Publishers can appeal the inclusion of their journal or publisher on this blog’s lists. If you believe that your journal should not be included on the list, please send an email to the blog’s owner, Jeffrey Beall, at

In the email, please state the reasons why you believe your publisher or journal should not be included. The email will be forwarded to a four-member advisory board. The board will then review the publisher’s website and conduct on the publisher’s operations. The board will then advise the blog’s author to retain or remove the listing. Appeals are limited to one per year.


1,210 Responses to Appeals

  1. Roy says:

    I went through the criteria for the inclusion of journals in your list, and I wonder why some are on the list. Kindly state with precision, why International Journal of Medicine and Biomedical Research is on the list.

    • 1. There is the regular occurrence of plagiarism among the articles. For example, one of the journal’s articles contains this passage, without any attribution:

      “Variability in CD4+ LCs among healthy HIV seronegative adults has been widely reported and has been attributed to biological, ethnic group influences as well as differences in the methodologies used for T-cell enumeration.”

      That passage originally appeared here:

      2. Much of the authors’ guidelines is copied from other sites.

      3. The journal has a very broad coverage to attract more author fees, and there are already many journals with a similar coverage — there is no authentic need for this new journal. It’s just being done for the profit.

      4. The journal claims to be indexed is services that are not abstracting and indexing services.

      5. There no indication of the journal’s digital preservation policies.

      6.. There is no indication of the journal’s policies regarding retraction.


    • Oh says:

      Dear Beall, I would like to know about “Journal of Economic Perspective” (JEP). Is it respected ? Thanks.

  2. Fahrul Agus says:

    Can You explain to me, why IISTE.ORG on the list, and how the

    • Dr. Obadara O. says:

      I indeed want to know what makes IISTE.ORG to be in your list.

      • I see the following problems:

        1. Bogus grants program (possibly designed to fool people)
        2. Possible use of fake names
        3. Rapid review: “Fast publication: The average time between submitting a draft to the final publication is less than 30 days” In a different place it says, “Rapid review: The average review cycle is around 15 working days.”
        4. Claims its journals are indexed by services that are not A&I services.
        5. Contact us information includes P.O. boxes for US and UK addresses — likely no physical presence there.
        6. A fleet startup with many journals.
        7. Many grammatical errors on main website pages.
        8. Journals all have broad coverage / titles.
        9. Very few editorial board members from the west despite claiming to be “International”
        10. Licensing data not included on article PDFs.
        11/ APC not prominently stated.

      • GTBankplc says:

        Dear Doc. I indeed appreciate your good work. Thank you very much. Dr. Obadara, O.


  3. pari says:

    I found your blog very useful today as i was thinking to attend a conference from omics group. I have submitted an abstract to European conference on sustainability, Energy & Environment 2013, organized by IAFOR and planning to attend it in Brighton, UK. Please tell me is it a authentic organizer

  4. Alwi Husein says:

    Just out of curiousity, is it safe to say that journal indexed by elsevier or thomson reuters and have an impact factor of more than 0.5 are not predator journal?
    I’m submitting my journal to “Indian journal of Applied research” which is under “” and i do not see both the publisher nor the journal is on your list of predatory.

    • To your first question, no. There are some journals indexed in Scopus and that have an impact factor that are on my list; the criteria are diffrerent.

      The Global Journals is indeed on my list; it’s filed under G not T.

      • Adam says:

        In other words, is it OK if I submit a paper in a journal indexed in Scopus but the publisher is listed as predatory publisher? Thank you.

      • No, not in my opinion. When I add a publisher to my list, I add it for good reasons, and I believe that scholars should not submit papers to journals belonging to publishers on y list.

      • noor says:

        Dear Dr. beal
        I want to know how I can trust the impact factor of the “Indian journal of applied research”; there’s no results in….
        and the impact factor that mentioned in global impact factor is just for 2012 & 2013 and nothing about 2014 impact factor……
        How I can trust the impact factor that mentioned in the first page of journal ”” , they wrote their impact factor is 2.1…….
        please help me, I’m so confused……
        Your sincerely noor

      • None of this publisher’s journals has any legitimate impact factor.
        This publisher is lying. It is giving false information to lure people into submitting papers.
        Please do not submit any work to this publisher’s journals.

      • Rahul Sharma says:

        Dear Admin,
        We would like to bring you in notice that our publication is included in your fake journal list. IJRITCC is an reputed journal member of CrossRef and publish quality paper. We also strictly do not accept plagiarized papers. So we request you to remove IJRITCC journal from your fake journals list.

  5. T Singh says:

    Dear Dr. Beall
    I recently came across your effort to prepare a list of predatory journals. I really appreciate your effort and research in this area to help researchers in deciding to publish their work as well as to decide about their affiliation to the Editorial board of such journals.

    I went through the whole list and I also consider that most of the journals listed do not meet all the criteria to be not included in the list. However, I noted some journals that are in fact not open access in true sense and are listed on your website. For instance, the Indian Journal of Social Science Researches that appear on your list is a print journal and to the best of my knowledge they made available the content of some of the back issues on website freely hosted by to make the journal visible to scientific community. This site is perhaps deleted as it is not accessible.

    Further, they also do not charge printing cost except a mandatory reprint charge of Rs. 1000 against which they provide 10 reprints and one copy of the journal to each author of a given article. Thus, around 60 to 70% of the reprint charges would be used in sending the journal and reprints to the authors. In view of this I think the reprint cost in itself is not even enough to get the journal printed as in India the printing cost of around 100 pages journal is about Rs. 40000/ for 400 copies and thus if the publisher would publish around 40 articles per issue then only they can meet the printing expenses. I have not seen any issue of this journal that has published more than 20 articles. Thus, I hope the publisher meets the printing cost. I find that this journal also meet other criteria mentioned on your website.

    However, if you have listed it on your site then it is sure that you might have noted some thing that makes this journal to be listed here. But, these points may be very minor and rectifiable. Thus, if the publisher of this journal is made aware then such issues may be clarified or rectified.
    One problem that I noted that some part of the instructions to authors is similar to some other journals but this is an issue that may be rectified if the publishers are made aware of it.

    Would you please give the specific criteria that is violated by this journal so that it appears in your list.

  6. T Singh says:

    Dear Dr. Beall
    Thanks for your prompt reply and action. However, I am still of the opinion that this journal does not meet the criteria led by you for predatory open-access journals. .

    If you also have the same opinion now, then it would be better to remove this journal from your list of “Potential, possible, or probable predatory scholarly open-access journals”.

    If you need further information or clarification to do so, it would be better to contact the publisher or managing editor of the journal.

  7. T Singh says:

    I was on the Editorial Board of this journal

  8. pari says:

    Thanks for your kind reply…Can u please explain more about IAFOR (International Academic Forum) as it looks decent organizer. I have submitted an abstract and it is accepted in ECSEE-2013 to be held in Brighton, UK during 4-7 July, 2013. Should i go to attend it from India. I did not find many reviews about this.

  9. Mehdi says:

    Why did you mention Asian Research Consortium on the list? This website included 4 journals; and 1 new journal has been added recently. I think you should analyze this publisher again. This publisher has changed dramatically. You can submit one paper and see how rigorously they review the paper.

  10. Rahul Sharma says:

    I would like to include Auricle Technologies Pvt. Ltd. international journal IJRITCC to your site.

  11. Antonio Floriano says:

    I wonder why the publishing biggies didn’t make it to the list, as far as I know Elsevier has ridiculous subscription charges, which I suppose is predatory to the tax payers money. More over they have a history of sponsored journals in the past and who knows how many of them would be sponsored under the table.

    Another thing, I see that all the publisher’s are from developing countries that means we all should submit our work only to Elsevier, Wiley, Springer etc, that seems too much of a recommendation.

    As a researcher I would summit my work in any of the PubMed/Medline Indexed journals but definitely not the biggies, wont add a pie to the billion dollar clubs but would be happy to see a highly competitive scenario where all my fellow scholars are benefited.

    • It’s completely false that all the publishers on my list are from developing countries. If your research is as bogus as your statements above, then I doubt that any of the larger publishers would want to publish it anyway.

      • Antonio Floriano says:

        With due respect Librarian,

        There are a few of them from developed as well, we are talking about your list’s majority here.

        Plus, what is your opinion on the sponsored journals? For your reference :

        The community expects an over all analysis on the publishing business not limited to Open Access.

        And as far as my research works are concerned, I do spend an ample amount of time on analyzing the journal before submitting the manuscript, so please do not raise questions on that!!

      • In your earlier mean comment you said, “I see that all the publisher’s are from developing countries,” and now you have changed your story. I can research anything I want to research and exclude anything I want. Others are covering the traditional publishers quite well and don’t need my analysis on them. I limit my work to OA scholarly publishers.

        Who are you to say “The community expects an over all analysis on the publishing business not limited to Open Access” No one made you a representative of the community.

        Who are you anyway? I found nothing by you in Google Scholar.

  12. Amreen Khan says:

    Dear Jeffrey Beall,
    Can you please inform how a journal which is not open access is added on your list of scholarly open access journal . reply urgent

    • The intent of my list is to include OA publishers and OA standalone journals only. However, sometimes publishers change their models and it takes a while for me to catch up with that. Moreover, some publishers publish using the hybrid model, which includes both open-access and toll-access articles, including sometimes within the same journal.

  13. T Singh says:

    Dear Jeffrey Beall,
    I was waiting for your reply to my earlier post regarding Indian Journal of Social Science Researches.
    Would you please let us know why this journal appear in your list when it is not charging money for printing of articles except a very small amount to meet the charges to send 10 reprints and the copies of the journal to the concerned authors.Further, as I mentioned that it also does not meet any of the criteria (to the best of my knowledge) of predatory journal (as specified on your webpage).

    Would you please accede to my earlier request to review this journal again and remove it from the list (if you find it so).

    • The link is dead (404). I have indicated that on my list. When this happens, I leave it on my list and re-analyze it when the link gets fixed. If you know that the journal has a new URL, can you please tell me what it is? Of if you have any other useful information about the journal, please let me know. Thanks.

      • T Singh says:

        Dear Dr. Beall

        Thanks a lot for your reply
        You are correct that link is dead and I also informed you earlier about it.
        To the best of my knowledge the webpage was created on using the free server space of just to enhance the visibility of the journal to the academic community. As a result some back issues were made available for free access on the said website.

        Since the journal does not follow the open access policy, no further attempt was made to create new webpage. Further, the reason for using free space was the lack of financial support as the journal printing cost itself is largely met by the publisher and partially from the mandatory reprint charge received from the authors. As I mentioned earlier, the larger potion of the nominal reprint cost (Rs. 1000/) is spent in sending the 10 copies of the reprint and one copy of the journal to each author.

        Thus, at present there is no website/webpage of this journal and the earlier one is not functional.

        I think that since this journal is not open-access journal, it may be removed from your list if you consider so. Further, if you want to review the hard copy of the journal then I may try to get the email address of the publisher/current editors.

        I once again thank you for your readiness to re-review this journal to evaluate whether it meets the criteria of predatory journal.

        best regards

      • Okay, I take your point and have removed the journal from the list.

  14. T Singh says:

    Dear Dr. Beall

    Thanks a lot for taking my point and removing the “Indian Journal of Social Science Researches” from your list of predatory journals. I am falling short of words to express my sense of gratitude towards you.

    This gesture shown by you is highly appreciable and is a strong evidence against the fake charges made by some publishers/journals that you bargain with them to remove the journals from the list.

    This case is an example where you have removed a journal from the list on the request of a person who is not the publisher of the journal.

    This is an open exchange between you and me regarding removal of the said journal and all the dialogues between us is open and available on this blog for all (including the critics of your pious and pro-academic mission and efforts).

    I thank you once again for your positive gesture and removal of the said journal from the list.

    • T Singh says:

      I forgot to mention in my earlier post that this is also an example where you have removed a journal from the list that is published from a developing country “India”.

      Thanks a lot. I salute the gesture shown by you.

      best regards

  15. Mehdi says:


    Whether you Assessed Asian Research Consortium; or you were too busy with your own works.


    • That publisher has been on my list for a long time. Please see my blog post about it.

      • Mehdi says:

        Thats why I asked you whether you assessed the publisher recently or not. You please read your blog spot one more time and compare your text with the present status of the publisher. You will see you are wrong. As you know, to survive in today’s global competitive market, any organization should adopt itself to new changes. Asian Research consortium follows this procedure and became a well-indexed publisher. You please update your lists by assessing your list annually. I insist that you will remove this publisher from your list, if you assess it one more time.

      • Okay, thanks for that clarification; I will have another look.

  16. padekan says:

    Please would you provide me the information of accreditation of The International Journal of Social Sciences (TIJOSS) ? Is it accredited by ISI, SCOPUS, or Open Access Journals? Or perhaps in any other accreditation system?
    Many thanks for your help at this matter….

    • Can you send me the URL of the journal you are talking about? There are several with the same title.

      Please note that ISI and Scopus do not “accredit” journals.

  17. Mehdi says:

    Dear Jefferey Beall,
    Please inform me the results of your assessment about Asian Research Consortium. Please inform me by email, or post a comment, here.

  18. padekan says:

    So…its mean, that the journal is OK…??

  19. Mehdi says:

    Dear Jefferey,
    I am waiting for your comment.

  20. Henrik Eger says:


    If there were a Nobel Prize for PATIENCE (NPP) and for answering queries from around the world succinctly—no matter how strangely some of those requests are phrased and how menacing some of those legal threats can be—that award would have to go to Dr. Jeffrey Beall of the University of Colorado Denver.

    Jeff, I salute you and only wish we had more researchers and librarians around the globe with your highly developed sense of ethics and your willingness to check and measure regularly each star to see whether it still orbits genuinely around the scholarly universe of open-access publishing or whether it is nothing but an artificial satellite that flashes by in the night and charges princely sums for the privilege of shining with vanity before it disappears into some black hole.

    I am sure that you, while looking up the heavens of research possibilities, are aware of each step up that steep hill of academic expectations, each entry carrying a heavy weight of responsibility on your shoulders. I have a sense that your middle name most likely will remain Atlas, the Titan who carries and endures the sky upon his shoulders: genuine, gigantic, but also vulnerable.

    Don’t give up your good work, no matter how many lawyers from overseas come knocking at your door.

    Jeff, I salute you, half a continent away from Colorado.

    Henrik Eger
    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

  21. foodpixie says:

    Dr. Beall,

    I noticed that SciDoc publishers was on your list. I must admit, when they emailed me to be an editor I was flattered, but I keep thinking it’s a scam but have no real proof. Why are they on the list? I am uncomfortable being involved with shady academic scams so I want to make sure that disassociating myself from the company is the best course of action.

    Thank you.

  22. […] the case that librarian’s do not always make perfect judgments, Beall’s site has a clear “Appeals” section that gives publishers easy instructions for appealing the inclusion of their journal on […]

  23. JP says:

    Can you take a look at journals? One of them is ISI but the others seem to be too colourful to be considered as an academic journak.

    • I think you mean no? I have looked at them, and have not found that they meet the predatory criteria at this time.

      • Rivai says:

        Fraud committed by IAMURE seems funny, like giving awards to people affected by the trap and then be photographed to be promoted as an advertisement at the next annual event. You will not find the name of the award recipient Indonesian researchers in Scopus journal indexed or Google Scholar (like Tatik Suryani, a professor who became victims see I think, IAMURE also a predatory publisher with many fake journals.

      • Genaro japos says:

        I wish to reply to rivai that he drags well meaning people like dr tatik suryani as a victim of his irresponsible act. I checked the link he gave and she was not even there. The page rivai referred to was part of the book of abstracts for the wrf event in cebu city, which dr suryani did not attend. We do not use winners to advertise our events.Dr. tatik suryani is a recognized educator and researcher in this part of Asia. Iamure awards for researchers require a citation track record as evidenced by an h- index. Our leadership awards do not require an h-index because these are intended for people who lead and manage research endeavors to push the frontiers of quality. Nominees go through a process of cv submission, essay and independent background check on their involvement. We validate publication list in google scholar, then we send documents to researcher judges in different continents for review and judgement. We keep records of such judgments.I wish people avail first of services and complain first hand to merit a valid complaint . I am sure rivai is not a client because if indeed he is, he could have complained through our customer satisfaction survey as part of iso 9001:2008 procedure. So far our records show our conferences have been rated excellent and have earned very good comments because we follow our iso certified conference protocols. I have high regards for the blog of dr beall and i do not wish this to become a venue to smear the reputation of people and organizations.

  24. Richa Sehgal says:

    I was thinking about sending my paper to “International Organization of Innovative Research and Development IJIRD” or “International Organization of Scientific Research IOSR ” or to a conference “ICBEE” International Conference of Chemical, Biological and Environmental Engineering” What do u think?

