Request a Verified Badge

A verified Page has a blue checkmark next to its name.

Select people, sports, media, entertainment and government Pages may be eligible for verification if they can prove their authenticity and meet Facebook's requirements for having a Verified Badge.

You have no eligible admined pages.

To confirm your request, please attach one of the following official documents.

If your Page represents a person:

- A government-issued photo ID that shows your name and date of birth. Recommended IDs: Driver License or Passport

- To learn more about how you can confirm your authenticity please visit:

If your Page does not represent a person:

- Your organization's phone or utility bill

- A certificate of formation

- Articles of incorporation

- Tax or tax exemption documents belonging to your organization

- Please note, the document must have an official seal or watermark in order for us to verify the authenticity of your organization.