H.O.R.S.T. - Heuristic Opening Repertoire Specialist & Trainer
(A completely new software for organization and training of chess openings)

  • Create and organize your own repertoire with an unlimited number of openings & variations
  • Use the standard PGN format for import & export of openings & variations & games
  • Use Drag & Drop and Cut & Paste in order to move and copy openings & variations
  • Navigate easily through your complete opening repertoire by using a flexible tree view and a smart game notation
  • Save and change as many comments as needed for every white and black move
  • Set and change evaluations of moves and positions by using comfortable drop down lists
  • Play or view variations & games move by move manually or automatically
  • Train variations by using a training assistant and let the results be saved automatically
  • Evaluate and visualize your training results as bar graph, line graph or detailed grid view
  • And much more...
03-29-2005 The first draft of the H.O.R.S.T. homepage is online!


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