 
yunus 70th birthday dialogue- while we have already been told germany will take that over - the leadership quest idea of get any leader who isnt committed to join in the only a once a year peer to peer theme tour of every greatest happening out of dhaka is valid and something london has more experience on how to package tour than anywhere and ultimately where the business model of will stand or fall; so got to seed idea of leadership quests to yunus 70th birthday parties in sustainability particularly as you started the fashion 
lucknow youth (6th formers/12th graders misisng Trillion $ sustainability global market 1) as the main testers of how can social business discussions be rehearsed as your main job creation task at university while you are still at school and in lucknow's case be the start of their missing alumni club of 2000+ graduating gandhian world citizens a year; also since jagdish loves to get students to question how to reform UN etc getting him developing the schools course on what yunus wants the micro asian union to be - the main topic of his indian parliament pow-wow with manmohan singh is the timely bridge we need between the worlds' 2 greatest gandhian educators - muhammad and jagdish -imo
 (resources for lucknow youth dvd 10000 - chapter 11 of yunus book 1; 50 copies of yunus book 2; copies of londoncreative labs annuals of 25 global social business to track) also kalam (friend of jagdish) who yunus has already met is the ex indian president and chief scientist whose 2020 camapign encourages young people to tear up everything they get taught at schools and universities that isnt sustainable - do like the idea of a reverse examination board that tear up obsolescent curriculum, and know that royal society of arts has been groping towards same map - perhaps we can have a collaboration cafe on that at sustainability olympics if not before  if its too radical for institute of education to start being a centre partnering yunus and kalam in that; if so lets put in on the pan-london student clubs we need 2010/11 as I dont myself expect any one london uni to want to be first to be a centre until pan-london students make it clear they are up for microeconomics revolution 
headshift are london's main virtual designer if what the Uk's new training beyond schools scheme needs to innovate - need to get back to lee bryant or livio hughes one time - especially as their community tool making started in brixton but they made a wrong shareholder move at time of dotcom, and had oi restart their business  note for chapters of alan's trillion dollar  audit book londoncreativelabs education TN$ global market 1 - what 6th formers (www networkers of age 18 or when your place's secondary ends) are united around on terms of job creation before moving to universities or vocation employment agencies owned by city's job seeking youth 

londoncreativelabs education TN$ global market 2 - what yunus centres links up as missing (system transformation and social business creation) curriculum of sustainability business schools and professional associations worth trusting royal and other monopoly accreditation to 

question to self- what is connection between alan's book on 10 trillion dollar global markets we first need to audit for sustainability and the gameboards of global sustainability partnering

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