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  • Written by  Ijaz Durrani
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I am constrained to write a rebuttal for posting in Viewpoint concerning the above article (url:  written by Dr Isa Daudpota. While I have nothing against the author, nor do I know him, and neither am I interested in most of the article 's contents, what chagrins me  is why has he maligned and slandered me. In the section 'Holmes and Watson Discover Durrani'  Mr Isa has involved himself in:  

1- Gross DMCA infringement and WIPO violation

2- He has defamed me in no uncertain terms and slandered me most callously.

3- He has used derogatory language for no reason at all

All this he has done at the behest of his mentor a blogger and self-confessed anarchist by the name of Zahir Ebrahim whom he (Isa) has quoted time and again. I am approaching you  with the request for posting my version in Viewpoint as soon as possible, to clear any cobwebs of doubts that may linger in the minds of the readers.  To clinch the issue I attach copyright pages of the two books that are being maligned. This will make the readers realize that Dr Isa Daudpota has committed a blatant crime. Why an estimable magazine like Viewpoint, allows such inanities to get to a printing stage without filtration, is beyond me to decipher. The veracity or otherwise of the submission should be ascertained before it is published. I hope my submission will be posted with alacrity that you promised. I will most certainly approach the court for charges of slander and willful defamation against the author of the obnoxious article (the section dealing with me), unless the ‘estimable’ Dr Isa Daudpota posts a redaction and an unqualified apology.  I have also very politely communicated with Dr Daudpota but he has refused to respond. Hence my submission for a possible posting.  

Copyright page of book titled” Scientific Writings” (2009) ISBN 1906561087, 9781906561086

Copyright page of book titled “ Fairy Tales, the end Science and the Resurrection” (2010) ISBN : 1907040315, 9781907040313

(Dr. IR Durrani is ex Vice Chancellor,University of South Asia, Lahore).

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