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Metal parts fabricationAt this moment we stamp about 2 million parts per week. We have extensive experience producing small, medium and large size parts. Over 35 presses of up to 600 Tons are used for progressive and manual stamping operations. In the first place, we always listen to your needs. Accordingly, we analyze your technical drawings and focus our engineering strength on creating added value by reducing the cost and increasing the quality of your products. This is what we mean by product design consulting. We are assisted in this process by simulation software to predict material behavior and our quality system including risk assessment.

Tool and die fabrication

Progressive die designDesign and fabrication of progressive dies is an art that takes decades to truly master. Our tool and die shop started off more than 25 years ago from a German apprenticeship program. About 100 years of combined experience and continuous improvement make us unique in Mexico. We can proudly quote our customers stating that our tool and die shop is nationwide the best you can find. Our die design software allows us to predict material behavior and to simulate the complete progressive stamping process. If you already own the dies and you want to transfer them, the first thing we’ll do upon arrival is thoroughly inspect them. Afterwards you’ll be given a report that indicates the exact state of your dies. The dimensional reports of your parts are made by means of our state of the art metrology equipment which is set up in an acclimatized room to ensure accuracy.

 Sheet metal

Strippit P-Series-122Sheet metal fabrication is the right answer for your low volume production needs. We can also offer prototype production for feasible parts. Our brand new LVD turret punch press incorporates the latest in high speed servo controlled hydraulic punch technology. With our 7-axis press brakes we can assure repeatability of about 0.0004 inch.


e-coatThe quality of our in-house electrocoating line is the result of about 15 years of continuous improvement and investment. One of the benefits is that - no matter how complex the geometry of your part - we can assure optimal adherence of nearly constant coating thicknesses that only differ thousands of inches. The result will be high corrosion resistance of over 1000 salt spray hours. We offer e-coat in grey and black, the main colors used for automotive components. Since e-coat is water based, it is considered environmentally friendly because it only contains 3% volatile organic solvents. According to your needs e-coat can be used either as a primer to protect against corrosion or as a finished coating. Some parts are exposed to very intense wear conditions. If this is the case, we can apply powder or liquid coating on the primer e-coat layer.

Powder coating

powder coatingWith our powder coating line, we can apply any color you want to your parts. We have several cabinets that are each dedicated to one single color. This enables us to recuperate 100% of the powder. Some parts are exposed to very intense wear conditions. If this is the case, we firstly apply a primer e-coat layer and afterwards a powder coating layer. This way optimal corrosion resistance is obtained. Having all these services in-house we keep our customers satisfied assuring competitive prices and on time deliveries.

Secondary operations

Flexibility is our middle name. We couldn’t be a one-stop-shop for metal parts without our in-house secondary operations and our outsourced activities.

In-house secondary operations:

o Welding

o Tox, staking

o Hardware insertion

o Tapping, piercing, trimming

o Deburring

o Degreasing

o E-coat

o Powder-coating

Outsourced activities

The following activities are offered by our approved local suppliers:

o Zinc, nickel and tin plating

o Phosphate and oil

o Heat treatment

o Component assembly

o Silk screen and pad printing

o Black oxide

o Material laboratory tests

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ISO TS certified one-stop-shop for metal parts founded in 1988 by the Belgian engineer Willy Kerckaert.


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