Towing Lead Generation – 100% Exclusive “LIVE” Towing Leads

  • We Send You “LIVE” Phone Calls

  • All you do is answer your phone

  • All calls are tracked & recorded

  • Exclusive Live Leads – No Sharing

  • You only pay for qualified calls

  • Pay A Flat-Rate per qualified call

  • No phone calls = no cost to you

  • No Contracts, Cancel Anytime

  • No Set-Up FEE, Quick FREE Sign-Up

TOWING LEADS – Pay Per Call Towing Lead Generation

DOTCOMXP™ – TOWING LEADS / Towing Lead Generation

10dollarfreetowingleads2DotcomXP™ is a pay-per-call towing lead generation company modeled after search engines pay-per-click. Instead of paying for fraudulent clicks on your website or ad, you pay for a “LIVE” customer call to your towing business. We figured most tow truck companies need more prospects calling them versus clicking on their site or banner ads. We created a system where we get targeted customers to pick up the phone and call you for your towing services. You are the only one that gets the call. We only charge you for qualified calls. Now, you can hire us to generate qualified “LIVE” towing leads for you, while you concentrate on providing excellent service to your customers!


Pay-Per-Call Towing Lead Generation – Here’s How It Works:

  • STEP #1 – Prospects search online for towing services that you provide…

    howitworksWe are experts at understanding exactly where customers search online for your towing services and then redirecting that targeted traffic to call our phone that we forward to your place of business. The challenges local tow truck companies face today cannot be found in spending thousands of dollars on the next big online craze like social media, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin (although those can be beneficial) we decided as a company to deliver exactly what you want… “LIVE” prospects calling you…

  • STEP #2 – Prospects find our ads, all phone calls forwarded to you…

    We take the risk and confusion out of online marketing for tow truck companies by investing and testing the best methods to drive hungry customers to pick up the phone and call you for your specific towing services. No other marketing company offers risk-free marketing to tow truck companies. All you have to do is answer the phone… Simple direct ‘risk-free’ marketing the way it should be.

  • STEP #3 – Pay for qualified towing calls, no short calls or customer service calls…

    You only pay for qualified calls from customers who want and need your towing services. We have a unique system that tracks calls and determines if they are qualified prospect or not. Wrong number, junk calls, duplicate calls, and solicitation calls are never charged. Our business is delivering you real customers not tire kickers. DotcomXP™ is a pay-per-call towing performance company like no other driving qualified customers to your phone and increasing your bottom line.

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Top 10 Most Frequently Asked Questions About Our Program…

  • Question #1 – How does pay per call work?

    FAQSWe generate phone calls from local targeted customers that are looking for your towing service. We then forward these calls onto your business. At the end of each week, you will receive a report of all calls we generated for you.

  • Question #2 – How do you generate towing leads?

    We have done all the hard work for you. We place strategic ads across a variety of online platforms including Google, Yahoo, Bing, YouTube, Facebook and many more.

    Here’s an example:
    Towing Leads

    Our expertise allows us to take on all the risk incurred with advertising, allowing you to reap the benefits of “LIVE” phone calls directly to your towing business.

    A “LIVE” call is more valuable than a “CLICK” on your website. Only prospects that are serious
    will make the effort to call. Tire kickers CLICK… Buyers CALL…

  • Question #3 – How do I know which calls are from you?

    Our automated system tracks and records all incoming calls we generate and then automatically sends a “Call Notification” email to your email address whenever we forward a call to you.

    You can login to your Call Tracking Dashboard anytime and view your complete call detail report which includes the phone number, date, time and call duration. You can even listen to the call recordings.

  • Question #4 – How do you monitor if a call is qualified?

    Our system monitors all calls that we generate and forward onto your business. We will charge you if a call goes over a particular length. This length (call duration) may vary but is normally set at 60 seconds (1 minute).

    After reviewing hundreds of phone calls, we’ve determined that 60 seconds will give you sufficient time to QUALIFY a prospect. Therefore, any call that lasts a duration of more than 60 seconds is counted as a “qualified call”.

    You ONLY pay for “qualified” towing calls! Wrong number, junk calls, duplicate calls, and solicitation calls are never charged. Our business is delivering you real customers not tire kickers.

  • Question #5 – Will I get charged even for general inquiries?

    Yes, as long as the call is qualified (ie. not a nuisance caller and of a certain length – see Question 4 above).

    Businesses that invest into ‘Google AdWords PPC – pay-per-click’ understand that not every click will turn into a paying customer. The same applies with pay-per-call.

    No company can guarantee that every prospect that rings you will turn into a paying customer. This is a fact of business.

    Even if you were to advertise in the Yellow Pages™, telephone directories or place ads on the radio, not every inquiry would turn into a paying customer. But you would still have paid for this advertising in advance.

  • Question #6 – How much do you charge compared to other companies?

    Our prices (starting at only $20 per qualified towing call) vary depending on geographic area but typically we will always charge you less for an “EXCLUSIVE” lead than you would find elsewhere.

    DotcomXP™ offers you exclusive “LIVE” towing leads. It is down to you to close the leads that we send. Remember, we don’t charge in advance for our lead generation service, only for the calls that you receive. And we don’t tie you into long term contracts.

  • Question #7 – How do I pay for my towing leads / calls?

    Our billing period runs from Monday to Sunday… On Monday morning, you will receive an invoice via email for all qualified calls the previous week. We’ll simply auto-charge your credit card for the total amount due. It’s simple, automatic and convenient (saving you time and stress). We accept all major credit cards – Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.

  • Question #8 – Will I see a return on investment with you?

    Absolutely… We only provide you with exclusive towing leads. We also deliberately under charge for our leads (compared to other companies) because we understand that not every inquiry turns into a live paying customer.

    At DotcomXP™, our aim is to be fair.

    At the end of each week, we want to make sure that the additional revenue you have generated, from all the calls we have sent you, far exceeds the amount that you pay us.

    This keeps both parties happy. Our existing clients find such an incredible value from our towing pay-per-call lead generation service that they stay with us long term.

  • Question #10 – How Do I Get Started?

    It’s very simple… To get started with DotcomXP™’s Pay-Per-Call Towing Lead Generation service, simply fill out the quick sign-up form on the right. Once we received your info, a rep will contact you within 48 hours to set up your account and marketing campaign so you can start receiving “LIVE” towing phone calls as quickly as possible. At DotcomXP™, our goal is to make your phone ring more…for less!



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