Monday, 12 October 2015

Retraction of Books and Miscellaneous.


This document accentuates the fact that the publishing /marketing and other auxiliary and ancillary facets attendant to a Publishing Agreement stand annulled de jure with effect from this day i.e. Friday October 24, 2014. I, Dr. I.R. Durrani as the copyrighted author published two books with the estimable M/s Melrose Books Publishing House based in Ely, Cambridgeshire, UK. The book titled Scientific Writings bearing ISBN: 978-1-906561-08-6 was published in 2009 and the second titled œ Fairy Tales , The end the Science and the Resurrection bearing ISBN : 978 1 907040 31 3 was published in 2010. For some unfortunate reasons , I am constrained to take the following measures which inter alia exhaustively and comprehensively circumscribe the Termination of the Agreement between the two parties mentioned above.

1- I, Dr I.R. Durrani hereby retract  the two books detailed above. The text of the two books is rendered obfuscated. The books are removed and deleted. 
2- I, Dr I. R. Durrani , relinquish authorship of the books at issue. I reiterate that I cede, forsake, abnegate and renounce authorship of the said books. I am no longer the copyright holder. I forfeit my intellectual property right forthwith. 
3- The Publishing Agreement which was twice signed between the two parties stands de-facto abolished, annulled, retracted , revoked , invalidated and nullified with immediate effect. The latter affect implies that the Publishing Agreement becomes infructuous ; de-jure.
4- As I have with immediate effect forfeited the right of authorship , I am totally and in complete entirety absolved from responding to any complaint , insinuation , and innuendo . Such libelous remarks or any other form of obloquy directed against me may never be forwarded to me.
5- Since the Termination of Agreement between the two parties comes into force with immediate effect, it should be made operational and functional forthwith. 
6- An acknowledgement of this termination notification may be sent to me at the earliest. 

Sd/------Dr..I.R Durrani
October 24, 2014 
From: Jill de Laat (
Sent: Friday, October ,24,2014 1:24:31 PM
To: Ijaz Durrani:

Dear Dr Durrani:
Thank you for confirmation of the termination of both contracts.All remaining copies will now be destroyed .
With kind regards,
Mrs Jill de Laat 
Melrose Books
St Thomas' Place ,
Cambridgeshire , 
01353 646608

FAO: Dr. A.K Sharma ; Editor, BPAS, India. The articles published under my name in the Journal 
Bulletin of Pure and Applied Sciences (BPAS)June 2011, February , 2012 and July 2012 are being retracted herewith --clause# 4 as above operates here. Thank you. 


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