Free to Hear

We all know the drill: music is expensive to buy, and, well, we don't always end up liking what we hear. However, thanks to amazing technological innovations like streaming music we no longer have to pay for music we might not like. Sophisticated discovery algorithms even guarantee that we never accidentally discover anything we might not like. There's never been a better time to be a fan of sharing and discovering - even of music.


Free to Create

But there's still a problem: Did you know that music can also be expensive to make? Some artists have discovered that sharing their music for free can be tough financially.

Though artists are widely documented as being reactionary and self-centered, they do have a point, buried down somewhere beneath the alarmist rhetoric and obtuse royalty breakdowns.


Free to Share

Which brings us to a question no one has dared to ask up to now: How do we find a way of extending the joy of free to the artist as well as the fans? Is there a way to prevent anyone from spending money ever?


Free to be Free

For the fans, SAP helps make the daily barrage of content that much easier to analyze and rate, leaving more time for discoverness, freedoming, and sharehood.

For the artist, it means freedom to stream their work to the world, without sacrificing their livelihood or their original recordings.

As the song says: all the best things in life are free.


Meet the Team

Josh Tillman has collaborated closely with Casey Wescott to ensure that every song on his new Father John Misty album "I Love You, Honeybear" (available Feb. 10th in the US via Sub Pop and Feb. 9th in the UK/EU from Bella Union) is presented accurately at minimal expense. Rest assured, no surprises should you make the decision to buy the album!


I Love You, Honeybear | Free to Hear

Critical Update to launch beta 150129 0:11:34PT:
By popular demand, SAP player now features download links. In player track listing, simply right-click on the file format desired.

Like what you're hearing? Head on over to the Father John Misty webstore to buy I Love You, Honeybear

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