Great Horror Short Films Available Free Online

Updated April 25, 2016.

You don't need two hours to tell an effective story. As these short films show, you can craft a horror movie as scary, gory, fun and freaky as any feature-length flick on the big screen in less than a third of the time. It's not surprise than some shorts even grow into feature films. Some on this list are early works from now-famous filmmakers, others come from never-famous filmmakers, but all of them are great for at least this three- to 30-minute time frame of storytelling. And all are available free online!

Note: As a general rule, these videos should be considered NSFW.

La Cabina - © Televisión Española
© Televisión Española

La Cabina (The Phone Box) (1972)

Director: Antonio Mercero
Country: Spain
Running Time: 35 minutes
Synopsis: A businessman discovers the disturbing secret behind a mysterious new phone booth after becoming trapped inside.
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The Cat with Hands - © Halo Productions
© Halo Productions

The Cat with Hands (2001)

Director: Robert Morgan
Country: UK
Running Time: 4 minutes
Synopsis: This Tim Burton-esque mix of live action and stop-motion animation relates the legend of a cat with, well, human hands.
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Colera - © Atera Films
© Atera Films

Cólera (2013)

Director: Aritz Moreno
Country: Spain
Running Time: 7 minutes
Synopsis: Villagers confront a sick man they blame for their problems.
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The Cub - © Artsploitation
© Artsploitation

The Cub (2013)

Director: Riley Stearns
Country: US
Running Time: 5 minutes
Synopsis: A couple decides on a radical approach to their daughter's upbrining.
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The Descendent - © Robert Glickert
© Robert Glickert

The Descendent (2006)

Director: Robert Glickert
Country: US
Running Time: 16 minutes
Synopsis: A pair of hitmen bite off more than they can chew when they attempt to knock off their latest target.
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Dog Food - © Paper Trail
© Paper Trail

Dog Food (2014)

Director: Brian Crano
Country: US
Running Time: 18 minutes
Synopsis: A young butcher's life begins to spiral when his beloved dog goes missing.
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Elevated - © Canadian Film Centre
© Canadian Film Centre

Elevated (1997)

Director: Vincenzo Natali
Country: Canada
Running Time: 17 minutes
Synopsis: Before he directed Cube and Splice, Vincenzo Natali helmed this film about two strangers trapped on an elevator with a bloody security guard who claims the building is infested with vicious creatures.
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Hambuster - © Hambuster
© Hambuster

Hambuster (2011)

Directors: Paul Alexandre, Dara Cazamea, Maxime Cazaux, Romain Delaunay, Bruno Ortolland
Country: France
Running Time: 7 minutes
Synopsis: Like a gore-strewn Pixar monster movie, this computer-generated offering features a hamburger with a taste for human flesh.
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The Hidden People - © Graham Annable
© Graham Annable

The Hidden People (2008)

Director: Graham Annable
Country: US
Running Time: 3 minutes
Synopsis: This short takes an animated approach to the standard "cabin in the woods" horror movie scenario.
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The Horribly Slow Murderer with the Extremely Inefficient Weapon - © Critical Pictures
© Critical Pictures

The Horribly Slow Murderer with the Extremely Inefficient Weapon (2008)

Director: Richard Gale
Country: US
Running Time: 10 minutes
Synopsis: In this horror spoof, a poor man is tormented by a supernatural being with an unusual weapon of choice.
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