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Group Indemnity Medical Insurance coverage can assist in supplementing your present medical coverage. There are five benefit categories: hospitalization, outpatient, diagnostic & wellness, surgery, prescription drug. Within these benefits, a predetermined amount is payable for common services performed by your health care provider. Below is some helpful information about this type of plan.

A vast PPO network

The network consists of 535,000 individual practitioners and over 87,000 facility locations, including over 4,800 acute hospitals. GIM provides in- and out-of-hospital benefits that correspond with medical expenses.
Shop around

If you find a provider that offers the service for less than what the plan allows, the plan will give you the difference for that medical service. It pays to do some shopping.
Pays daily for hospital and intensive care stays

GIM insurance coverage can help supplement current medical coverage by providing cash benefits if you are injured or ill and must visit a doctor, go to the ER, or stay in the hospital. Plus, the coverage includes benefits for transportation, ambulance, diagnostic X-ray, and wellness / preventative tests.
Access your benefits 24/7

Register online to track history and claims. You may also upload claim requests and review coverage. Payment processing can be expedited by filing claims online. Be prepared with your social security number, zip code, and birth date when registering.
Program loyalty rewarded

Benefits increase by 5% after the first coverage year and each coverage year thereafter for the next 5 years. This increase does not apply to optional elections, such as short term disability and other chosen enhancements.
EyeMed & ScriptSave

Included with the base coverage are two free discount programs for vision and prescription medication that work in addition to your benefits.
Faster payments

You can expedite the payment process by filing online. Receipts and forms can be uploaded onto our website.
Name your provider

Reduce up front out-of-pocket costs by assigning benefits to a medical provider.
Don’t forget to sign it

Whether mailing claim forms or submitting them online, it is very important to remember to include your signature and receipt when submitting. This will prevent complications and delays.
Portable benefits

The plan benefits are portable and COBRA eligible. If you leave your employer, you may elect to continue under the same level of coverage and pay monthly premiums. You must choose whether to keep your coverage within 60 days.