    • I think you should find better alternatives to the first two, the journal and the publisher. I don’t know enough about the third one, the conference, to comment on it.

  25. carlos says:

    What about Science Pubisher Group? What’s the criteria there?

  26. Christopher says:

    Beall, can you kindly tell me how to recognize a reputable journal and if a journal is new, cant one publish with them?

  27. Hesamedin says:

    Dr. Beall:
    What is your opinion about journal published from:
    b) Inder science publishers:
    c) Sciencedomain .com

    Please advise.

    • Regarding, Savvy Science Publisher, this is the first time I’ve heard of it, so I have no opinion at this time. I will analyze it, so thank you for letting me know about it.

      Regarding InderScience, this publisher is not open-access, and I limit my research to OA, so I have no opinion on this one.

      Regarding Science Domain, this publisher is on my list, so I recommend finding a better publisher.

      Thanks again.

      • Anna Basile says:

        Dear Sir,
        as you have mentioned in this reply, you limit your research to OA journals.
        So, can you explain me why Praise Worthy Prize Publishing House is in your list, since it doesn’t publish any Open Access journals, such as InderScience?

      • Good question. It appears that this publisher has changed to a subscription model. I will re-evaluate. Thanks for this information.

      • Anna Basile says:

        Mr. Beall thank you very much for your fast answer.
        So I’m waiting for your re-evaluation and consequent resuts as soon as you should provide it.

      • Anna Basile says:

        Dear Sir,
        I’m still waiting for your reply about the re-evaluation of Praise Worthy Prize Publishing House. It seems there are no open access journal in their catalogue and their model appears to be a subscription model, as you indicate in your last reply.
        So I don’t understand why it is still in your list.
        Thank you very much for your kind reply,

      • I want to keep it on my list at this time.
        This may be a trick to get me to remove it.

      • Son says:

        Could you please explain why Science Domain is on your list.
        Thank you.

      • It’s an India-based publisher that pretends to be American and British, using rented mailbox addresses in both countries and gratuitously publishing journals with titles that begin American Journal of… or British journal of… . I’ve written one blog post about the firm here. Pretty much everything about this firm is meager in every respect. It has the window dressing of a scholarly publisher, but open the curtains, and little is there.

  28. endor says:

    Dear Mr. Beall,

    please could you take a quick glance on this journal:

    They do not collect author fees but you have said somewhere on this blog that this is not a guarantee for a journal not being predatory.

  29. bhanta says:

    I would be curious to know about InderScience, too. Many ppl from my country publish there and domestic universities accept it as a legit publisher but somehow it seems to me that they are more like a business venture than a scientific publisher.

  30. K. M. Golam Dastogeer says:

    Dear Dr. Beall,

    Thank you very much for your great effort to make us aware about the journals worldwide. It is really helpful for potential authors for publication of their scholarly articles in appropriate journal. I want to submit my article to the journal “Journal of Research in Agricultural Science” (

    Could you please take a quick glance on this journal and comment on it and give me your valuable suggestions.
    With best regards

    • I have examined this journal before and did not find it to be a predatory journal. It is not perfect — there are some problems with English, and a few other minor problems, but I think this is an honest attempt to publish a scientific journal. Still, it’s not a top-tier journal. Always try to publish your research in the best journal possible — not the easiest one.

  31. joy macdermid says:

    I am concerned about predatory journals and get many editorial board invitations that I decline. I have found Hindawi journals to have poor practices. They recruit papers during free limited times and reject without explanation but then refer you to another one of their journals that does not have a free access period, conduct limited review etc. I now advise my graduate students to avoid them.

    However,I see Bentham Open is one your list of predatory journals. I have been on on of their editorial boards for a long time. (before i had to worry about things like above, since open access was just emerging). I am on Open Orthopedics and noted that the editorial board does stringent reviews, that papers do get rejected and that the publishers does seem to enforce good practice. I recently edited a special issue and was required to recruit 2 internationally recognized and independent reviewers for each manuscript. They reviewed these and were prompt and professional in reviewing the papers -finding a couple of references issues than the reviewers has missed. It is listed in PuBMed (many of their journals are not). It seems like this journal at least is a good one.

  32. Shomita Mukherjee says:

    I found this website that I felt should be included in your list:

  33. Shomita Mukherjee says:

    Apologies! I see it is is already listed.

  34. Justin says:

    What do you think of “Agriculture & Food Security” ( They charge quite high fees ($2235) but they are not on the list, so I’m not sure what to think about them.

    • That journal is published by BioMed Central, and that publisher is not on my list. I agree that the APC is high. I expect the higher-quality journals to continue to increase their article processing charges. It’s the new serials crisis.

  35. Kizzy John says:

    Dear Beall,
    I am planning to attend a conference organized by World Academy of Science Enginerring & Technology (WASET). ICAMAME 2013 is the conference name and the location is Zurich, Switzerland or Dubai (Jan 2014). Could u please say whether it is Worth attending the conference as I have to spend some 350 euros for registration alone. Is it a GENUINE one?

  36. Aliaksandr Rahoisha says:

    Dear Jeffrey,
    I forsee a new trend in naming new journals.
    The letter I received yesterday:
    We have started an international, open access, peer reviewed online journal “Annalen der chemischen Forschung” with ISSN number-2321-1725. We have already published the first issue of our journal. We would like to index our journal in your esteemed database”, etc., etc.
    One may suggest that Justus Liebigs Annalen der Chemie (1875-1978) and Fortschritte der Chemischen Forschung (1949-1973) were the predecessors of the journal:)
    The Editorial Office of the journal is in India, the editors reside in India, Botswana, etc., but noone in Germany.
    “We assure you that we are committed to keep our open access publication charges at a minimum level” says the “Article Processing Charges” page. The minimum level is not specified.

    • dr.r.nagendra rao says:

      Dear Jeffrey
      I have gone through the journal. Compared to other journals, this journal is quite okay as it carries out the paper editing in satisfactory manner. But i dont see any merit in commenting on naming of journal. As it is the discretion of publisher to name the journal.
      Dr.R.Nagendra rao

  37. Aliaksandr Rahoisha says:

    Just a beautiful statement:
    “It is the only journal in the world which publishes research papers, review papers, review articles, technical reports, mini review and short commutations in all aspects of all fields of Chemical Sciences like Organic Chemistry,” etc., etc.
    IJCPS – International Journal of Chemical and Physical Sciences
    The journal is published in India.

  38. liza2408 says:

    I am wondering about The Clute Institute. I published a paper with them a couple of years ago on the suggestion of my co-author. The paper was peer-reviewed, or so we were told, but there were no reviewer comments sent to us, and the paper was accepted as is, and rather quickly. Since then I found a couple of minor errors — typos — and realize the paper was probably not copy-edited. I was shocked to find out that we had to pay $40 per page to publish. I had never heard of paying to publish but am told, especially by business professors, that it is increasingly common. One professor at our university published 84 articles in one year. My colleague says he did it with Clute.

    What do you think about Clute? And is paying for publication usual in OA journals?

    • liza2408 says:

      I just looked up Clute again, in case I was being rash in my opinion. Now they want $60 to review a manuscript, and $600 to publish a paper of 10-15 pages. Colleagues and I argue about the movement and wonder if this is becoming a normal practice.

      • Tom Thomas says:

        Just now found your query, Liza. The Clute Institute is a notorious pay-to-publish for-profit operation that does not provide peer review. Any department or tenure committee that counts publications in any of their journals should be investigated for either incompetence or corruption. Sadly, there are some that do.

  39. Godfrey says:

    Thanks for your effort. I would like you to revisit American Journal of Operational Research- AJOR (Scientific and Academics Publishers) and determine whether they deserve to be on the list. I sent my paper and their review process is so rigorous. I also checked the editorial board’ s affiliations they really exist. The editorial board of this journal are found nowhere else under SAPS except under AJOR. I feel it should be investigated further and help me decide.

  40. Efren says:

    Hi Dr. Beall,

    Would you check on as part of your predatory publishers? Many thanks.


  41. Efren says:

    Sorry, it should be

    • The publisher “iamure” that @Efren asks about is already discussed on this page.

      Great work, @Jeffrey Beall.

      Kudos on the way you handle the appeals posted to this page, off topic posts, and for your work in general. I second what @Henrik Eger says above.

      Hats off to you, sir!

  42. Flo says:

    Dr. Beall,
    I visited one site from your list:,
    and I found it similar in several aspects (e.g. paper processing fee, indexing, authorship certificate) with:
    I would be grateful if you could examine the latter journal and share your opinion.


  43. bagoo says:

    Dear Jeffrey, please kindly check this journal
    many thanks,

  44. Lim TT says:

    Dear Jeffrey,

    Can you please comment on the following:

    I searched and did not find it in your list or it already is.

  45. bagoo says:

    Dear Jeffrey,

    I would like to give some ideas as follow;

    1) As I ve seen some curiosities/ commences about some journals you named as a predatory. Therefore, I would like to propose the idea of making a one page of conclusion table (checklist) for all named journals and publishers with the reasons why they were put into predatory list. I believe this will be faired for all parties.

    2) I would like you to have a “recommended journals/ publishers to publish with”. Thousands of publisher are emerging every minute and honestly speaking that I dont want to know much about them, I just only want to find reliable journal to publish with. I do strongly believe this section will help thousand of scholars not to take risk of spoiling their names. (Nowaday, I am very worried to publish, even the publishers who are not listed in yours because I dont really know one day it will be listed or not and that for sure will wound my name therefore it is much better to submit to the one you suggest)

    Thank you,

  46. Sammy P. Pitoy says:

    thanks Jeffrey for your very helpful blog.. when I found out that Global Journals Inc (U.S) is in the lists of predator publishers, I e-mailed them telling that I am withdrawing the publication of my research article. based on the journal’s previous e mail to me “they say” that it is ready for printing and that within 20 working days, I will receive my only one hard copy where in fact, I have not sent them yet the publication fee in the amount of 300 USD. through the journal’s website, I saw the online copy of the publication with my article and five others. it is very attractive!! but what I noticed is that it did not undergo proofreading and I think, review because it’s 100 % the same with the original!!

    do they have the rights to “publish” it because I told them that I am withdrawing the publication of my article….

    and can I still publish my research article to other publication?

    thanks!! your blog help me a lot..

    • This is a difficult question. The situation is messy. I recommend being completely transparent with the next journal you submit the paper to. Tell them what happened. That way you protect yourself.

  47. Sammy P. Pitoy says:

    Jeffrey Global Journals is I think, a “big” publisher. what can you say about them…

  48. Dear Jeffery

    I want to know about “International Journal of Computational Bioinformatics and In Silico Modeling”. I have published one paper recently.
    Even can u pl recommend some of good bioinformatics journals with low article processing charges.

    Thanx & Regards


    • Well, that journal is published by Aizeon Publishers, a publisher that is included on my list of questionable publishers. I recommend that you talk to respected senior colleagues in your field to determine the best journals. Thanks.

  49. Sammy P. Pitoy says:

    dear Jeffrey,

    sad to say, Global Journal, Inc. (US) is until now, does not yet reply on my demand for explanation…it just proves what and who really they are…

  50. Alessia says:

    Hello Mr Beall,
    Is it possible for a journal to be fake but also indexed in international databases? For instance MCSER journals are on your list and I have checked them and they appear in DOAJ, Index Copernicus and EBSCO. I am really confused about this…

    • I don’t normally use the term “fake.” I generally say questionable or predatory. DOAJ does not sufficiently screen for quality, Index Copernicus accepts pretty much everything, and EBSCO wants to increase the number of journals it indexes in order to compete better with other A&I services.

      • Alessia says:

        Many thanks for your reply. Well, in terms of scientific quality. they are totally fake in my opinion. Anyway, this journals seems very weird to me: Would you kindly check this out? it claims an ISI index but there is no such journal in Arts and Humanities Citation Index (A&HCI) and Science Citation Index-Expanded (SCIE). In addition, the title seems really odd: European Journal of Science and Theology…Hmmm..a paradoxical association of terms.

      • Actually, the impact factor information this journal provides on its webpage is correct. It has an impact factor of 0.389. I don’t find that this journal meets the criteria for being a predatory publisher at this time.

  51. Alessia says:

    Mr. Beall, is this publisher in your list? I couldn’t find it on your blog.

  52. awantika shrivsatava says:

    Dear Sir

    Can u plz tell me that “International Journal of Sciences: Basic and Applied Research (IJSBAR) ” is in your list or not?


    Awantika shrivastava

    • It’s not on the list at this time, but I have not heard of this journal before, so please give me some time to have a look at it (a week at least). Thanks.

      • awantika says:

        Dear Bell
        Can u plz list out good journals for publication which don’t have article processing charges?

        Awantika Shrivastava

  53. Kenny says:

    Dear Dr.Beall,

    Please kindly ensure me whether “International Journal of English and Education” is a valid journal? Its link is
    Thank you.

    • I think it’s a very low quality journal, and I would recommend that anyone considering submitting a paper there choose a better venue.

      • Kenny says:

        Dear Dr.Beall,

        Thank you so much for your kind investigation. Therefore, it is NOT a predatory journal but its quality may not be high. Am I correct? I have my paper published in that journal as I thought there are a board of reviewers from all sorts of academic institutes. However, I will be more aware of it next time. Thnak you for your wise collection of predatory publishers and journals.

      • It is questionable, if not predatory, and I recommend that researchers find a better venue than this one.

  54. Umesh says:

    Sir, may i know why you include International journal of computer application (IJCA) journal……‎

    • This journal uses deceit. It claims to have an impact factor when it really doesn’t. Also, The journal says it’s published by a bogus foundation and headquartered in New York: Foundation of Computer Science, 244 5th Avenue, # 1526, New York, NY 10001, USA — This is likely a mail forwarding service. There are additional reasons. I think the journal is really based in India.

      • hesamedin ramezani says:

        Dear Dr. Beall,

        What do you say about the journal “journal of ethnobiology and traditional medicine”. Is it not a predatory journal? They ask for a very hefty publication fee; if you commit to pay, then they process the ms. Or simply being from BMC group, it is not predatory and fine. Please comment.


        Date: Sat, 3 Aug 2013 17:58:47 +0000

      • I think it is a very fine journal.

      • ajeya says:

        Is being based in India the reason. Or is it really deceitful. I see many profiles having IJCA in their publications list. I also got recently published. Can you be more elaborate on listing IJCA.

  55. JANE OMWENGA says:

    why is CPI included in your list?

  56. Mihai says:

    Dear Dr.Beall,

    Please kindly ensure me whether the journals and conferences form are valid.

    Best regards

  57. Mihai says:

    Dear Dr. Beall,

    please receive the following response from International Office of Iceland University regarding a clone of Jokull Journal (see

    ”The webpage is a fraud, designed to make money on false
    services. The web hosts have stolen the identity of Jökull and the editor.
    The webhost claims not to be responsible and is not willing to close the
    false webpage. We are establishing our own site which will be launched soon.

    The journal Jökull is published by the Glaciological and Geological
    Societies of Iceland. Jökull publishes research papers, notes and review
    articles concerning all aspects of the Earth Sciences, not Life Sciences.
    The journal is primarily aimed at being an international forum for
    geoscience research in Iceland.”

    I’ve received the same response from an active Editorial Member of Jokull Journal (the ~original~) (who is not listed on

    So and fake.

    Best regards,


  58. Mihai says:

    Dear Dr. Beall,

    why Romanian Biotechnological Letters is on your fake journal list?


  59. Selva says:

    please reply about the status of jokull journal. Is it fake or not?

  60. Aditya Singh says:

    please review this journal The one man editor publisher has got another journal please see.

  61. Kenny says:

    Dea Dr.Beall,

    Is IUP Journal of English Studies a predatory journal?



  62. Dr.Ramaswamy says:

    Please review this network of journals Congrats on your great works.

  63. Alessia says:

    Dear Dr. Beall,
    Is IGI Global a reliable publisher?

    • It’s not an open-access publisher. I generally limit my analyses to OA publishers. Having said that, though, this publisher has lots of journals in my field, but I have never submitted any work to them nor do I plan to.

    • IGI Global Employee says:

      Speaking as a current IGI Global employee:

      No. We are a garbage publisher. If you have a shred of academic integrity, run as fast as you can in the other direction.

      • Pat says:

        ‘IGI Global Employee’… could you verify this claim somehow? I’m suspect of IGI Global’s publication reach but it would be good to understand whether your comment is just sour grapes (as an employee) or genuine criticism. ps. I’m not from IGI-Global!

  64. Franco Gemonio says:

    Dear Jeffrey, what do you think about Hindawi journals? Thank You, Franco

    • None of Hindawi’s brands is on my list at this time.
      Sometimes Hindawi journals publish good science. I receive many complaints about their spamming. I personally would not publish in any of their journals, even though I have received many invitations from them to do so.

