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Fare evasion surveys are conducted by PTV in May and October each year to measure the rate of fare evasion on the public transport network.

Victorian Official Fare Compliance Series: May 2016

The May 2016 fare compliance survey covered the three metropolitan modes of train, tram and bus, as well as V/Line train services.

Metropolitan network fare compliance is almost 96 per cent. This is the second highest recorded level of fare compliance since fare evasion data began being captured in 2005.

The results show the number of people travelling with a valid ticket is at a record high on metropolitan and regional trains and on metropolitan trams, while fare compliance on metropolitan buses continues to demonstrate seasonal differences – showing an improvement on the same period in 2015 but down slightly on the October figures.

More than 97 per cent (97.7%) of metropolitan train users, 95 per cent (95.3%) of tram travellers, 92 per cent (92.7%) of metropolitan bus passengers and 95 per cent (95.7%) of V/Line passengers travelled with a valid ticket.

In May 2016 when the survey was conducted, normal service had resumed on almost all V/Line trains. Any services still operating as replacement buses were not included in this survey.

Download the May 2016 Official Fare Compliance Series (PDF) 1.3MB

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Official fare compliance series: October 2015

Download the October 2015 Official Fare Compliance Series (PDF) 495kB

Download the October 2015 Official Fare Compliance Series - accessible version (DOC) 1.2MB

Train station patronage

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Bus route patronage

Metropolitan bus patronage for FY2014 to 2015

Download the accessible version of the FY2014 to 2015 Metropolitan bus patronage summary (XLSX) 2.1MB

Bus Patronage for FY2008-2009 to FY2011-2012

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