First of all, ...

First of all, we wish you a Happy New Year 2016! to all of you who have made real this project that was MELKART and we started in 1995.

It is you, through all this time, who have driven, year after year, with your presence and encouragement, our enthusiasm for continuing and, above all, keeping improving to offer you the school that you deserve.

That's why, come the end of one year, 2015, we wanted to close a cycle, or at least a way to understand the concept that, until now, Centro Melkart had been managed.

Every end is a beginning. And perhaps this is the phrase that sums up in the best way what we try to communicate. Ending because Melkart has ceased to exist. Beginning because during these winter months we are trying to carry out a new project, a project that we hope will soon see the light and will represent a step towards the future, a renewal, according to the times in which we are.

And, certainly, we will succeed, always with your help.

With your help, because if Melkart can be proud of anything, it is your loyalty.

Year after year, many of you (we would like to list your names, but we'd need much space ...) have continued to come, returning to this city and our school and those of you who have not been able to do it, have continued to keep in contact with us or have demonstrated us your affection so many kilometers away and for so long.

But we will teach you again our language, from the heart as always, language which is already yours. Hopefully soon!

Meanwhile, we will continue here. And you can get in touch with us by writing to the following emails:

María del Mar
José Manuel

We would love to hear from you!

... And when the new project is already a reality we will be back with you to begin what a day we started ... this adventure through Spanish language.

Yours forever,
María del Mar y José Manuel