  65. Bidesh Chakraborty says:

    Hello, I am regularly getting spams from these two sites: FOREX publications ( and Blue Ocean Research Journals (BORJ) ( I think they need to be on the list. Thanks

  66. Bidesh Chakraborty says:

    Sir, Please consider making a country-wise (origin of publication) list of questionable predatory journals.

  67. Bidesh Chakraborty says:

    :D Truly. Many include false location and regular address.

  68. Bidesh Chakraborty says:

    Another spam from WULFENIA (ISI Indexed; Impact Factor: 0.267). claimed to be from Austria. It seems we will have journal revolution soon. We need more people like Mr. Beall to unmask the imposters.

    • Can you please forward me a copy of the spam?

      There is a good Wulfenia and a bad Wulfenia. The journal has been hijacked by online hoodlums. The good one still publishes only in print, I think.

      • Bidesh Chakraborty says:

        I am including it here. I suspect it because of the line: “The review team aims to make decision on rejection or possible acceptance of submitted papers in a 10-days time.”. Please find the content here. If you want you may delete or edit.

  69. Kenny says:

    Dear Dr. Beall,

    Why is International Journal of English and Education on your list?



    • It has a very spare website that provides very little information to authors and readers about the publication and needed policies. For example, it provides no information on its digital preservation policies, if any. The headquarters location is not listed, so readers and authors have no idea where this journal is from; this shows a lack of transparency. The website also has several pages that are “under construction.” This journal requires copyright transfer; for an OA journal this is becoming increasingly non-standard. The journal claims to be indexed in services that are not A&I services. Also, the articles are of low quality and some contain plagiarism.

  70. Kenny says:

    Thank you very much for your informative response.
    What should I do with my paperpublished in that journal then? Anysuggestions? How about Journal of Language Teaching and Research?

  71. Bidesh Chakraborty says:

    I checked the site and it is awful. Just made for making quick money. How can they include hundreds of articles in a single issue? These shameless people from India are tarnishing the academic image of the country. These people need to be punished severely.

  72. Juliano Foleiss says:

    Hello Jeffrey,

    First of all, thanks for all your hard work. The Scientific Community owes you much gratitude.

    I’d like to know your opinion on IADIS ( I’m not sure whether it is OA or not. If not, can you please point out another blog that talks about non-OA publishers?


    • Hi, Juliano,

      Thanks for your comment. I think this publisher has only two journals, and neither is an open-access journal. I limit my work to OA journals. Still, I find this organization strange and suspicious and questionable, so I personally would not attend their conferences or submit papers to them.


  73. awantika says:

    HELLO sir

    Can u plz let me know about ” Journal of Applied Environmental and Biological Sciences (JAEBS)” ASAP?


    Awantika Shrivastava

  74. awantika says:

    Dear Sir

    Plz let me know about “Journal of Basic and Applied Scientific Research” ?

    Awantika shrivastava

  75. K. M. Golam Dastogeer says:

    Dear Dr. Beall,
    Thank you for your valuable works. Could you please check the following journal and comment on its quality and merit?
    “Archives Of Phytopathology And Plant Protection” (

    • That journal is not an open-access journal (although it is a hybrid journal). I normally limit my analyses to OA journals and publishers. Having said that, I think this is a fine journal.

  76. Aj Ayodeji says:

    Dear Dr Beall,
    Thank you for your great work.
    I would like to know why World Academic Publishing (no 235) has been included on the list of predatory journal. Please advise.

    • 1. The publisher harvests email addresses and then sends personalized spam, praising a researcher’s earlier work and inviting another, without mentioning the fees and with the use of fake names (Ms. Ivy)
      2. Many of the journal titles are unidiomatic. Examples include Global Perspective on Engineering Management (should be Perspectives) and Review of Psychology Frontier (which makes no sense in English). If the publisher chooses to publish in English, then it needs to hire consultants to make its webpage have correct usage. Otherwise, this sends a signal to potential contributors that the site does not care about quality and may accept all papers that are submitted
      3. Presence of plagiarism in the articles (email me for details).
      4. The article template seems to be largely copied from a template available on the web called, “Word template for the IEEE International Conference on Advanced Research in Engineering & Technology (ICARET-12)”. Also, it appears that the publisher is using the “IEEE Paper Template in A4 (V1).” Did the publisher get permission to copy and use these templates?
      5. It is unclear what the difference in the roles between the editorial board members and the reviewers is.
      6. What is the publisher’s relationship with American V-King Scientific Publishing?
      7. Unclear who owns the operation or whether it’s for profit or not.

  77. A. koudamiloro says:

    Dear Dr Beall,

    Many thanks for this well job

    Please, I would like to know if “International Journal of Advanced Research” is predator or no. I would like to submit it a research article.

    • Thank you, Agustin. I have not heard of this journal before. I will conduct a full analysis. I am very suspicious because this journal has only published a few issues, yet it’s main page says, “Impact Factor: 1.659.” This is not possible, and I think they are being deceptive. Thanks again, Jeffrey Beall

  78. A. koudamiloro says:

    Dear Dr Beall,

    Well received, Please I hope your full analysis about this journal.


  79. T. Jack says:

    I was hoping to see your comment to my post on your site. I see the message has been deleted.

  80. Bidesh Chakraborty says:

    Dear Sir, Do you have any idea about the services offered by this site Is it dependable or not? Please enlighten. Regards

    • This is new. I need to analyze it. One other person kindly let me know about it also. Thank you very much.
      –Jeffrey Beall

      • Bidesh Chakraborty says:

        Thank you. I am doing some analysis and I will keep you updated.

      • chikumamu says:

        hello sir, i recently came across your list

        thanks for spreading knowledge about journal publishing

        can you please evaluate the following journals

        1) pharmacology online

        2) International Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research

        3) The Online Journal of Health and Allied Sciences

        4) Al ameen Journal of Medical sciences

      • 1) pharmacology online

        I need to know the exact URL of this resource before I can say anything about it.

        2) International Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research

        I have not heard of this journal before, so I need to conduct a full analysis. This may take me some time.

        3) The Online Journal of Health and Allied Sciences

        I have not heard of this journal before, so I need to conduct a full analysis. This may take me some time. My first impression is that it looks okay.

        4) Al Ameen Journal of Medical sciences

        I have not heard of this journal before, so I need to conduct a full analysis. This may take me some time.


  81. Tanzeel says:

    Sir, I want to know about Plos One.

  82. Imizu says:

    Sir, How about Dove Press? We had recently submitted a paper for consideration, but one of our friend informed cautioned us about the publisher. We are confused after learning about it in the internet and your blog.

  83. AlexH says:

    Dear Mr. Beall,

    please can you check & add to your list Post Academic Publications’s International Journal of Science Commerce and Humanities (IJSCH), ISSN 2052-6164 ?

    I think it is at least a very obscure publihser but maybe i am wrong.

  84. Dear sir…

    I want to include our journal ‘Bulletin of Pharmaceutical Journal’ to Scholary Open Access. Kindly visit our website ‘’ for more details.

    Waiting for your reply…

    Thanking you…

    Dr. Rajiv Dahiya

  85. Kindly include WASES name in your listing, also do let me know if further information required.

    Warm Regards
    World Academy of Science, Engineering & Space
    Email –

  86. K. M. Golam Dastogeer says:

    Dear Dr Beall,

    Thank you for your continuing efforts. I was wondering if you could look in to the journal ” European Journal of Agricultural Sciences” ( and comment on its.

    With regards,

    • Bell Press — I have not heard of this publisher, so thank you for bringing it to my attention. I will do a fully analysis. It looks very suspicious at first glance. Thank you again. –Jeffrey Beall

  87. Pseudofaith says:

    Dr. Beall,

    Please take a look at this journal. I need your expert judgement whether or not it is a fraudulent journal, which I think it is. Here is the link:

  88. Arif says:

    Thanks for your hardwork, Dr. Beall.

    Please take a look at the Academic Scholars Publishing House ( I believe this is fraudulent, predatory.

    In the Asian EFL Journal (, one of the journals it publishes, it is said that the publishing house is in Sydney, Australia, but there is no clear contact or address at all listed on its web. Another this that makes it suspicious is they are using free yahoo mail for correspondence. The last point that makes me wonder is this publishing house publish TESOL Law Journal, which is completely hilarious, I think. I completely understand that TESOL and Law are completely different fields and there is no way that one would publish articles from those two different field in one journal.

    I hope you would investigate this publishing house as well as the journals it publishes and prove me right.

    • Thanks for letting me know about this publisher. I have analyzed it and found that it meets the criteria for inclusion on my list. So, I have added it to my list. Thanks again.

      • John says:

        Are you sure about this publisher? Some of what Arif mentions is incorrect – the publisher does not use Yahoo, but uses an email address, as you would expect. In addition, although the Journal of Law and Linguistics is somewhat questionable, does this really qualify it as predatory?

        I say this because the Asian EFL Journal is a well-respected journal in my field (TESOL), coming high up on the list best journals in TESOL, so I’m surprised to see it on the list.

        Keep up the great work!

  89. hasanlukman says:

    Dear Dr. Bell,

    Is Journal of Agriculture Science and Technology ( categorized as one of the academics publisher that you mentioned above?

    Thank you.

  90. James says:

    Dear Dr.Beall,

    Please kindly check this journal.

    Thank you.

  91. Felix Obi says:

    I am interested in accessing free or cheap online manuscript submission and web hosting platform for a newly proposed peer-reviewed to be hosted in a Sub-Saharan African country. We’d conducted a needs assessment which confirmed the need for the journal, and because we want it to be freely accessible to the readers especially in Africa, an online platform we feel would be more sustainable and cheaper to maintain, and for sustainability and visibility purposes under the Creative Commons model of open access.

  92. Dear, Dr.Beall
    Can you explain why (IJSER) is on your list……and how bad can it be to publish in it…..

  93. Rabindra Sharma says:

    Dear Sir,
    Why is on your list? Please clarify.

    • It’s on my list for these (and other) reasons:

      Non standard licensing (send an email if you intend to use it elsewhere)
      The APCs are not mentioned anywhere.
      Prominent poor grammar on the site, including the publisher’s “editorial”
      Strange, he sells subscriptions ($100) even though the journal is OA.
      The editorial board members are listed without any affiliations
      It appears to be a vanity press that authors use to get yearly academic credits — From FAQ:
      “Q. How many points in API will i get if published in an article in The Criterion?
      Ans: For Journals with ISSN you get 10 points but if your article is published in The Criterion you can get 15 points for it is an International, refereed, Indexed and Peer-reviewed Journal (according to UGC guidelines).”

  94. chikumamu says:

    thanks for the reply sir

    sir, can you give a list of actual indexation services, because recently many indexation services have come up like newjour, Capsur, SCOLOAR, Primo Central, ProQuest.

    when a journal is considered indexed, is it only if it gets indexed in reputed database like pubmed, scopus and embase. or can it be considered indexed, if it is indexed in other new database also

  95. Mo says:

    Hi Jeff,
    Any idea about this publishing house Tried searching online without much luck beyond their website!

    • I don’t want to add this publisher to my list at this time. I want to wait and see how they progress. Thanks for letting me know about it.

      • chikumamu says:


        kindly explain why al ameen journal and IJPSR are on list

      • Some of the problems with the Al Ameen Journal of Medical Sciences are these:

        1. The journal tries to affect legitimacy by boasting that it is a “US National Library of Medicine enlisted journal.” The fact is that NLM catalogs thousands of medical journals, and it doesn’t necessarilly screen for quality.

        2. I easily found plagiarism among the articles.

        3. When I examined the journal, I couldn’t find any information about what the APCs are.

        Regarding the International Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research:

        1. This journal displays the Elsevier logo at the top and brags that it is associated with Elsevier; this is an attempt to steal some of the publisher’s legitimacy
        2. APC information if any is not prominently displayed
        3. . Articles bear a conflicting licensing statement: “All© 2013 are reserved by International Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research. This Journal licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License”
        4. I had no trouble finding instances of plagiarism among the articles.

      • chikumamu says:

        sir, kindly check the following journals

        1) International Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Drug Research.

        2) International Journal of Pharma Bioscience and Technology

        3)International Journal of Applied Sciences and Biotechnology

      • The first one is already on my list.
        I analyzed the other two, and I found them to be borderline. I will not add them to my list at this time but will monitor them.

      • chikumamu says:

        sir, some more journals

        1) International Journal of chemical and pharmaceutical sciences

        2) International Journal of Pharmaceutical and Phytopharmacological Research

        3) Current pharma research

        4) International journal of pharmaceutical research and applied sciences

      • I am going to need a couple weeks to finish analyzing these. Thank you.

      • Dr. Obadara says:

        Thank you the job well done. Please, I want to know why MCSER-Mediterranean Center of Social and Educational Research is in your list. Thank you.

        Dr. Obadara, .O E.

      • Well, one of the major reasons is the surprisingly high amount of plagiarism and self-plagiarism in the articles they have published.

  96. Aditya Singh says:

    Mr. Beall, please look into this site.

    • I examined this site. It is very sloppy. To view the full PDF version of an article, one has to register and login. I do not want to do this. Generally, if one is required to log in to view content, then the journal is not really open-access by definition. Thanks for letting me know about it; I will not be adding it to my list now because it’s not OA.

  97. Sumeru Bhattacharjee says:

    Dear Jeffrey Beall,
    Will you please specify why and are listed here. What i know is the same person publishes two Journals. It would be great help since this person has got ample submissions.

    • He’s got ample submissions because he accepts virtually anything just to earn the fees. Then the authors get academic credit for publishing in the two journals. Both of these journals are sloppy and unprofessional. I recommend against submitting any papers to either of them.

  98. Shalini Mehta says:

    Who is supporting your works? We think the journals and are the best from India. No other journal publishes so many articles. Can you show an example? You should not poke your nose in things beyond your comprehension. Mr. Beall find some more respectable job other than spreading bad words.

    • Alessia says:

      Oh, come on, Shalini, haven’t you noticed the colorful design of the galaxyimrj? At the first sight, it looks like a magazine for children aged 6-12. But that’s not the real issue. Take a look at the Editorial Board section and you will notice the picture of the editor in chief…hilarious. Based on a cursory view, the journal seems cheap and poorly designed. And ‘multidisciplinary’ means mixed disciplines, not mixed fields. There is no semi rational link between linguistics and social sciences that i am aware of. And the most stupid issue: the call for reviewers. Seriously? on what plane of existence a respected journal would ask for reviewers? No, they have a name, they know where to find the right reviewer and they don’t waste time with anonymous scholars seeking for reputation.

  99. K. M. Golam Dastogeer says:

    Dear Dr. Beall
    I would be happy if you could check this journal and comment on it’s merit (


  100. Slanina says:

    Dear Dr. Beall,

    i just wanted to draw your attention to a strange organization here in Slovakia.

    Thomson LTD organizes a bunch of virtual conferences in various fields -and mostly multidisciplinary ones- while also running journals with papers that are more often obscure than not (at least to me). Here are the journals in question:

    Please could you investigate them and give me advice? A friend of mine submitted papers to their conferences, and now inviting me to do the same, claiming that they are legit and it it is easy to get accepted. However i doubt that it would serve me good to participate either in their conferences or to publish in their venues.

    One last thing: Let’s suppose that i want to apply working overseas as a teacher (this crosses my mind often and already made some steps so it is not really a hypothetic situation). In general, could you tell me what is the standing of virtual conference papers as a publication in your country?

    Thank you

    • Conferences are a little out of my specialty. People are experimenting with online conferences. Personally, I think this is a good idea, and I hope their experiments are successful. I think people here in the U.S. are open-minded about online conferences. I personally am giving some webinars next month. Going to online conferences is probably better than doing nothing, and if you learn something new and make new contacts then it could be a valuable experience.

      Regarding, I looked at their website, and there is not much content. I did not see any journals, and there sere lots of errors on the page. Regarding, this was on my list, but I removed it. It’s borderline, and I don’t like to include borderline publishers on the list. Hope this helps.

  101. John says:

    Dear Beall,

    Let me know why you kept in List plz let me knw..

    • This publisher has a serious problem with transparency, among other things. The address it gives is bogus; this is a mail-forwarding service address and not its real headquarters address.

  102. chikumamu says:

    sir, what is your opinion on medknow publications, they publish lot of journals, is there any journal which is predatory

    • That publisher is not on my list. I analyze at the publisher level, not at the journal level, whenever possible. If I remember correctly, this publisher has been bought by a European publisher, so I expect its quality and adherence to international standards to rise.

      • chikumamu says:

        thanks for the reply sir


        i think its a predatory journal, the journal publishes articles almost every day.


      • Thanks for letting me know about this journal. I agree — they do publish many articles. However, after analyzing this journal, I do not find it to be a predatory journal. If you disagree, please let me know why. Thank you.

