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Spiritual Jewelry By Ka-Gold
Spiritual Jewelry By Ka-Gold



Experience a New Science of Instant Transformation

The dawn of this new Quantum Age presents you with the radical new paradigm--that you are not your body or your situation, but instead are pure energy, pure consciousness. You exist in an interconnected holographic multiverse in which you are literally jumping from one parallel universe to another with every choice you make. Through such quantum jumps, in a moment you can become smarter... more confident... happier... more outgoing... more effective... in better relationships... with more willpower. You can gain practical tools to achieve real change in your life, and leap forward to become happier and more prosperous, living the life of your dreams. Join me in exploring the place where science comes together with inspiration and imagination, asking "How good can it get?!"

It's a Beautiful Life, but I Couldn't Feel It

You might already know that it's possible to have lots of money yet not have enough freedom or time to spend with your family, let alone feel you have a sense of meaning in your life. Several years after I left a high-paying corporate job to spend time raising my young children, I went through a divorce, became a single mom... and then discovered some truly amazing ways to enjoy life to the fullest doing what I most enjoy. I love sharing these reality shifting ideas through my monthly RealityShifters newsletter, blog posts, books, and workshops to help you transform destructive thought-patterns and behaviors.

Reality Shifting Books

My best-selling books include:

RealityShifters booksQuantum Jumps
Reality Shifts
High Energy Money, and
Aura Advantage.

I've also written a young adult novel and created a meditation CD:

Karen Kimball
Aura Healing Meditations CD (USA)
Aura Healing Meditations CD (UK)