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Chicago, Illinois
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    "Young people are tired of the lying, corruption, & collusion coming from DC. The DC elite have gotten richer while middle America suffers."

  2. Tom Brady voted for Trump. He's a champ!

  3. Hillary opposes School Choice, the only force that can save our failing schools, because she is bought and paid for by the Unions!

  4. “If you can’t run your own house, you certainly can’t run the White House!” -

  5. Tomorrow, we have a chance to blow up the corrupt system that is bankrupting America.

  6. Doesn't matter what Comey says or does. Hillary is guilty, and the world knows it!

  7. Hillary's weakness caused four American deaths in Benghazi. Then her utter lack of character caused her to lie to the victims' mothers. WOW.

  8. We had a great time spreading awareness on why to our fellow Buffs yesterday! Look for us on campus next week!

  9. Super excited to announce that I will be 'a new Florida Regional Director starting in December!

  10. "We have outsourced the American Dream to other countries" in Detroit

  11. Hillary Clinton got the debate questions ahead of time and she still did terrible!

  12. . looking strong in Florida. We have to keep on his seat. He is a fantastic important voice in the Senate. Beat Murphy!

  13. The Hillary SnapChat filter isn't working out so well....

  14. Not only is Hillary corrupt & a criminal, she is one of the worst campaigners ever! Check out her worst/funniest moments of the 2016 race:

  15. Hillary's unfavorables have doubled over the past two weeks. If you don't like her, don't vote for her!

  16. How on earth did: 33,000 emails take 260 work days and then 650,000 emails took 9 work days Something terribly wrong here.

  17. Michigan is a unique state. Bernie was down double digits in the polls then won big upset against Hillary. If Trump wins Michigan, its over

  18. You don't believe this. You oppose school choice. You support keeping kids locked in bad schools with failing teachers. You are a liar.

  19. Democrats worried sick about Michigan. Obama and Hillary both campaigning here today. Clinton just did major ad buy. They might lose!

  20. In Detroit: Black Uber driver voting for TRUMP! He says lots of blacks voting trump. Wow!

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      Islamophobic and a Nationalist & Proud of it, Check out my YouTube Channel General Dalughni

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