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Accept blockchain payments risk-free online or at a physical location, with payout in your local currency.

Accept Blockchain Payments
Your Information Is Safe

Customers Pay in digital currencies such as Bitcoin – You Receive Euros, Dollars, Kroner and More

If you own a web shop or offer your services online, blockchain payments make it easy for anyone to pay you regardless of where they are in the world. Coinify offers seamless integration using shopping cart plugins, hosted shopping carts and payment buttons.

All Devices

Everyone May Accept Blockchain Payments From Anyone

Whatever you are selling, wherever you are selling from, and whoever you are selling to – the blockchain payment network empowers you with more possibilities at a lower cost than traditional payment methods.

Bitcoin Invoice on Mobile

Online Payments – Accept Blockchain Payments Globally

Accept blockchain payments risk-free with Coinify. If you want to sell an item for €100 using the Coinify platform, the amount is converted to a digital currency such as bitcoin, and the customer can pay using any wallet of their choice. Coinify locks in the exchange rate for you, and the following business day €100 will be sent to your payout or bank account of choice. Unlike most credit card payment services, you do not need to wait until the end of the month to get paid. No need to worry about chargebacks or fraud when accepting blockchain payments either.

Point of Sale

Point of Sale – Accept Blockchain Payments at a Physical Location

Coinify Point of Sale allows you to accept blockchain payments in person anywhere from anyone. Whether you own a shop, drive a taxi, sell at markets, offer services from an office, or sell personal belongings from time to time, Coinify POS does the trick.

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