REVIEW: Saturday Night Cream Ale by Stack Brewing Co.


Like the name of the beer, it’s made for easy drinking on Saturday Night. Great for Hockey Night in Canada and tolerating Don Cherry’s rant about foreign players and good ol’ Ontario boys, this beer is made for that.

Out of the tallboy pours a straw-yellow colour with a white head that quickly instantaneously disappeared. The aroma is of a bayhale that was freshly cropped, the corn, the biscuit, and grains. The taste is similar to it but with a tyranny of sweetness.

That being said, this is most likely the weakest beer of their line-up (so far!) – I have had their Stack ’72 (which was fantastic…) and their Chocolate Cherry Stout (again, another great beer.) There will be times where a brewery will make great beer and not so great beer. It’s not just for me.

For Saturday Night Cream Ale, it’s a modest 2.5 out of 5 pints.