torsdag 17 februari 2011

Push To Talk (PTT) for Windows Vista 7 , 8 and 10 (skype, ingame, game) v1.4 - 2016/01/05

Push To Talk for Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10
A simple program that provide a push to talk solution for Windows.
It sets the mute and unmute states global in Windows vista, 7, 8 and 10 so it should work on all programs and games.

Mute and Unmute
When started, the program sets the mic to mute and when the program is closed, it unmutes the mic.
Bind any key as a hotkey and just press it to unmute and release to mute again.

Other stuff
* Discard hotkey
Function that discards any hotkey from the system, ie caps lock don´t get activated.
* Push To Mute
Reversed push to talk, hold to mute. 
* Sits in tray
* Unmute and Mute-sound
Select wav-files to play when the program unmute and mute the microphone, this kinds of sounds plays only for you.

Where can I download this PTT Client?!
Download the program here.
Ver: 1.4
VirusTotal: link 0 / 54 (0.0%)

Having problems?
* Only for Windows Vista, 7, 8 and 10
It uses a specific Windows Vista+ API to mute the microphone so don't bother trying to start it on XP or earlier versions. Not fully tested on Windows 8 and 10, some errors can occur.
* Windows UAC
The program uses a low level keyhook to catch keys outside its own window and thats why it works in games that otherwise disable Windows hotkeys. Because of that some antivirus program will whine about that. Also Windows will whine about that, so you must have UAC disabled if you're not a administrator on your account or the program will not be able to catch keys.
* Getting access denied?
Start the program as administrator, right click the exe and select properties, go to compatibility and check the "Run as administrator"-box.

In next version
- Please comment if you think this program needs more functions.

Change Log
v1.0 - 1365 downloads - 2011-02-17 to 2011-07-24 - Download 1.0
- Release
v1.1 - 1768 downloads - 2011-07-24 to 2011-09-29 - Download 1.1
- Fixed font and font size so windows doesent change it when using themes
- Added version number in title bar
- Added mouse detect in keybox (mouse support in v1.2)

v1.2 - 10440 downloads - 2011-09-29 to 2013-05-01 - Download 1.2
- Fixed support for CTRL and SHIFT keys to work globally
- Added mouse support
v1.3 - 11641 downloads - 2013-05-01 to 2016-01-05 - Download 1.3
- Added support to select input device
- Added Push To Mute option (reverse ptt)
v1.4 - ????? downloads - 2016-01-05 to NOW
- Added support for ALT keys
- Added support for multiple keys as hotkey

v 1.4