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Shakhtar Crest

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In May of 1936 the team adopted their first crest. It was a blue hexagon with a red skirt with letter C crossed with a coal hammer. In 1946, when the sports society and the team were renamed from Stakhanovets into Shakhtar, the club crest acquired the signature ДСО «Шахтер» and a picture of a gob pile and a pile-driver.

In the sixties two crossed hammers appeared in the centre and a signature «Шахтер» Донецк around the logo. Approximately since that time (except for several seasons at the beginning of the 90-s) the crest has been on the players' T-shirts.

In 1989 artist Viktor Savilov on the event of the club restructuring offered a draft variant of a logo with elements of the ball and pith.

In 1997 the crest design was slightly altered. It remained the club’s official symbol till 2007.

On 5 December 2007 FC Shakhtar presented its new crest that had been designed by the Italian company Interbrand.

Первую свою эмблему «горняки» получили в мае 1936 года.В 1946 году  на эмблеме клуба появились надпись ДСО «Шахтер», а также изображения террикона и копра.В середине 60-х на эмблеме в центре располагались два перекрещенных молота.В 1989 году впервые на эмблеме появился футбольный мяч и элемент футбольного поля.В 1997 году эмблеме придали более современный вид.


Lyrics: K. Arsenev
Music: I. Krutoy

Glory to you, dear Shakhtar!
Never ever will betray you
The sky of football stars,
Where shines, like the Milky Way,
The light of your wins.

Chorus (2x):
Green fields are for you, Shakhtar,
My fate forever lies with you, Shakhtar,
The medal of my love is for you, Shakhtar.
May shine in foreign cities
And permanently protect you from defeats
The bright star of football!

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