  103. chikumamu says:

    sir, i think its a very substandard journal, because of the following points

    1) please download the article on jemds,

    Dated 27-09-2013 by Satyajit Mishra1, Nirupama Pati2

    see reference no 6 and 7, the journal mentions reference should be in Vancouver style, but in the article it is mentioned only single author name followed by et al.

    2) on the fist page it is mentioned how to cite the article, although the journal follows Vancouver style, the mentioned style on first page is totally different

    3) on the last page of every article, date of submission and date of publishing has a gap around 4-5 days. it is almost impossible to conduct a peer review in just 1-2 days

    4) broad coverage including all medical and dental sciences


  104. John says:

    Dear Beall,

    I am very much happy that you are giving Response to every one You are great Person.

    I Have a Silly doubt please don’t mine why these many Publishers are keeping Fake Physical address?

    If they keep any low income country in Website (there original address) they wont get Revenue in USD ?

    • Publishers use fake addresses for several reasons. First, many western authors may be reluctant to submit articles to a place they might find suspicious, such as a publisher in Nigeria. Second, Some Asian publishers use fake addresses in large Western cities because they want people to believe that they are actually based there, and they suppose this will attract more submissions/author fees.

    • Please see the reply I gave some moments ago to the comment listed under your other fake name.

  105. Ben says:

    Dear Beall ,

    If a Company puts Original address if there any problem

    why many people are keeping fake address?

  106. kirthi says:

    Why omics is kept in your list?

    • OMICS meets nearly all the criteria of a predatory publisher.

      • Thanks, I’ve added this one to my list. It gives misleading/false impact factor information.

      • RT says:

        My experience as “OMICS reviewer”
        1. OMICS group keep sending mails with requests for reviewing articles in fields that are in no way related to my academic profile.
        2. They have never answered to any mail
        3. The telephone number seems to be a answering service
        4. Looking for the address on google results in a 2 store residential bungalow
        5. Reviews does not seem to be taken into account. Manuscript errors are not corrected but published.
        6. Negative reviews are met by a kind mail that “your service is no longer needed”
        7. Apparently serious researchers are publishing despite that journals are not indexed in Pubmed nor has impact factors.
        That’s puzzling
        8. I would like to know if the ISSN & DOI numbers are real?

        I believe OMICS qualifies to be put on the list

      • Thank you for sharing your experience with OMICS Publishing Group. I do think they use real ISSNs and real DOIs, but these numbers are not indicators of quality (unfortunately).

  107. chikumamu says:

    sir, please look at the following journals

    1) International journal of research in pharmaceutical sciences

    2) International Journal of Pharmaceutical and Clinical Research

    • Thanks — I have added these to my backlog. I have too many new journals to analyze and not enough time. It will be some time before I have the opportunity to examine these publishers. Thanks for your patience.

      • chikumamu says:

        sir, include journals from global impact factor and journal impact factor websites. Easy way to get numerous journals. I think most most of them fulfill the predatory criteria

  108. Isac says:

    A journal titled, “International Journal of Innovative Research in Computer and Communication Engineering” – sent a mail to me to publish my paper and says that it has impact factor. But, just now they are going to publish the Vol. 1. Also, they said impact factor is provided by Is it possible for impact factor within the 1st volume?

  109. Shravani says:

    Dear Sir, I want to submit my papers to the Journals ( and But I see you have added it to your list. Will you make a separate post on the journals run by the publisher/editor? It will be very convenient to have your analysis in one place.

  110. Alwi Husein says:

    Dear DR. Beall
    I found your work very useful for new young academics looking to publish their work, such as myself. I was thinking to attend this International Conference on Advanced Geophysics and Physics ICAGP 2014. I have an abstract ready to be submitted and planning to attend it the conference in Thailand. Can you provide information whether this is an authentic organizer?

    • I’m sorry; I don’t know. I don’t have criteria established for evaluating conferences. I think the best thing to do is to talk to experts in this field, and see what advice they may have. Thanks.

    • marc says:

      Come on Alwi,
      This one you could have done yourself.
      From the front page of the icagp website:
      International Conference on Advanced Geophysics and Physics
      January 18-20, 2014 @ Bangkok, Thailand

      Keynote Speaker – Professor Istvan Toth
      Topic: Lipoamino Acid Based Dendritic Vaccine Delivery System
      Just very broad or innovative geophysical vaccine delivery? Using a drilling rig I presume?

  111. Ronit Raj says:

    Sir would you check this journal The chief editor is doing massive spam-work herself. :D

  112. Donisback says:

    Hi Mr. Beall,
    Excellent job so far and well validated by ScienceMag sting. I would like to know about this journal: Journal of applied pharmaceutical science. Thanks

  113. Alessia says:

    Dear Jeff,
    What can you tell me about this publisher?
    Thanks, best

  114. Walter says:

    would you please tell the criteria used to inlcude the International Organisation for Scientific Research. I want to know more about it

  115. awantika shrivastava says:

    Dear Bell

    I am a research scholar and just want to share my experience with BJAST journal. I have submitted my article 4 months before. After 30 days I have received comments from 4 reviewer about my article. Among them two of them have even given the line number where they want more justification. After my first correction I have sent them back . This process continues till 4 times and now I got final acceptance.

    So I think it should not be a predatory journal.

    What is your opinion?

    Thanks and Regards
    Awantika Shrivastava

  116. Zeyana Abdullah says:

    Dear Jeffrey Beall,

    I am an MBA student from Kenya and I sent my research paper to JIARM for publishing, however before I went to send my payment for publishing I came across it in your list of stand alone journals that are possibly predatory. Could you kindly tell me why you feel that way about this particular journal so that I do not run the risk of publishing my work in a journal that is not credible.

    Your feedback will be highly appreciated.


    Zeyana M. Abdullah

  117. Akhilesh sharma says:

    Dear Jeffrey Beall,
    Please tell me whether this journal- International Journal of Artificial Intelligence (ISSN 0974-0635) – is a good journal or not. I am going to publish my article in it.
    Can you also suggest some good refereed journal to publish my paper. Many i visited are demanding heavy charges ( of springer, elseveir etc), though i am interested without charges in springer or elsevier. please suggest.

    • That’s a subscription journal. It’s not a very good one in my opinion. Is this journal asking for a fee from you? Unfortunately, I can’t recommend any good journals. I focus on pointing out the bad ones. I recommend talking to scholars in your field about the best journals in it, or talk to your librarian.

  118. winston says:

    dear mr bell,
    sorry for disturbing..but, could you explain again about The International Institute for Science, Technology and Education (IISTE)? Because i found it on EBSCO database

    • I don’t recommend using inclusion in the EBSCO database as a proxy for quality. EBSCO wants to have as many journals as possible in its index so it can brag that it covers more journals than its competitors. In my opinion, it does not sufficiently screen for quality.

      IISTE is on my list for many resons, including these: Use of fake names, suspiciously short review period, use of US and UK addresses on the site to make people think it has offices there (it doesn’t), and very few editorial board members from the west despite claiming to be international.

  119. Dear Sir,

    to mo my great astonishment I noticed that our company is listed by you as being a (probable or potential) “Predatory Open-Access Publisher”. I consider this as quite a grave insult to our activities. Atlantis Press is a serious scientific publisher, and fyi we do not even publish ‘gold’ open access journals. We do publish some journals allowing for OA submissions (‘hybrid’) (at very reasonable prices), but none of our journals is dependent on OA revenues, in fact 99% of our papers are not-paid for papers!

    Atlantis Press was initially set up as an OA publisher as we adhere to the idea. Yet, we have returned to the more traditional business model as the OA model did not work out. Yet, the fact that you mention our company in your list does serious harm to our business and reputation. FYI, I found your list through my university’s website.

    You must be very careful as this sort of listings is destroying business for young publishing companies like ours that really support the ideas of OA! This way you are achieving exactly the contrary of what you are aiming for….

    I would therefore request you to delete it from the list unless you give me a very good reason why Atlantis Press is there. Without reply from you within a week we will have to chose other means to protect our business.


    Zeger Karssen
    Atlantis Press
    Paris, France

  120. krish says:

    Dear Mr. Beall,

    May I know why the journal IJCA (Intl. Journal of Computer Applications) is included in the list. Also in the publishers list, you have included Cosmic journals( but not included it’s one of the 5 publications namely IJCST(Intl. Journal of Comp. Science & Tech.) So, may I know why this journal is also included in the list.?

  121. Kenny says:

    Hi Jeff,

    I wonder if the journal is not listed in your standalone list but it’s published by potentially predatory publishers, will that journal be considered as a predatory journal? For example, Asian Social Science is published by Canadian Center of Science and Education (in your list of publisher); yet, this journal is not listed on your standalone journal list and it is also listed on Scopus with an impact factor. What do you think?

    • Most of the time. I try to analyze at the publisher level whenever possible. There are just too many journals to analyze individually.

      • says:

        Dear Sir,

        With respect to your analyse, I wonder why the Canadian Center of Science and Education is in your list.

        Please advise, what should I do as my paper was submit to Asian Social Science on Jan 2016.

        I just found out that this publisher is on your list.

        Thank you very much.

  122. Kenny says:

    Hi Jeff,

    I wonder if this service is valid and reliable or another way to make money?
    Thank you.

  123. M. Hassanien says:

    Dear Dr. Jeffrey,
    Can you please advise for David Publishing, particularly: Journal of Civil Engineering and Architecture

  124. Praveen says: is not an open access journal. Check it

    • Right, if you want to view an article, you are forced to send an email to the publisher and request it. This is a ridiculous model, and I want to warn scholars away from it, so that’s why it will remain on my list.

  125. Praveen says:

    Thanks for your valuable remarks,
    I am associated with the now I want to improve the same, can you please suggest me.

  126. Joost says:

    Dear Dr. Beall,
    I have been contacted through (spam) email by “Scholars’ Press” several times, basically for any publication I have sent to a conference and even for my not-yet finished PhD thesis. I noticed they are not in your list, but I expect them to be a predatory publisher (just based on their method of acquisition), but then not for articles, but for complete theses or books. Their site is Their mail indicates that Scholars’ Press is a trademark of OmniScriptum GmbH & Co.KG – thus there might be more names attached to this company. Do you have any guidelines for such publishers as well, and/or will you add such publishers to the list too?
    Thank you very much.

    • This publisher is not eligible for my list because it’s not a publisher of open-access journals. Scholars’ Press wants to get researchers to sign over the copyrights on their theses/dissertations to them, and then they try to sell copies of the works online. I generally recommend that people not accept these offers. You may be better off depositing your thesis in an open-access repository.

  127. Shaan says:

    Will you please verify whether Landes Bioscience is non predatory?

  128. Vivek says:

    Dear Dr. Beall,
    I really appreciate your work towards bringing awareness for researchers. Is it possible to have global research publication policy to stop such predatory publishers?
    Some journals do not charge for publication but still in your list. Why? Can you exclude the journals which do not charge for page charges or other publishing fee.

    • Some of the publishers on my list SAY they do not charge, but predatory publishers frequently do not tell the truth. The two main overall reasons I add publishers to the list are deceit and lack of transparency. Some are deceitful when they say they don’t charge.

  129. Sukru Oter says:

    Dear Dr. Beall,
    I am the editor of Oxidants and Antioxidants in Medical Science. We have communicated approx. 6 month ago but you did not removed our Journal from the list.
    Yet, a total of 6 issues including 66 articles are already published. A new issue will be finalized within a few days. The e-mail addresses of the corresponding authors are to see on all papers. You can contact any of these authors and ask them for their experience with our Journal, the peer-review procedure, whether they had to pay for anything at any step, etc.
    Of course, as being a relative new periodical, we have some difficulties, and sometimes some mistakes, made by our associate editors or even by myself, may happen. Most of us have many additional tasks including research, education and/or administrative missions at our university/academy.
    There are so many really predatory journals in your list (and also a lot of which are not listed); I feel it is not fair to be listed together with them. I hope, this time you’ll handle with more common sense and remove OAMS from this list.

    • I wrote you in April and explained the reasons for inclusion:

      1. The editorial board doesn’t list affiliations, and it’s not very impressive.
      2. Portions of the author instructions are lifted from Springer without attribution.
      3. The journal states that the mean time to an accept/reject first decision is 14 days; this is confirmed by some acceptance statements: “Received February 29, 2012 Accepted April 13, 2012.”
      4. GESDAV tries to position itself as a non-profit organization but is really for profit. Also, it’s unclear if the journal is even really an initiative of GESDAV; it may be an individual endeavor and the individual is just using the GESDAV affiliation to make the journal look more authentic.
      5. The editor of this journal is also the editor in chief of the Journal of Experimental and Integrative Medicine, a journal which seems to have died, and which is also run by GESDAV.
      6. The journal’s website doesn’t say anything about digital preservation, retraction policy, and the like.

      7. There are numerous instances of borderline plagiarism, as if the authors are making sufficient thesaural substitutions just to keep the detection software happy.

      I haven’t really seen any improvement in the journal, just the making of excuses.

  130. Dear Jeffrey Beall

    Thank you very much for creating and frequently updating your list. In February 2010 and July 2013, I reviewed papers for the “Journal of Development and Agricultural Economics” (JDAE) and the “Greener Journal of Agricultural Sciences,” respectively. Both of the papers had many serious flaws, particularly in the methodology and the interpretation of the results, and the authors derived incorrect conclusions. In my referee reports, I clearly highlighted these flaws and suggested to reject the papers but I just found out that both of the papers were published without any (relevant) changes! Hence, I wasn’t surprised to find the publishers “Academic Journals” and “Greener Journals” on your list. Today, I was asked to review a paper for the “International Journal of Agricultural Subsidy and Rural Economics” (published by “International Scholars Journals”). A quick look at your list prevented me from wasting time on a review that would have been disregarded anyway. Thanks a lot!

    Kind regards,
    Arne Henningsen

    • Arne Henningsen says:

      When I searched for the title of the paper that I reviewed for the JDAE at the journal’s website, I was directed to a published version of the paper that was virtually identically to the version that I reviewed (and suggested to be rejected). However, I did not notice that the search on the JDAE’s website directed me to a paper that was published in the International Journal of Sociology and Anthropology (IJSA, published by the same publisher, Academic Journals). This paper was even published in the IJSA several months before I reviewed it for the JDAE. Hence, it was a severe case of (self?) plagiarism. Unfortunately, I did not notice this plagiarism but fortunately, the editor of the JDAE rejected the paper — probably influenced by my negative referee report. Hence, it seems that the peer review worked satisfactorily for the JDAE. Sorry for my mistake!

  131. Tom Thomas says:


    Your work is extremely valuable to faculty, tenure committees, and administrators. When a journal or publisher appears on your lists, that helps validate our determination that they are not truly peer reviewed. Administrators in particular seem to appreciate the CYA benefits of third-party confirmation. I just wish you had the budget and staff needed to handle the wave of new offenders popping up.

    Here are some business-oriented publishers that aren’t yet on your list, but are clearly worth investigating. They put out too many journal titles to list here:

    Academy of Business Research (ABR)
    International Academy of Business and Public Administration Disciplines (IABPAD)
    International Academy for Advancement of Business Research (IAABR)

    Thanks, and keep up the great work.

    Tom Thomas
    San Francisco State University
    College of Business

  132. I am interested to upload our Journal on your listing.

  133. Amal says:

    Dear Mr. Beall.
    In your list released on 14 December 2012, Greener journals appeared, but couldn’t not be found in this list. have you cleared them?

  134. mekhola says:

    Dr. Beall,
    Many thanks for your valuable works.
    Could you please check the following journals and comment on its quality and merit?

    1) ”International Organization of Innovative Research and Development IJIRD” –

    2)“International Organization of Scientific Research IOSR”

    • Yes, both of these are included on my lists. The first one is included on my list of questionable standalone journals; the second one is included on my list of questionable publishers. In both cases, I recommend finding a higher quality venue. Thanks.

  135. arnehenningsen says:

    Dear Jeffrey Beall
    Did you already take a look at the publisher “Science and Education Centre of North America” ( One thing that made me suspicious is that they registered their domain through “” in order to hide their identity.
    Thanks a lot for your great work,

  136. singhleo84 says:

    Dear Jeffrey Beall

    Thanks a lot for such a great work. This will be really very helpful for the research scholar. As I want to send my article in IJAST(re publication), could you please help me to determine the credibility of this jounal on urgent basis?
    Thanks a lot…

    • International Journal of Applied Science and Technology (IJAST) is published by the Center for Promoting Ideas, and this publisher is on my list of questionable publishers. I strongly recommend that you NOT submit your paper to this journal.

  137. Dear Jeffrey Beall

    I feel very happy to work with you in disseminating the list of preadatory publishers through my website, and some social media.I am very glad to notice that many visitors read your list from my site everyday.
    I have a suggestion to you.Could you make a list of genuine non-paying and paying journals?If such lists are published the scientists/researchers can submit their articles safely without any risk.
    I hope to hear from you soon.

