Bachelor of Business Administration

The College of Business Administration’s Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree offers general management preparation with an opportunity for specialization in a specific field of business. UF’s BBA is designed to provide students with a strong foundation in business fundamentals and their application in real-world work environments. It represents a careful balance of structure and choice, with flexibility that allows students to tailor their programs to reflect the individual career goals they have selected. While each student takes the same basic business core classes, many of the general education courses, those in their field of concentration, and program’s research component are tailored for each student. UF’s BBA program offers undergraduate students areas of concentration that reflect both the globalized world economy and the strong manufacturing legacy of Michigan. Our Degrees included:

    BBA – Accounting
    BBA – Finance
    BBA – International Business
    BBA – Supply Chain Management
    BBA – Public Relations and Marketing
    BBA – Business Information Systems

Bachelor of Science

The Bachelor of Science (BS) programs, offered through our Professional Studies Programs (PSP), provide undergraduate students the opportunity to develop strengths in the analysis, applied design, development, implementation, and management of modern information technology systems and engineering disciplines. Computer Science and Information Technology courses cover the critical technology areas of theory and programming for traditional, Web, and mobile applications, and for networking, database, and information security. These provide students with the breadth of knowledge needed to develop maintain and support modern applications. In addition, the curriculum includes courses focused on key business areas needed to integrate and manage technology and technology projects in the workplace. Our engineering programs focus on the development and integration of industrial and advanced manufacturing technologies that allow for the value growth required by companies to succeed in the competitive global trade environment. UF’s PSP offers BS degrees in the following disciplines:

    BS – Computer Science
    BS – Information Technology
    BS – Industrial and Systems Engineering
    BS – Manufacturing Engineering
    BS – Mechatronics