Secret Passages

Five minisites

These pages originated in the late 1990s, created in the twilight of my Hamilton days and the dawn of my Auckland experience.

The Kraw and McKay sites used to live on Geocities, which made some people think they were real, and Id end up getting angry or bewildered email.

My favourite of all is the OFFICIAL website for Hamilton bogan band Prime Devastation. They should have been destined for greatness.

Robyns Page of Various Assorted Stuff


This is the very first version of my website, as it looked when I first uploaded on 19 June 1996. Apart from a bit of cockiness (well, I was only 21), Im still pleased with this as my first effort. Its what the internet used to look like.



When I first got online, I first wanted to just do what everyone else was doing, which unfortunately was 99% rubbish. So in order to get the wackness out of my system, I created the BadWickedEvil page, which has grown into a wonderland of webshite.

Cocktails and Entertaining with Bob and Karen


An old cocktail recipe brochure and the ’90s vogue for all that is swingin’ and groovy inspired this informative website of hip husband and wife Bob and Karen. They’d love to have you over for cocktails.

The McKay Family


This originally lived at Geocities and was intended as a parody of the sort of family website orchestrated by an enthusiastic parents and not-so-enthusiastic kids. But the McKays soon took on a life of their own.

Dr Kraw


An anti-marijuana pamphlet from the 1930s inspired the words of wisdom from Dr Johannes Kraw. This site has been enraging rebellious teenz since 97.