    Best regards,

    Dr.Syed Md.Zainul Abedin

  138. Tock H. Chua says:

    I have just come across your list for 2014, and I wish I had done so earlier. I have published 2 articles recently, one in “Advances in entomology”, and another in “International j of entomological research”.
    Could you please let me know if these are predatory, so I wont publish there again?
    Thank you so much, and keep up the good work.
    Best wishes.

    Chua TH

  139. liza2408 says:

    What do you think about Common Ground publishers? They require payment, not necessarily attendance, at their conferences to get manuscripts published. I emailed to ask about submissions and was told I must register for a conference. I did this once. There were 40 people at the conference; I did not submit my paper. But I’ve read many negative blog posts (Chronicle of HE). All of their journals are edited by the same 2 people. I have a colleague who always publishes with this press — never had an article turned down. And she “presents” virtually at conferences held all around the world — Greece, Spain, Mauritius…

    • I think the publisher stinks. However, it does not meet the criteria for inclusion as a predatory publisher. It’s run by a husband and wife team. They must be making a ton of money. I regularly receive inquiries about their operation, an indication that some find it questionable.

  140. Chntan Mahapatra says:

    This publisher started these Journals with impact factor from inaugural issue. their news updates as well as domain suggests that this is Journal is from US but its Indian Publisher from Tamilnadu
    Predatory Journals URL:

    Faking to be

    Domain reveals all for us :

  141. Bekim says:

    Please inform for this journal its regular or not. African Journal of Biotechnology

  142. Imizu says:


    Could you please give me your thoughts about
    Thannk you.

    • This is a publisher called Smart Science and Technology. I not think this publisher meets the criteria for being a predatory publisher. To me, it looks like an honest new publisher.

  143. Researcher says:

    I have already published two papers with IJMER. I honestly did not know about these issues-problems. My query is: Since you consider this as predatory, it means the publication of papers are not valid. Can I resubmit the same papers, originally as they are (have been published) to any other legitimate publisher, or ti will be considered as plagiarism.

    • Generally, you cannot submit the papers to another journal. This problem happens to a lot of people, and I recommend that you write new papers (without copying the earlier ones). If you resubmit, it will be considered duplicate submission and will hurt your career.

  144. Researcher says:

    Please, notify me about International Journal of Energy and Environment IJEE. I do not see this in your list. Can I consider as authentic for publications.

  145. Researcher says:

    Please, tell me about International Journal of Energy and Environment IJEE. I do not see this in your list. Can I consider as authentic for publications.

  146. Frada Burstein says:

    I’m curious about your comments on IBIMA publishing, when in fact it is ISI, EBSCO and SCOPUS indexed, It also seem to be ranked by ARC ERA in 2010.
    Thanks for the clarification

    • I recommend against publishing with IBIMA. It’s a one-man operation that uses a UPS store as its main address. It is not a member of OASPA. Publishers should be transparent; this publisher is not.

  147. Frada Burstein says:

    Just a disclaimer, I have no association with IBIMA, and haven’t ever published with them, but as an advisor to numerous research students I’d like to teach them a good publishing practice – hence was planning to refer them to your list, however, this publisher’s example made me curious.
    See their statement on Ethics at:
    Looking forward to hear soon,


  148. sokol says:

    Big publishers also have Open Access journals, let me know why Procedia – Social and Behavioral Sciences published by Elsevier is not in your list? their papers are very poor and low quality..

  149. Oyn says:

    How about common ground publisher? Will you recommend to submit journal article on them? Because I read some article that claimed they were a scam publisher. Thanks

  150. Dr. Patil Shrish says:

    dear jeffrey beall, i congratulate you on the hard work you have put in. how do you propose to continue this blog or work after you and me have passed away (which i frevently wish does not happen too soon). is there any reason why i dont see the names of referral board members who will advise you? also some where i see your comment ‘not enough editorial members from the west even though the journal claims to be international’. is being a person from the west the criterion for deciding the integrity of him / her / the journal associated with him or her? i am an indian and do hope that we indians too can be considered honest enough- though the current socio-political situation in my country leaves a lot to be desired.

  151. LAOcampo says:

    Dear Sir,

    I would like to know your views about Novel Science, Inc. They are on open access but some of its journals don’t have ISSN. Thanks.

  152. LAOcampo says:

    Thanks for your patience Sir. Greatly appreciated.

  153. LAOcampo says:

    Dear Sir,

    I would just like to take some of your time to look at these journals/publishers and to know your views about them.

    1. Advances in Industrial Engineering and Management – a journal published by American Scientific Publishers.

    2. Industrial and Systems Engineering Review – no information about the publisher but the website is in Binghamton University domain.

    3. Jordan Journal of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering – no information about the publishers but is under Hashemite University

    4. International Journal of Research in Management, Science and Technology – no information about the publisher.

    Many thanks Sir.

    • 1. Advances in Industrial Engineering and Management – a journal published by American Scientific Publishers.

      I analyze at the publisher level rather than the individual journal level whenever possible. In this case, the publisher is not on my list.

      2. Industrial and Systems Engineering Review – no information about the publisher but the website is in Binghamton University domain.

      This journal is not eligible for my list because viewing the content requires the creation of a login and password and signing in. Therefore, the journal does not meet the definition of open-access.

      3. Jordan Journal of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering – no information about the publishers but is under Hashemite University

      This journal does not meet the criteria for listing as a predatory journal.

      4. International Journal of Research in Management, Science and Technology – no information about the publisher.

      This appears to be a new standalone journal from South Asia. I will add this to my backlog of unanalyzed journals. Because there are so many standalone journals appearing from South Asia, I lack the time to analyze them all.

      • LAOcampo says:

        Thanks for your time in answering my requests Sir. Now, I have a couple of questions about some characteristics of predatory publishers/journals.

        1. Some open-access journals with sufficiently questionable information (such as the “contact us” info, spelling and grammar problems, etc) explicitly provide assurance of no APC on their websites. Now, do they qualify as predatory journals? And if not, what are most likely their intentions?

        2. In addition to my previous set of questions, can you please take a look again on American Scientific Publishers ( This publisher has a wide array of journals in various fields. I really doubt about their address as indicated in their website. I try to search it in Google but can’t find one.

        3. Yes, you are correct that Industrial and Systems Engineering Review needs one to have log-in info. But logging in their website doesn’t need one to have subscription fee. Do they still not qualify as open access?

        4. International Journal of Research in Management, Science and Technology which is, as you said, a stand-alone journal in South Asia indicates that they are supported by Prannath Parnami Universe, a university in Haryana, India. Their address also is co-located with the University’s address. They also indicate in their website that they have no APC. What are your views on them? Do they qualify as a predatory journal?

        Thanks ahead Sir.

      • 1. The question is, If a journal says there’s no APC, then it can’t be a predatory journal, right? The answer: no, not always. Many corrupt publishers waive fees at first because they quickly want to populate their journals with articles, articles that in turn will help attract other articles and their accompanying APCs.

        2. I haven’t analyzed this publisher; it’s not an open-access publisher.

        3. No, by definition, if you have to create a login and password and then sign in to access content, it’s not open access.

        4. I don’t know. There are too many standalone journals like this one (megajournals, warehouse journals) emerging out of South Asia for me to analyze — around ten new ones a week. I am no longer able to keep up with them. I have started a backlog, which I’ll make available soon.

  154. LAOcampo says:

    Thank you Sir for answering all my questions. Keep up your good work. You’re really an eye opener to the academic community.

  155. LAOcampo says:

    Dear Sir,

    I would like to know views about Omniascience ( They are on open access with 4 journals. I tried to take a look at one of its journals which is the Journal of Industrial Engineering and Management ( They don’t have a “Contact Us” info and they don’t also charge APC on authors. Thanks ahead.

    • Lanndon, It is too early to judge this one. It probably launched too early — the journals don’t even have ISSNs yet. I would avoid it — it’s clear they are not ready. I have added it to my backlog and will examine it again in the future. Thanks.

  156. Abhishek Rai says:

    Dear Sir,
    Please check out the following from a single publisher:
    Predatory List
    Waiting for your views….

    • That publisher, “The Global Journals,” is on my list of questionable publishers. I recommend against submitting papers to its journals.

      This publisher is particularly dangerous because it claims its journals have impact factors when in fact they do not.

  157. LAOcampo says:

    Dear Sir,

    I would just like to know your views on the publisher Institute of Advanced Engineering and Science ( They are said to be based in Indonesia but some of their journals have questionable indices (e.g. DOAJ, Index Copernicus, Elsevier (which is not an indexing services company), etc.). Thank you.

    • This publisher is not on my list. When they say they are indexed by Elsevier, they probably mean Scopus, which is owned by Elsevier.

      • LAOcampo says:

        Thank you so much sir. Yes, they probably mean Scopus. One question. Is it acceptable to have two journals from different publishers with exactly the same name? Please a look at this. The journal International Journal of Industrial Engineering and Management ( published by Institute of Advanced Engineering and Science has the same title with the journal published by Faculty of Technical Sciences, University of Novi Sad ( Thanks.

      • In most countries, you cannot copyright a journal title, but you can trademark one. So, unless one of these journals has trademarked the title, there is no legal problem. Of course, it is generally bad business practice to start a scholarly journal with the exact same title as another publisher’s journal.

  158. Golam Dastogeer says:

    Dear Beall
    Thank you for your valuable work to warn the scientific community from the bogus journals. Please look up the journal ” European Environmental Sciences and Ecology Journal” ( and add it to your list if you deem it falls in to predatory category.

  159. Abhishek Rai says:

    Please consider this case of journal making:

  160. Abhishek Rai says:

    Another one if not already listed:

  161. Neil Levy says:

    Smith and Franklin claim to charge no fees of any sort, neither for authors nor readers. See here:

    You include them on your list. Are there hidden costs? Or should they be removed?

  162. Dear Sir/Madam,

    Please include our IJDRA Journal in your list of journals.
    International Journal of Drug Regulatory Affairs: IJDRA is a Quarterly open access Journal of Regulatory Affairs, Intellectual Property Rights and Pharmaceutical Sciences and intended to be of interest to a broad audience of pharmaceutical professionals. IJDRA was launched in May, 2013 to provide the quality information on the latest cutting-edge technologies of pharmaceutical industry. Content in IJDRA will reflect global initiatives understanding of the Pharma Regulatory Affairs, Intellectual Property Rights & Pharmaceutical Development. IJDRA now ideally placed to serve the needs of their readers and advertisers related to pharmaceutical field.

  163. Initiation should always be appreciable. I’m Dr. Jitendra Badjatya, Founder of IJDRA Journal. Is it not enough that it is free access Journal & got above 65 Indexing in only 6 months with Impact factor 3.9 & help the RA person without any demand.

    • I don’t understand what you are trying to say.
      I can tell you this: the IJDRA journal does not have an authentic impact factor; it has one from a counterfeit impact factor company. Scholars: don’t be fooled — this journal is using bogus metrics to promote itself.

  164. Glen says:

    Can you please comment why SciKnow was included.

    • One of the reasons is that it uses this address to make it appear (deception) that it is based in New York, when it really is not:

      228 PARK AVE SOUTH #85556
      NEW YORK, NY 10003 USA

  165. LAOcampo says:

    Dear Sir,

    It’s me again. Please take a look at this publisher if it qualifies for a predatory publisher: International Press Corporation ( They have launched 5 journals with “Global impact factor” ratings. Many thanks.

    • Thank you for letting me know about this publisher. I have analyzed it and added it to my list. I recommend that researchers not submit papers to its journals.

      • LAOcampo says:

        You’re very welcome sir. This site is really a big help for scholars. Recently, in our university, I managed to call up the attention of our Research Office after they announced (through our official email) a call for papers for a certain journal whose publisher is under your list. I endorse this site and good thing they retract their former announcement.

  166. Said Bin M S says:

    Dear, Sir
    Few days back I saw ‘Science Publishing Group’ in your, but no longer exist! Why you decided to remove it?

  167. checking says:

    Dear Jeffrey,

    what about “Research Journal of Recent Sciences”. the journal must be in this list because the quality of their papers are so worst and they will accept all the papers just for getting money.

  168. Dr. Husam-Aldin Al-Malkawi says:

    Dear Jeffrey,
    Thanks for your great efforts. But my question is that, there are some journals listed here are recognized and ranked by other professional bodies such as the Australian Business Deans Council or ERA. Can you explain how such bodies recognized these journals and you listed them as predatory journals? Thanks

    • Tom Thomas says:

      I’m certain that it would be much easier for Dr. Beall to respond to such questions if you could identify specific journals that appear in the ABDC or ERA lists. Given that he has so far been willing to answer journal-specific enquiries, let’s try to help him do this invaluable work as efficiently as possible.

    • No, I cannot explain this. I am perplexed why they recognize these journals. I kindly refer you to the bodies themselves.

  169. […] lists can appeal the judgement. Even better, the appeals and responses to them are published on the Appeals page, some of them providing fascinating […]

  170. jado says:

    good job but how do one identify good journals with all these fraudulent journals?

    • Read widely in your field; network; attend conferences; join scholarly societies in your field and become aware of their journals; talk to senior colleagues; consult with an academic librarian; examine journal metrics, read some more.

  171. Pablo J SAEZ says:

    Dear Mr Beall, I appreciate your effort to improve the publishing practice.
    Have you check “Ivy Union Publishing”? (

    Best regards,


  172. jpyush says:

    Sir, why is IJCSI included in your list of predatory journal starting in 2013 when this journal was not in your list before 2013? I am concerned because I have a few articles published in this journal in 2011 and 2012 but after it appeared in your list I stop submitting my research outputs for publication in this journal because of this negative publicity. Thank you.

    • Are you referring to the International Journal of Computer Science Issues? If so, I probably didn’t have this journal on my list earlier because I had not learned of it earlier. One major concern with this journal that I have regards its claiming to have an impact factor when it really does not. Its website states, “We are pleased to announce officially our 2011 Impact Factor which is evaluated at 0.242.” In fact, if you read closely, they calculated their own “impact factor” using Google Scholar. It’s not official in any honest sense of the term. I think this is deceptive.

      • jpyush says:

        Yes, I am referring to that journal. Anyway, I cannot do anything with my researches published in this journal. I will just avoid publishing again in this journal.

        If you do not mind, can I ask your opinion about this OA publisher,

        Thank you.

      • That publisher is not on my list. I did analyze it but didn’t find that it met the criteria.

  173. Armen Beklaryan says:

    Can you please comment why Academic Publications, Ltd. was included.

    • When I analyzed it, I found plagiarism in the articles, and the editorial board members were listed without any affiliations and with initials: A. Baker (USA), among other problems.

  174. I would like to index Nepalese heart Journal in your system

  175. Dear Mr. Jeffrey Beall,
    Thanks for your affords for categorizing ‘predatory’ and ‘standalone’ journals with an objective to improve the quality of open access journals. May I know why “International Journal of Applied Sciences and Biotechnology” has been included in standalone journals list? This journal publishes their issues on NepJOL ( at first and thereafter using the doi of each articles provided by CrossRef, it is published on
    Nepal Journals online is a group of 97 journals which is a part of JOL project supported by INASP ( which publishes 303 journal at present. All review works are conducted in online submission system provided by JOL project by various reviewers all over world. I would like to request you to reanalyze and rethink for this journal and kindly exclude from your list (if you feel). We are always trying to improve the standard of this journal. Your suggestions for improvement will be highly considered. Kindly reply soon.

    • I don’t think having a connection to JOL makes a journal automatically honest or high quality, and this journal proves this rule. Looking at the journal’s website, the first thing one sees is “A Rapid Publishing Journal,” and this hints at the journal’s true mission, getting money quickly from authors. The website also prominentlyy says “Impact Factor* 1.422.” When you finally find the asterisk reference, you see that in small print it says the impact factor is supplied by Universal Impact Factor (not the honest impact factor), one I’ve identified as bogus. So, it’s great that this journal has managed to get itself included in an aggregator, but its broad scope and its promises of quick (and likely easy) publication, and its use of bogus metrics to attract submissions (and their accompanying fees) makes this a journal that’s best avoided by honest scholars.

  176. Thanks for quick response. I think, prompt review is not good in your view. We accept any manuscript only after reviewer’s recommendations where we give minimum one and maximum one and half month for review. Although it looks that we attract submissions; but, out acceptance percentage is 60% only. We are committed to publish genuine articles and gradually standard will be uplifted. I am hopeful that you will return the term bogus in coming future.
    Thanking you,

    • solihu says:

      I think the first step to take is to come out clean about the impact factor issue. Write it boldly on your site that your impact factor is not ISI impact factor. If you cannot be trusted about having a genuine impact factor, how can one trust you about doing an acceptable peer review?

