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Our Annual Conference was a huge success with over 200 in attendance.  Keynote Speaker, John Colletta, received top marks for his 5 presentations.  Award recipients represented several areas throughout the state. 
Our annual "Book Sale" included over 100 boxes of books. Attendees were seen leaving the conference loaded with bags of books, or all they could carry in their arms!
Mission Statement: Dedicated to enhancing the knowledge of its members and the public in the study of family history, genealogical records and the principles of sound genealogical research.
Our Newsletters are now available for viewing by all visitors to our website. 
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Our most recent copy is the Summer 2016 Newsletter, click here
Our newsletters are filled with time-sensitive information and include direct links to many excellent resources. 

MoSGA has 4 surname databases.  This includes over 26,600 names appearing in "Four Generation charts" submitted by past and current members; 800 surnames entered by current members in our new Surname database; 87,000 Surnames appearing in our Journals that have been published since 1981; and the surnames appearing in the Missouri First Families Program.. 


We have over 45 publications that can be purchased online. These cover several Missouri counties. You can also print our order list and mail in with a check.  These counties include those highlighted in yellow, at left.

The Missouri State Genealogical Association takes pride in offering the Missouri First Families program to honor early Missouri families. Categories include: Territorial, Pioneer, and Civil War. 
While MoSGA is providing these lists of members who wish to do research or conduct workshops, MoSGA does not endorse these researchers/speakers and assumes no responsibility for their work.
Anyone hiring a researcher or speaker should check their qualifications and references and should have a clear idea of fees charged before any work begins.  A list of possible questions and things you should consider is available by clicking here.

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Upcoming Events
Friday, Aug. 4th
2017 MoSGA Conference, Columbia
Keynote Speaker, Kathleen Brandt