  177. TB says:

    Dear Mr. Jeffrey Beall,
    first of all, I would like to thank you a lot , because, like many other people, you saved me from “ruin” my reputation my submitting some paper to some “strange” journals, whose editors “invite” you to submit your “wonderful” work to their journal (sorry for so many “”, but it is kind of funny). I really appreciate your wonderful and updated work.
    I imagine you are really busy with that so I’ll try to be quick. I have been invited again to submit to hindawi but I didn’t find it on your list
    I’m skeptical.
    Definetely it’s not urgent.
    Just answer if you have time and when you have it.
    Thanks again.

    • Hindawi is not on my list.
      As with any publisher or journal, if you are on tenure track, make sure that the journals you publish in will be favorable for you in your tenure evaluation.

  178. otistd says:

    At least for mdpi, which I don’t represent- you should make an updated comment I think at the very least regarding why they are on your list.
    Or do you feel that OASPA’s investigation based on your own assertions is insufficient in it’s scope or conclusions? Have you discussed with OASPA?

    I also have a paper in an mdpi journal special issue- which was guest edited by a pretty respectable scientist- and so I have experience their peer review and editorial review. It was actually pretty comparable to most of the more established Journals in which I have published.

  179. In response to Otistd, the criteria of Dr Beall on Predatory Publishers already cover the OASPA and COPE standards and even more than those. The parameters are numerous and they are credible as framework of understanding what constitutes journal publishing quality. These criteria are good inputs in raising the bar for editorial policies and procedures. Thus, even if OASPA clears a publishing member, it does not mean it has met the criteria of quality set by Dr Beall. This is his legacy to the literature on quality of publishers and journals.

    • otistd says:

      To be clear are you speaking for Professor Beal? I have read the criteria he has posted- so I’m aware that there are more criteria than adhering to OASPA’s code of conduct. But that is not really a substantive answer to any of the issues I raised. I disclosed that I have a paper in one of their journals- which is why it caught my interest to see it- so I searched and found the history which is that Dr. Beall added them to his list with a detailed explanation. OASPA has since posted that they did a review- specifically into the issues he raised and referenced his post. It stands to reason he may have discussed it with them as well- but I didn’t see any follow up on this site posted- though I could have missed it. I’m wondering if he even knew about OASPA’s review. To be honest I think their post is not very detailed- but I also think it is a substantial development that deserves some follow up on Dr. Beall’s part. To be totally honest, I am withholding judgement about the Dr. Beall’s list, but it does in my mind raise a lot of questions. I recognize that Dr. Beall is the ultimate authority when it comes to what he writes in his blog. Although that in itself raises a warning bell in my head- and I do recognize as well that he has a panel for appeals.

  180. LAOcampo says:

    Dear Mr. Beall,

    Please check this publisher: Elite Hall Publishing House (
    In my opinion, this should be added in your list. Thank you.

    • I have analyzed this publisher and found that it meets the criteria for inclusion on my list. It is particularly sloppy. I think researchers should seek a much better outlet for their work than this one. I question its sustainability also.

  181. LAOcampo says:

    Thank you sir. I have one hypothetical question. If for instance an OA publisher, say a small scholarly society, has a journal that is indexed in one of your misleading metrics list, does it qualify for a predatory publisher?

    • Are you sure that’s really hypothetical? I don’t like to rely on a single criterion. The case would have to be handled in a broader context.

      • LAOcampo says:

        Let’s take for instance this one: International Journal of Applied Operational Research ( which is published by the Department of Mathematics of Islamic Azad University (which I think for me is a legitimate publisher). Surprisingly, this journal is indexed in Index Copernicus International which is a misleading metric in your list. I observe a couple of journals with similar case. How should we analyze a case like this?


      • Well, you find it legitimate, and it’s not on my list. The main things I look for are lack of transparency and use of deception. It’s possible the publisher doesn’t realize the problems with this metric and uses it anyway.

  182. LAOcampo says:

    It is highly recommended that “legitimate” publishers must check your lists to avoid things like this.

  183. Dear Sir,

    Please include us ion your publisher list

  184. UD says:

    I received an offer from Scholars’ Press.
    According to the email: “Scholars’ Press is a trademark of OmniScriptum GmbH & Co. KG”
    Is it a publication to be avoided? Please advise.

  185. Ana Rodrigues says:

    Dear sir, could you explain me why is the Journal of Electrical Engineering in this list? Kind regards,

    • Well, one of the reasons is that the journal does not provide information about its location on the ‘contact us’ page. Where is this journal based? Do you know? Why are they being non-transparent about this? The journal’s broad scope is also problematic, for it appears that they want to be a megajournal for EE but I don’t think scholars will benefit much from submitting there work here. There are already many broad EE journals.

      • Ana Rodrigues says:

        Indeed, before I find your list I submited a paper to them but I did not hear anything up to now. Besides no contacts are available. Let me ask you something more. Since I submited the paper to them and they did not published it yet, can I submit it to another journal without having troubles? What do you suggest in these situations?
        Once more thank you so much!

      • The situation you describe is a difficult one. If you decide to submit your paper to another journal, I recommend that you be completely transparent with the new journal regarding the history of the manuscript. Don’t let yourself get caught in a double-submission situation.

  186. Filbert says:

    i would like to know why the international journal of information tehnology and electrical engineering is included in the list.

    • Well, for one thing, their “code of ethics” page is copied from IEEE without attribution and with no notice that it is copied. This is a warning bell. Is the upper case broken on your computer?

  187. Filbert says:

    i will also like to know the analysis of this publisher which has a list of journals in it. International Academy for Science & Technology Education and Research (IASTER) before i ssend a paper to it

  188. Ana Rodrigues says:

    Dear professor Jeffrey thank you so much for your advice!

    Kind regards and keep up with the excelente Work!

  189. Ana Rodrigues says:

    Dear Sir could you please inform me why is the

    International Journal of Emerging Technology and Advanced Engineering in your list.

    It appears in the GIF as having impact factor:


    Kind regards

  190. RT says:

    Ana, I just tried to look it up on ISI web of knowledge and it seems not to be indexed. I think this global impact factor is different from the (sigh) accepted standard of impact factors, which I believe is exclusive (sigh) of Thomson Reuters.

  191. Koushik Pal says:

    Dear Sir, What do you think about this publisher?
    It uses bogus impact factor metrics. Regards

  192. Koushik Pal says:

    No issue has been published. Still the journal ( is claimed to have been listed in :

    “Indexing List

    J- Gate
    Google academic
    Index Copernicus
    Research Bible
    Ulrichsweb – Global Serials Directory
    Directory of Research Journals Indexing
    Academic Keys
    Electronic Journals Library
    Academic Journals Database
    NewJour – Georgetown University Library”


  193. Rishabh says:

    Dear Jeffrey,

    I would appreciate if you can tell me why JScholar is on this list?

  194. Filbert says:

    hallo sir, how far have you gone with the analysis of International Academy for Science & Technology Education and Research (IASTER) publisher which has 18 journals journals in its list.

  195. Isac says:

    Dear Jeffrey Beall,

    Is this International Journal of Engineering Trends and Technology ( a good publisher? What is your recommendation?

    Thank you.

    • I haven’t analyzed this journal. There are several new ones like this appearing each week. This one displays two bogus impact factors on its main page. I would suggest finding a better one than this.

    • I have analyzed this journal and added it to my list. It promises to do a two-day peer review and uses bogus metrics to promote itself. Dangerous. Please avoid.

  196. Om says:

    International Journal of Advanced Research in Computer Science and Software Engineering

    I have given my two research papers in this journal. It is a bit saddening to see it’s name here. May I know why is it here?

    • Why did you submit two papers to a journal whose website says, “Please wait for review report which will take maximum 05 to 10 days”?

      • Om says:

        I have talked to support of the journal regarding this, they say we have a large editorial board and that’s why they could review a paper within 10 days. Is there any other reason?

        I have already given my papers, and they are published few months back. I came across your list just few days back.

  197. Hemant Bilthariya says:

    I went through the criteria for the inclusion of journals in your list, and I wonder why some are on the list. Kindly state with precision, why International Academic Sciences is on the list. It has 14 journals in which i already published my article in one of his journal IJPPS, and their services and responses is very fine and I am fully satisfied with him.

  198. Hemant Bilthariya says:

    Dear, Its Innovare Academic Sciences

  199. this is a great work. please I will like to find out why Sciedu press is included. I have submitted an article to them before. and the review process was rigorous .

    • Ebenezer says:

      Dear Jeffrey Beall, I submitted a paper to Iranica Journal of Energy and Environment about four months ago. The Journal is published by Babol Noshirvani University of Technology but is assisted by the International Digital Organization for Scientific Information (IDOSI). The journal claims publication is absolutely free since cost of publication is borne the university. Now I’m about to sign copyright transfer form. Is it safe to ggo ahead?

  200. Bill Williams says:

    I have received quite a few emails from Science Domain International this week.
    Although listed here, I note that SDI journals claim to have published authors with impressive affiliations – and the claim would appear to be genuine:

    Never published with them – just curious.

  201. Pact Perera says:

    Dear sir, could you please explain me why the “Insight Knowledge” is in this list? Kind regards,

  202. Ibrahim Rafiu says:

    I would like Prof. Jeffrey Beall to provide us with the list of Journals that are not predatory.

  203. ochieng michael says:

    Dr.Jeffrey.If the editors in IISTE board were international would it be still on your list?

  204. azizahkr says:

    Hi Dr. Bell. What do you think about these journals?
    1. International Journal of Statistics and Probability (ijsp)
    2. Journal of Scientific Research and Studies

  205. Adam G. says:

    Extremely helpful website; thanks for your service. I’d like to know you opinion on 2 publishers, both of whom have contacted me to be an Editorial Board member, but otherwise seem like they are legit (to me). I you could provide some details as to why Austin is on your list, that would be very helpful:

    1) Austin Publishing Group:

    2) Openventio Publishers:

    • Regarding my opinion of these two publishers, I think they stink. That’s why I have them on my list and recommend that scholars not submit their work to their journals or serve on their editorial boards. Austin has a problem with telling the truth, and it misrepresents its headquarters location.

  206. rknirala52 says:

    Dear sir
    I would like to include my following journal. Please add in your website.
    Indian Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology

    Indian Journal of Clinical Anatomy and Physiology

    Thanks and regards

    Ranjan Singh

  207. Ranjan Singh says:

    Thanks a lot sir for included my publisher. Plz Include my Journal also.
    Please Include my Journal on your LIST OF STANDALONE JOURNALS i.e your website.
    What do you think about these journals?

    Indian Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology

    Indian Journal of Clinical Anatomy and Physiology

  208. luanabee says:

    When you list “Stringer Open”, do you mean “Springer Open”?

  209. netstart2181 says:

    Dear Dr. Jeffrey Beall I am writing to inquire about the European Journal of Sustainable Development and to ask why is listed. In my case I received the O.K. from my university to send a paper because it was approved as a reliable journal, but after seeing it on your list, think maybe I could look for other options. I appreciate your cooperation in that question. Thank you very much.
    P.D. I’m so sorry with you for my english grammar.

  210. U Muhammad says:

    Sir one of my friends account account was compromised and subsequently in some other authors article was published under his name.As soon as it was reported by original author that article is published that has modifications and fabrication and high familiarity with the original article .The original author reported to funding body and journal. Immediately my friend also reported and request for expression of concern and retraction or immediate removal or withdrawal of the article .but journal is silent on this which is putting my friends reputation at stake.The journal asked for proof that account was really compromised or not,when checked on,the account was found to be compromised .But my question remains deliberately or unintentionally even if the article was submitted ,why wasnt the plagiarism report sent back,secondly where is the proof of peer review as second check,third the journal does not have authorship transfer consent form duly signed and niether any proof of payment then how come the article was published without final approval.Anyhow Sir what is the remedy

  211. zewdu says:

    I went through the criteria for the inclusion of journals in your list.why IJIMS put under your list?

    • The International Journal for Ion Mobility Spectrometry (IJIMS) is not on my list.

      • zewdu says:

        I need the status of International Journal of Interdisciplinary and Multidisciplinary Studies (IJIMS) status in detail.

      • I think it’s a counterfeit journal that uses a bogus impact factor and makes false claims about where it’s indexed. It has a broad scope so it can attract as many papers as possible and earn as much money as it can. I think this journal exists chiefly for authors needing a quick and easy acceptance of their papers. I recommend that serious researchers not submit their work to the International Journal of Interdisciplinary and Multidisciplinary Studies (IJIMS).

  212. Maytham says:

    Dear Dr.Beall
    Can you asses this journal ?. It is not on your list. I think it worse than that on your list.
    Thank you

  213. agustinfc says:

    Dear Dr Beall
    Can you explain me why “InTech Open Access Publisher” is in your list? To me it looks like a legitimate journal

    • Agustin, In Tech is actually a publisher, not a journal. It does publish some journals. It was among the publishers that accepted the “sting” bogus article that Science magazine reporter John Bohannon reported on in 2013. It uses affinity marketing to get individuals to collect many book chapter manuscripts for them, and these are published as a multi-author monograph, with each author paying a publishing fee. The guest editor gets academic credit, the publisher gets lots of money, and everyone is happy. The publisher is also known for publishing much low-quality and junk science and other low quality works. I strongly recommend that you find a better publisher than this one for your work.

  214. Dr. Asmi says:

    Dr Beall

    I just knew about list organized from your side. Can you tell me the reasons for the inclusion of “Nobel International Journals”

  215. Journal of Research and Education in Indian Medicine – international Quarterly
    ISSN 0970-7700 is not listed

  216. Sam says:

    Every year I question the guidelines and why some journals are listed, while others obviously belong.

    Academic Exchange Quarterly has been on your list for years, but it has never been open-access as far as I can tell. You claim to only assess open-access publications, so how can this journal be included?

    Yes, they meet your criteria in other areas — broad field, (maybe) you pay to publish [their site is unclear here], poor website, etc — but your research is still centred on open-access. I’m failing to see a connection.

    (And no, I do not have an association with the journal… I’ve just always been curious how the first jounal on your list every year doesn’t even meet your most basic of criteria)

    • I occasionally make exceptions and add publishers and journals that are not OA but that I find particularly egregious. One example is the so-called Institute of Strategic and International Studies, which holds expensive conferences in resort locations and then charges authors for the journal hard copies; there is no online version, and not even the tables of contents are online. Last time I looked, AEQ did in fact make a few articles freely available.

      • Sam says:

        Thanks for clarifying.

      • Chris D. says:

        Yes, AEQ does make a few articles freely available: they call it Editor’s Choice. That assists scholars in assessing subject matter and publication “fit” for their research. I do not think that should be held against AEQ.
        Disclosure: I have no affiliation with AEQ, other than I have published there two times. I think it is a fine, scholarly, peer-reviewed journal. In fact, it is a pretty tough journal in which to publish.

  217. ricardo says:

    Hi, thanks for the great work.
    I receive emails regularly from journals from bentham science, but can’t find them on your list, however they seem potentially fishy. Do you have experience with them?

    • Yes. There is:
      Bentham Science
      Bentham Open
      I limit my work to open-access publishers. Bentham Science is not an open-access publisher, so that’s why it’s not on my list. If you publish there, few will be able to access your published work. This publisher has been doing a lot of spamming recently. I suspect it’s not doing very well.

  218. Isac says:

    Recently, I noticed this website,, publishing conference proceedings. Is it a genuine? Because the URL is new to me.

  219. Tuntun S Zen says:

    Dear Jeffrey Beall ..

    I see in your list that PAK Publishing fall into this category, while I’ve been following the conference organized by PAK Publishing and get an email that my paper included in the journal International Business Management (Scopus). . How in your opinion

  220. Daniel says:

    Hello. I was wondering if you had taken the Arab World English Journal (AWEJ) off of your list. I noticed it in previous versions, but I don’t think I saw it on the most recent list. If you did remove it, could you explain why. Or, if it was still one the list and I missed it, could you please explain why it is on the list. Thank you for all you effort.

  221. yokopic says:

    Thank you for your effort in all of this, Jefferey. Please continue your wonderful work on this.

    I am just a curious visitor and not a researcher.

    I just want to make a comment:

    I noticed that most of the people who posted here in the past seem to have names from developing countries (English as not first/official/main language) and mention journals based in those countries. I do not want to add further comment, but this certainly indicates something, eh?

    Now, something completely different; I will not mention specifics in the public like here:

    I myself have volunteered to be a peer reviewer just to gain experience and see how it goes. I have asked for advice regarding whether I should stay as a peer reviewer for 3 journals from a publishing company listed on the predatory journal list (Yes, its journals are very bad quality, I agree; however, they are of 2012, not recent. Some are decent.). The person has replied that he/she agrees that the journal is very quality and he/she will not submit anything. However, he/she mentioned that he/she remains on the editorial board because he/she believes that it is important to peer review journals so the publishing company can improve.

    What do you think? (Note: he/she is an associate professor; I myself is of undergraduate level)

  222. Pakvalit Kurkoon says:

    Greeting, Dr. Beall.

    My name is Pakvalit Kurkoon, A Ph.D. student at Rajamangala University of Technology Thanyaburi, Thailand. Last year, I went to Singapore and presented my conceptual framework at a conference named COES&RJ-SG. This is the first time I visit this blog, then I shocked when I found that the COES&RJ is on your predatory publishers list.

    Would you kindly tell me why the COES&RJ is on the list?

    and, Do you think conferences (e.g., TMBER, MTAR) of Global Illuminators, the publisher, are safe?

    Thank you very much.

    PS. I have to apologize if I used wrong English grammar.

    • Ah yes, the so-called Centre of Excellence for Scientific & Research Journalism, which is based in Asia but on its website pretends to be based in Houston. It publishes ground breaking journals such as the Journal of Social Sciences. This is just another run-of-the-mill OA publisher pretending to be U.S.-based to increase its revenue.

      It also offers vacations, oops, I mean conferences. I do not analyze conferences, and I especially do not tell which are ‘safe.’

      • Pakvalit Kurkoon says:

        Now, I see. Thank you very much, Dr. Beall.

        So, could I say any publisher who is not on you list is ‘ok’ to submit a paper to? As an amateur, I don’t want to fall into a mouse-trap again. Please give me some hints to scan and avoid predatory publishers.

      • No. The purpose of my lists is to warn scholars about potential, possible, or probable low quality or predatory publishers and journals. Please do not assume that a journal or publisher not on my list is okay. The lists are not designed to allow for that conclusion.

  223. Let JREIM
    Journal of Research and Education in Indian Medicine
    ( be included in your list

    Link -1


    with best regards from

    *Prof. (Dr.) Suresh Kumar MD Kayachikitsa (BHU), Dip.Yoga (BHU), Ph.D
    (Med.Alt), Ph.D (BHU)*

    *Founder Editor, JREIM (ISSN 0970-7700)*
    Journal of Research and Education in Indian Medicine
    *JREIM-Admin.Office: *
    B 29/19 Lanka, PO:BHU,Varanasi-221005 UP (India)

    *Mobile: 09305180763, 09816043362 and 09418458257*

    You can visit editors profile on URL :

  224. msindhi says:

    Dear Beall,
    What about this journal?


  225. Suresh says:

    Dear Beall, excellent job, how about this journals? – this journal has listed topics but not limited to them.

    Unless you publish this research in a top tier journal, they will keep cheating around, at least your publication may create an awareness.

    • Suresh, this is the International Journal of Innovative Research in Advanced Engineering (IJRAE). It promises to complete the peer review process within two days after submission of a manuscript. Thanks for letting me know about this journal. I have added it to my list.

  226. […] Beall ha registrado unas 562 revistas sospechosas. La última actualización se realizó el pasado 14 de febrero por lo que es de suponer que seguirá creciendo el número de falsas publicaciones que buscan engañar a los investigadores. No es claro si se deben cumplir absolutamente todos criterios o con sólo algunos de ellos sea suficiente para considerar una revista como depredadora. Lo que sí es claro es que podrían haber errores en la inclusión de una revista en la lista. Es por ello que Beall ha dispuesto en su blog un procedimiento para aquellos editores que deseen apelar la inclusión de una revista en los listados (consulte procedimiento de apelación aquí>>). […]

  227. Raghuram says:

    Dear Dr. Beall,

    What about the International Journal of Engineering and Technology Innovation ( Also, they are organizing a conference called International Conference on Biomedical Engineering Innovation (ICBEI- Are these legitimate avenues to publish? By the looks of it, they look very fishy.


  228. DK says:

    Dear Dr. Beall,

    I came across this journal IJETI ( and there is also this conference which IJETI is linked with, the International Conference on Biomedical Engineering Innovation (ICBEI 2015). The conference page says the best papers will be published in journals. Are the journal and conference legitimate avenues to publish in?


  229. Md Mainul Islam says:

    Dear Beall,

    What about this journal?

    I got initial acceptance letter on 26th February, 2015. But my paper was submitted on 6th November, 2014.


  230. Nguyen Cong Quy says:

    Can you help me information of this magazine may be acceptable?

    • Cong,
      Here are the journals you are asking about:

      1. International Journal of Computer Science and Telecommunications =
      2. International Journal of Computer & Communication Engineering Research (IJCCER) =
      3. International Journal of Computer Science Issues =
      4. International Journal of Computer Science and Information Security =

      All these journals are on my list except number 2. I have not heard of this journal before, so I will analyze it. This may take me a few days. Regarding the other three journals, I recommend that you not submit any papers to them.

      **Update, 2015-03-11: I have added number 2 to my list.

  231. rofiq says:

    How with Asian Journal of Pharmaceutical and Clinical Research?

  232. LAOcampo says:

    Dear Sir,

    I would like to request you to have a look on this publisher Growing Science ( This publisher has been on your list for quite some time. I observe now that this publisher does not anymore require APC from authors who publish in their 8 journals. And two of its journals are indexed in Scopus. Can you cite other issues of this publisher why it must remain in your list? Thank you very much.

    • Parniyan says:

      Dear Mr Beall

      I recommend you to reconsider Growing Science. I believe the publisher does not deserve to be in your list.

  233. yhk says:

    What about the ‘International Journal of scientific and Engineering Research’….????

  234. Dina K says:

    Dear Mr. Beall
    I just want to know about Journal of Theoretical and Applied Information Technology (JATIT). Why JATIT is in your list?.
    In 2014, I don’t think that JATIT was on your list. But it appears on your list may surround in Februari 2015, if I’m not mistaken.

    Thank you for your consideration.

    • I added this journal to my list on February 7, 2015.
      The journal offers easy acceptance and now is publishing three issues each month. It managed to get indexed in Scopus, so many are using the journal to get easy publications in a Scopus-indexed journal.
      I say don’t take the risk of this journal being removed from Scopus.

  235. Lin Hansheng says:

    Dear, Prof Beall,

    I came across with information about a conference (please see the following website: that guarantee that each paper would be included in a journal published by the American Scientific Publisher. It is not in your 2015 list. Does it mean that it is safe? I am suspicious because the regisration fee is expensive.

    Thank you very much for your help.

    All the best,

    Han sheng

    • Dr. Lin, First, I generally don’t evaluate conferences. The publisher you mention, American Scientific Publishers, is not on my list because it’s not an open-access publisher (though it does charge both authors and readers). I think it’s a low-quality publisher, and if you publish your work there it will be largely hidden. The fees are very high also, and this conference may have surprise fees. People will have to pay over one hundred dollars to access your article. So, this entire situation sounds dangerous to me. I would recommend that you find a better conference. This one is suspicious. Good luck.

  236. amornchai says:

    Dear Mr Beall,

    I’m about to submit one of my papers into MDPI and found that the publisher is on your list. I’m wondering how did they breach your criteria? the journal that I’m planning to submit is within ISI web of Science. Isn’t enough as a clear guideline?

  237. akwasi says:

    Please kindly give me a list of journals you think we should send our articles there

  238. Kizito says:

    Dear Jeffrey Beall,
    Thank you for information you provide on your blog about predatory publishers.
    Recently, I sent a manuscript and then published by “international journal of livestock research” ( When I checked on your predatory publishers list, I found the ijManager – Online Journal Management ( the publisher of the mentioned above journal).
    What am I supposed to do, as my article is published by this journal, What your advice ??
    Thank you for time.

    • I would leave the article published in the journal and not worry about it. It is too much trouble to remove an article from one journal and get it published in another journal. Instead, I recommend that you write a completely new article and submit it to a respected journal.

  239. Mona Mukhija says:

    Dear Mr. Beall,

    It is bring to your kind notice that you have placed KRE-Journals in January 2015 under Beall’s List of Predatory Publishers 2013 for the reason pointed out by you that KRE-Publisher is not keeping up with advances in technology and scholarly communication, as is the case here, then the publisher deserves to be singled out for its deficiencies.
    It is to inform you that we are bringing out KRE journals in printed form and we are providing the hard copy of the journal to our subscribers and contributors. We started providing full text of the journals at the request of the contributors and Members of the Editorial Boards so that the research papers published by the Contributors from the developing and under developed countries can be accessed by anyone with Internet facilities and can read and start citing the work of the contributors. This was not done for any commercial gain as already mentioned that we are bringing out each journal in printed form (hard copy). Further, we are also giving permission to reprint the materials published in KRE-Journals free.
    Last year (2014) we published about nine hundred research papers mainly from Asia, Africa and some from other countries also and there was no problem of communication with our Contributors, Referees, and Others who are helping to edit these papers for final processing and printing.
    We have also uploaded our improved website with more easy to operate features and we are requesting our contributors and academicians for inputs to improve our website. I am also attaching a file about paper publication in KRE journals. If still there are some drawbacks, please do inform us so that can be taken care.

    We hope to hear a favourable reply.

    We will be glad to provide any information required in this regard.

    With best regards

    (Ms. M. Mukhija)
    Administrative Editor

    P.S.: We welcome inputs on our improved website

  240. Dr.Bharat Paliwal says:

    Sir I would like to know why IOSR journal (International organisation of scientific research) is on your list? Sir can we send our manuscript published in this journal to some other indexed journal?

    • It’s a very low-quality publisher that pretends to be “International” but really isn’t. Even its journal titles have grammatical errors: IOSR Journal of Research & Method in Education.

  241. Dr. Bharat Paliwal says:

    Thanks for reply. Sir kindly give opinion about second part of my query.

    • It is very difficult to withdraw an article from a low-quality journal and then get it accepted at a better journal. In my opinion, in many cases it’s better to just leave the article there, use it as a learning experience, and then write a new and better article and submit it to a quality journal.

  242. Kizito says:

    Dr Jeffrey Beall,
    I need your opinion on this open access journal : veterinaryworld ( They are declaring on their website that they have an IF of 0.891, but they didn’t mention how IF has been calculated.
    Is it a predatory publisher also ??

    • I find this journal to be borderline. Its prominent display of a fake metric (“Universal Impact Factor – 0.8901”) is troubling. However, I don’t think that, viewed holistically, the journal meets the criteria for being added to my list. I will monitor this journal. There are many good veterinary journals, including good OA ones. You might want to consider finding a stronger one than this.

  243. D. Akamoto says:

    Dear Dr. Beall,
    I need your opinion about “World Scientific Publishing” (HQ: Singapore). Their webpage and wikipage doesn’t seem to be too helpful in deciding if they are predatory or genuine publishers. Recently, I got an email from them to contribute for a book chapter and would like to make sure about their legitimacy. Thanks again!

    • World Scientific is a subscription publisher (therefore not on my list), and I find it to be a low-quality, bottom tier publisher. I think this is a dangerous publisher, and I recommend seeking a stronger, more reputable one.

  244. Dear Dr. Beall,
    I want to Remove my site “Innovative Publication”.
    More than 15 indexing portal is not indexed our journals because my site added here.
    So, Please Removed our site “Innovative Publication”
    Thanks again!!

    • Last November, you sent me an email asking me to add your publisher to my list: “Dear Sir
      We would like to introduce our self Innovative Publication is leading Publication Services in India, We are Specialize Publishing of Indian/Foreign Journals/Periodicals in all subject category, like Medical,Veterinary, Agricultural, Engineering, Management Journals across the country.
      I requested to you please include my Journal.”

      Your firm is not a leading publisher as you state, and you requested that your firm’s name be added to a blacklist. I choose to keep “Innovative Publication” on my list.

  245. Rakesh Pandit (Director) says:

    Dear Sir,
    Mistakenly our indexing team had add our site Innovative Publication in Black List in the last of November.
    But now our publication is become a leading publisher with our more than 25 journals with many national and international Editorial Members and Authors. As its a fact that no good publisher wants to add their name in any blacklist because we focus on motivating Authors to submit their manuscript as we believe in Accepting the manuscript even after major corrections but not in rejecting it!!

    So, we are humble request to you Please remove our website in Your Black List.

    Innovative Publication will always be great full to you for this.

    • Innovative Publication is not a “leading publisher” as you claim. Now you are providing false information. In fact, it is a very low quality publisher, and I choose to keep it on my list to warn honest researchers to avoid it.

  246. Dear Jeffrey Beall, why Dove Press is on your list?

  247. heru swn says:

    dear Mr. Beall…. please give me the information about IJHR (international journal of health research)… thank you

    • This journal is included on my list here, and I recommend that you not submit any papers to it. I would recommend that you find a better journal for your work.

      • heru swn says:

        Thank you very much, Mr. Beall….. I still have some questions for you:
        1. How the condition of IJAR (International journal of academic research)….? This journal is not in your list….
        2. Are you have the list of good journals of management..? I need these, please.

      • International Journal of Academic Research is the name of a publisher, and it is included on my list here. I recommend you avoid it.
        And, sorry, I do not publish any lists of good journals.

  248. heru swn says:

    ABOUT “International Academic Sciences”, too. thank you.

  249. Estela says:

    Dear Mr. Beall,
    I submitted a chapter proposal for a Book to Intech Open Access Publisher. Few days later I became aware of your list. Then I wrote to the Publisher about this concern, the response was:
    “We believe reviewing publishing business models and standards is
    important – and we support this scrutiny as it protects the scientific
    community and preserves the integrity and sustainability of the Open Access community.
    However, we respectfully ask to consider that Mr. Beall’s list is a privately drafted list published on a private blog and not a formal set of standards set by a recognised institution. Recognised international institutions list InTech within their library guides for open access information sources. Among them UCLA Library, the Countway Library of Medicine (Harvard Medical Library and Boston Medical Library), Cambridge University Library, Bodleian Libraries (University of Oxford) in two of their catalogs, McGill Library and many others.”
    Their response was not convincing to me, they also are a private publisher. Finally, I decided to withdraw the chapter proposal.
    When you have time, please let me know your opinion about it.
    Thank you for your time!

  250. yokohama says:

    Dear Dr Jeffrey Beall,

    May you please check “Pakistan Journal of Nutrition”? I submitted a paper before, despite in the website they mentioned “peer review”, but actually they didn’t go through peer review progress, and straight accepted my paper and ask for submission fee. My colleagues also encounter the same problem. But this journal is not listed in your blog, so I wish to seek for your advice whether it is trusted journal. Thanks

    • This journal is published by the Asian Network for Scientific Information, also called ansinet. This publisher is included on my list, so I recommend that researchers not submit any papers to this journal or the other ones from this publisher.

  251. Yohannes Mare says:

    You are listed them . why not you list some of genuine journals. It is then that i accept your list .

  252. Yohannes Mare says:

    Please why not you list genuine journals? I am used International journal of science and development . How do you see it?

  253. One that I spamcop is:
    International Journal of Science and Engineering Technology from Center for Global Research Development (CGRD) in Bangladesh, which you do list.

    • Sorry .. to avoid confusion –
      …which you do list correctly in the list of spam publishers.

      • I prefer to list at the publisher level whenever possible, for there are too many individual journals for me to track and analyze. I do have a second list of “standalone” journals when the journal exists by itself and there is no website for its publisher. So, in the example from your previous comment, I do have the publisher listed. Thank you.

  254. Mike says:

    Hi Jeffrey awesome work there!

    Two questions:

    1) How about cscjournals. e.g.

    Is it ok to submit there?

    2) I made a submission to one of the predatory journals in your list, it was of course accepted, but I haven’t paid or send any sort of certificate yet. Can I ignore it and send it somewhere else?

    • The first publisher you mention, CSC Journals, is included on my list here.

      No you cannot ignore a submission, even to a questionable journals. Double submission is double submission. Before you you send an already-submitted paper to another publisher, you need documentation from the first publisher that the paper is withdrawn.

      • Mike says:

        Thank you for your prompt answer.
        Regarding CSC yes you are right, I didn’t notice it.

        You state: “you need documentation from the first publisher that the paper is withdrawn.”. Yes, but it is not published yet (since I did not pay) and I guess it will never be (since I will never pay), so am I not eligible to submit my paper to a more “legit” journal?

      • Some predatory publishers in this situation actually publish the paper and then demand either a withdrawal fee or a publishing fee, so getting documentation that it is withdrawn will protect you.

  255. heru says:

    mR. bEALL, please, give information about “International Academic Sciences”. thank you.

  256. I have just learnt that TIJSAT ( violating ehtical issue by inviting the author to cite the articles in their journals. They seems to realize the problem and try to fix it. Is that the only reason that you put the journal on your list? Are there any other reasons that you put them on your list? Can you give us other reasons if exist please? thank you in advance.

  257. JanosToth says:

    I just got spammed by

    I visited their website and decided to post them here, they may deserve a spot.

    • Danladi Chiroma Husaini says:

      How did you get spammed by that journal?
      Could you please shed more light because I just sent an article to the journal before checking these reviews. Awaiting your prompts response. Thanks

  258. Wisnu Istanto says:

    I would like to ask what Beyond Word Journal is reliable journal.
    thank you for your attention and answer…

  259. Lisa Surjadi says:

    Mr. Beal, please kindly give me some advice about International Journal of Economic Research and International Journal of Applied Business and Economic Research. Both of them are indexed by scopus but I don’t see them in your list (if I am not mistaken). Thank you.

  260. Abdul razak says:

    Dear sir please suggest a good paid journal in the area of heat transfer or related to energy.
    Thanks in advance

  261. Abdul razak says:

    What about Hindawi journal of energy.It has a processing charge of 600 us dollars.thank you

  262. Nismon Rio says:

    my article has been selected to be published in International Journal of Engineering and Computer Science (IJECS). Tell me about this journal worthy. Is it true journal or fake one?

    • It is not worthy. I have this journal included on my list here. I recommend that you withdraw your submission and find a stronger journal for your work.

      • Nismon Rio says:

        thank you sir.. Actually i attended a conference in the name of ICDER 2015 which was conducted by IJECS. How can i withdraw my paper? can you tell me the procedure if possible?

      • Has it been published, or is it still in process? If it’s been published, it’s often not worth the trouble to withdraw it and submit it to a new journal, and few journals are likely to accept a paper formerly published in a low quality journal.

        The way to withdraw something is to email them and ask that the work be withdrawn, and save a copy of the confirmation email you receive. Many publishers will refuse to withdraw.

  263. Nismon Rio says:

    Sir. Actually i presented my paper and i have received hard copy of the proceedings with ISBN number. so far i did not pay the amount to publish my article in IJECS. But, before attending the conference they got copy right letter from me sir. Now am being in confusion

  264. Nismon Rio says:

    Ok sir.. I will do as you recommended me in future.. What i am asking now. I was attended only “conference”.. my article was selected only to present in the conference not in journal . Can i send my article to any other journal?

    • But, before attending the conference they got copy right letter from me sir.

      If you no longer own copyright on the article, you cannot submit it to a journal without the permission of the copyright holder. You also want to avoid submitting a paper to a journal that is already published earlier in another place.

      Again, I recommend that you write a new article and submit it to a better journal.

  265. rbenkhelfa says:

    est ce que le journal de IJSR et ABJNA et JEZS sont des prédateurs?
    Merci pour votre réponse

    • 1. IJSR = International Journal of Science and Research
      2. ABJNA = Agriculture and Biology Journal of North America
      3. JEZS = Journal of Entomology and Zoology Studies

      Number 1 and number 3 are standalone journals and are included on my list here. I recommend that you NOT send any papers to these journals.

      Number 2 is published by a publisher called ScienceHuβ. This publisher is included on my list here, and I recommend that researchers not submit any papers to all of its journals.

  266. Abdul Hameed says:

    Respected sir,
    You are doing great work. A publisher engg journals which is having four journals. One journal named International Journal of Engineering and Technology and indexed in scopus. Can i send my article to any other journal. Please sir let me know.
    Thank you sir!

    • Yes, I have this publisher included on my list. I have it listed like this:

      Engineering Journals (Engg Journals Publications)

      It is on my list here. I recommend that you not submit any papers to any of its four journals — they are all very low quality. Best wishes.

  267. Abdul Hameed says:

    I think scopus has become useless as it is indexing various low level journal. I sent my two article in two different journals assuming that they are good journal. Both are still indexed in scopus. I do not know why scopus have lots of journal which are listed in your list. What is good for a researcher to publish a small work in predatory scholarly open-access journals or in any good conference? Because sometime a researcher thinks that this is a small work, let it published in some low standard journal as finally it increase the numbers in journal list. I saw one journal, Electronic Journal of Geotechnical Engineering (, a USA journal and this is not in your list. Please sir could you please review this journal. Please sir accept my apology for asking a personal question which cant be asked at it platform, but i do not have any other option. Could you please let me know that how many journal papers are required to get a faculty job offer from a good institutes of any developed country.
    Thank you sir!!

    • The Electronic Journal of Geotechnical Engineering is clearly showing signs of the “Scopus Effect,” or more precisely in this case, the “Compendex Effect.” It appears that about 95% of the authors of recent articles are from China. This occurs because many in China desperately need to get publications in Compendex- or Scopus-indexed journals, so they seek out and find the easiest journals that are included in these academic indexes. This journal appears to be one, and it has already published 13 issues for 2015, about two a month. The publisher is becoming rich. The word is out; if you want to get an easy Scopus or Compendex publication, send it here. This represents a breakdown in research cultures, and I am adding this journal to my list.

      Regarding your last question. Many universities now focus on quality rather than quantity. Because of untrustworthy journals such as the Electronic Journal of Geotechnical Engineering, quantity is not a valid measure anymore.

  268. I would like to request the inclusion of our journals in your database, i have already sent you the email for inclusion.
    Thanx in advance.

  269. belguendouz says:

    ISSN Print: 2151-7517, ISSN Online: 2151-7525, doi:10.5251/abjna.2015.
    © 2015, ScienceHuβ,“: is n’ont a predator journal, because i have an artical published in jun 6 2015 in this journal.

    Thanks for your help
    Dr. Belguendouz

  270. Abdul Hameed says:

    Respected sir,
    Please include this publisher in your list.

  271. Abdul Hameed says:

    Respected sir,
    This is a list of Indian Journals. Which might help you to increase the numbers of journals in your list.

    • Abdul says:

      Respected sir, How you reviewed journals from this link? please sir let me know the publishers that you have included in your list.

  272. syed says:

    Sir if you donot consider dove press in your list black listed journal and publishers , then you placed them in your possible publisher list.

    • Dove Press is on my list. It was added earlier this year. For authors considering publishing in Dove Press Journals, I recommend they find a better publisher for their work.

  273. Abdul says:

    Respected sir, Please review this journal and publisher.

    • It appears this publisher basically died in 2012. Its website is a disaster and has not really been updated for years. Most definitely, do not submit any papers to its four journals. I’ve added it to my list. Thank you.

    • Belguendouz Rachida says:

      please, can you help us and give we the right  revues and journals (not predators) for to send them our works with Security in Plant protection topic ans zoology , biology and pharmacogniosy topics??sincerlyRachida

  274. Kizito says:

    Dear Sir,
    Can kindly tell me about this publisher :

    Are they predatory also ?


    • Regarding Academic Journals, if you are considering submitting a paper to one of the journals it publishes, I would recommend that you find a stronger publisher for your work.

  275. Gerg says:

    Dr Jeffrey Beall:

    Just wondering, SpringerOpen it trustable? Because I saw you listed StringerOpen. Just wondering is it the same? Thanks

    • Yes, SpringerOpen is trustworthy. The other one, Stringer Open, was an imposter.

    • Belguendouz Rachida says:

      I believe that the ” Journal of Entomology and Zoology Studies” should not be included on the list  of predators journal. Because i contact the Editor-in-chief and he informed me this.The article that I send to him is published and i find it in Google and in the site of the journal.

      • I disagree. This journals has this information for its editor-in-chief:

        Prof. Mohamad
        M. Sc., Ph.D.

        They should list his full name and affiliation. There are additional problems with this journal. The publisher of this journal also publishes a bunch of others, but they are not aggregated on any publisher’s website; the publisher does not have a website, only the individual journal websites.

  276. Abdul Hameed says:

    This publisher is not in your list sir. This seems to a predatory publisher.

  277. briliano says:

    Dear Beall,

    Do you have any idea about International Frequency Sensor Association (IFSA)
    They published some journal such as:

    Indeed they do not explicitly declare as ooen access. But they charge for publication fee.

    They sent frequently invitations for conference committees as well.

    Please give some review about it.
    Thank you

  278. raju says:

    Please sir kindly review this publisher.

    • Praise Worthy Prize (a very strange name for a publisher that purports to be scholarly) used to be on my list. They converted their publishing model from gold open-access to subscription and asked me to remove them from the list, and I did. Yes, it is likely they did this to escape the listing.

      I would personally recommend to anyone who asks me to avoid this publisher.

  279. Seun Olugbola says:

    I went through the criteria for the inclusion of journals in your list, and I wonder why some are on the list. Kindly state with precision, why IJRASS is in your list.

  280. Please include ‘iJARS Group’ Under your Publisher List.

    • Thank you for alerting me to this new publisher. I have analyzed it and determined that it meets the criteria for inclusion on the list, so I have added it to the list.

      Thank you again.

  281. Payne says:

    I want to know why International Academy Publishing (IAP) is in your list. I found no journals of it in the joural list. I just submitted one paper to IJBBB in it.

    • I do not list all the journals on my journal list. With a few exceptions, I only list “standalone” journals there, journals that do not have any publisher.

      IAP is not an academy; it is just another easy-acceptance open-access publisher. It is based in Asia but pretends to be based in California, a common strategy.

  282. FL says:

    Hello Jeffrey.
    Thank you for your work.
    I found this website and was wondering what to think about them:
    I could not find them on your list.
    Is it worth considering a submission?
    Thank you very much.


    • It looks to me like it is a website that re-publishes papers presented at WASET conferences. WASET is on my list.
      I recommend that you not submit anything to this website.

      • FL says:

        Thank you for you quick reply Jeffrey.
        I have another question regarding IAFOR ( I could not find them on our list either but I am not sure about them.
        Thank you again.

      • This firm is not on my list at this time. I do regularly receive inquiries about it, though.

      • belguendouzr says:

        Bonjour,I find this journal    in the list of Thomson reuters  “ ISSN (Imprimer):  2349-6800,  ISSN (en ligne):  2320-7078,  indexation:  zoologiques Records (Thomson Reuters),  contacter No .:  + 91-9711224068. So,I think you’ve made a mistake,everyone can make mistakes,  because it is accepted in the list of Thomson reuters.  Therefore it is reliable, if you think not, how do you explain its indexing in Thomson Reuters? Thank youRachida

      • I cannot explain Thomson Reuters. I wish I could.

  283. rbenkhelfa says:

    is this journal a predator? “International Journal of Agriculture Innovations and Research” TM
    ISSN :2319 – 1473
    Thank you very much

    • This journal is included on my list here, so I would recommend that you find a better one for your work.

    • rbenkhelfa says:

      are this journal “Agriculure and biology journal of north america”
      is retired from your standalone journal liste ??
      because i d’ont find it in the liste this week

      • This journal is not on the standalone journal list because it is not a standalone journal.
        I have this journal’s publisher — Science Huβ — included on my list here.
        It is a bad journal, and I recommend that you not submit any papers to this journal. Please find a better journal.

  284. Jeffery bearll,

    i thought you are a man of no mistake and errors, so you make mistake. just imagine your communication below between you and Adam:

    Adam says:
    March 18, 2014 at 8:40 PM
    In other words, is it OK if I submit a paper in a journal indexed in Scopus but the publisher is listed as predatory publisher? Thank you.

    1 0 Rate This
    Jeffrey Beall says:
    March 18, 2014 at 8:42 PM
    No, not in my opinion. When I add a publisher to my list, I add it for good reasons, and I believe that scholars should not submit papers to journals belonging to publishers on y list. Is that suppose to be y or my.

    Thanks Mr. destroyer who is bias.

  285. LizR says:

    Could you clarify whether Dove Press is or isn’t on your list? It was about 2 weeks ago and now seems to have disappeared.

  286. leo pauly says:

    Sir, may I know whether the following journal is a good journal or not… “European Journal of Advances in Engineering and Technology”
    Thank you..!

  287. leopauly says:

    Sir, can you please check the originality of this journal:
    European Journal of Advances in Engineering and Technology
    ISSN(Online): 2394 – 658X
    Thank you.

  288. Alex says:

    Could you clarify whether Academic Publishing House Researcher [] is or isn’t on your list?

  289. Alex says:

    Dear Dr. Beall, can you please check the goodness of this publisher
    (self-proclaimed Russ. Academy of Natural History: including enumerated journals:
    “Advances in current natural sciences” (ISSN 1681-7494)
    “Basic researches” (ISSN 1812-7339)
    “Modern high technologies” (ISSN 1812-7320)
    “Recent developments in science and education” (ISSN – 1817-6321)
    “European journal of natural history” (ISSN 2073-4972)
    “International journal of applied and fundamental research” (ISSN – 1996-3955)
    “International journal of experimental education” (ISSN – 1996-3947)

  290. Alex says:

    Dear Dr. Beall, can you please check the goodness of this publisher

  291. Alex says:

    Sir, can you please check the originality of this journal:
    Publishing House “Scientific survey”
    Journal: MEDICUS Fee: 230 roub./page
    Prototype: “Medicus” (Medical Faculty, University of Kragujevac)

  292. Alex says:

    Please include ‘iJARS Group’ Under your Publisher List.

    1 Economics
    2 European research
    3 European science
    4 International scientific review

    “Pathology” indicators:
    1) Magazines assigned the impact factor RIF calculated NGO “Institute of the national ideology.”
    2) Increasing the Science Citation Index
    4) “…can enter the most prestigious scientometric database Web of Science”.
    5) SCOPUS-oriented broker
    6) Fast publications

  293. Alex says:

    Please include ‘Universum Scientiffic Journals’ Under your Publisher List.:

    List of Journals
    Universum: Medicine and Pharmacology
    Universum: Technical Sciences
    Universum: Chemistry and Biology
    Universum: social science
    Universum: Psychology and Education
    Universum: economics and law
    Universum: philology and art history

  294. Chacha Nyangi says:

    Dear Dr Beall, I want to publish with African Journal of Agriculture and Food Security (AJAFS) it is not in your list, but the publisher of the journal ”International scholars journal” is indeed in your list. Is it ok for me to publish with AJAFS?

  295. Chacha Nyangi says:

    Thank you very much.

  296. Peter Smith says:

    Dear Dr Jeffrey Beall, I have found on your list the Journal of Biological, Chemical and Physical Science on your list. Is it really a fake journal? It is the first time that I see it on your list since three years. I have already published a paper there. What can I do? Did Editors of this journal appeal on your decision?Regards. Peter Smith

    • Do you mean the Journal of Chemical, Biological and Physical Sciences (JCBPSC)? Yes, it’s included on my list here. Did the fake impact factors listed on the journal’s website trick you or entice you into submitting your work there?

      • Hi jeffrey we are from the tech team of jcbpsc journal how can you add our journal in the fake list without reasons. please describe the reasons and if your reason is true then we will work on it and make it correct as soon as possible. we request to you remove it from the fake list and for further communication reach us or hope you will work on it as soon as possible.

  297. Peter Smith says:

    Dear Dr Jeffrey Beall, thank you very much for your rapid response. Yes I was incited by the fake impact factor and index on their website. Meanwhile, the paper was published in this journal in 2013. What can I do for my honour? Did they appeal to your list? Kind regards

    • The dishonor is the publisher’s, not yours.
      No, they didn’t appeal, but given the deceptive use of fake impact factors, one is not likely to be granted.
      I recommend writing new and better papers and submitting them to strong, honest journals.

  298. Pan says:

    what if a journal is indexed by SCOPUS or Ei compendex? do you still consider it as some kinda low standard journal ?

  299. Pan says:

    this publisher may be fishy as well: Pushpa Publishing House

  300. samuel says:

    hello sir.
    please do u have any information on this singapore journal

    TIJ’s Research Journal of Social Science & Management – RJSSM

    • Yes, this journal is published by a company called The International Journal Research Publications. I have this publisher included on my list here, and I recommend that you not submit any papers to this journal or the other ones they publish. Good luck.

      • Dr. Vijesh says:

        Dear Jeffrey Beal,
        Hereby bring to your kind notice that we “The International Journal Research Publications” is an registered entity in singapore and not accepting either plagarised papers or published papers. We do follow peer-review process before publication of each papers. Please help us in removing our name from the list. Will send a detailed email requesting the same.

  301. Hello Mr.Beall …
    Please … Can you explain why you list
    European Journal of Scientific Research in your list and is that mean impact factor of it is fake ? Thanks

  302. samuel says:

    hello bearll,
    what is the journal called Management and organisation review

  303. Suraj Shenoy says:

    Dear Sir, could you please tell me why” International journal of Emerging Research in Management and Technology” is in your list..

  304. asaad says:

    what about Asian Journal of Science and Technology (ISSN 0976-3376)

  305. Dear Beall:

    I would request you to please remove the publisher “” from your list other wise we can fire a case against you in us court..

    Regards Rutveg Team

  306. Suraj Shenoy says:

    Dear Beall,
    could you please tell me why “International journal of innovative technology and research” is there in your list, they have a valid Global impact factor

  307. Suraj Shenoy says:

    please tell me weather international journal of innovative technology and research is predatory journal or not

  308. samuel says:

    Hello Beall.

    pls what of the european journal of business and management

  309. heru says:

    Mr. Beall … would you send me your list in February 2015 and March 2015.. ? Thank you …..